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  1. Balibee

    premier equine rugs

    Hi How generous are the premier equine rugs? My new horse is 6"3 bordering on 6"6. Tried a friends 6"3 Mark Todd fly rug on her tonight and not too bad length but no generous enough for her shoulders. What would you advise? Thanks :)
  2. Balibee

    Would you always be present at PPE's?

    As mentioned in another post I am having a horse 5 stage vetted this week. I cannot be present due to work and the fact she is about 140 miles away! :( I am worried about not being present but I have got a vet unassociated with the seller and they have promised to be in phone contact and...
  3. Balibee

    How many viewings before you found the one!

    Just wondered how many viewings are the average to find your horse? Also, if you found the one and it failed the vetting, did it put you off getting another vetted? I have looked at 3 and last weekend found a lovely horse who is getting 5 stage vetted this week. I never usually stress...
  4. Balibee

    Horsey Shopping anyone?

    Hi Please If anyone fancies helping me do a bit of horsey shopping I would appreciate any help as I am struggling to find something :) I have a back/neck problem so need to find something safe (not worried if forward/fizzy) but that will not throw me about in the saddle so no...
  5. Balibee

    Potential sharer for dressage horse

    I have a query for all you CR Riders :) I am due to get back in the saddle again in a few weeks after another few months off (due to a arthritic condition I have) Because of the problems I have had before I am probably being pessimistic but it is likely that I will have the same problems...
  6. Balibee

    Liver problems. Any experiences?

    Long story so I will try and summarise! :D My gelding started suffering from persisant scouring. Normal poos but scouring before and after poo. He was well in himself, no weight loss/condition/performance etc just scouring. I wasn't happy so had vets out for a blood test. It came back...
  7. Balibee


    Hiya Just wondered what your opinions are on the best balancers. Wal is 17hh, as near as dammit perfect weight but he will be doing some pretty intensive schooling over the next couple of months with my friend and I don't want him to drop any weight, need him to maintain his current weight...
  8. Balibee

    Hinckley/Leics people

    Just wondered if anyone from the Hinckley area knows what happened to The Limes Equestrian Centre that was on Hinckley Road, Sapcote? I worked there years ago when it was owned and run by MR and Mrs Brown. I did a google search on it the other day and all I could get was some kind of care...
  9. Balibee

    time to say enough is enough??

    I posted a while ago about my Ankylosing Spondylitus. I was told I could carry on riding etc but would need to be careful and manage it. I have tried everything but my problem is I have a big young horse who needs a lot of physical riding strength to keep him between hand and leg. (He is a big...
  10. Balibee

    Puppy exercising

    Hi My cocker puppy is coming up 16 weeks old. A the moment she is just having play in the garden for exercise and a 5 minute walk with the harness and lead to get her used to leaving the house etc. I know it will be a while before she can have 'proper' walks but I am hoping by may/june...
  11. Balibee

    Advice please

    Hiya My horse was spotted eating poo today! He was fed in Dengie Hi fI, Spillers HF nuts and pink powder (ad lib hay). A while ago he started scouring, not normal scouring but soaked back end and legs. His poos were normal, he just had squit before and after. Spoke to the Vet who put...
  12. Balibee

    Scouring - Beet advice

    Hiya My horse has been scouring recently. He is healthy/shiny/happy and his poos are normal he just squirts at the end and it ends up down his beack end. I have had a consutation over the phone with my vet and he has prescribed some codiene/pre biotics and suggested I stop the HI FI...
  13. Balibee

    A long time coming!

    Yay! :D I finally rode Wally today after I have had 4 and a half months off!! I am stiff, walking like john wayne, my ankles are sore but I have the biggest smile on my face!!!! :D
  14. Balibee

    Judges Choice?

    Little Molly came with a 2.5kg bag of Judges Choice puppy food. I have never heard of this make and found out you can only buy it online. Is it a good choice? Thanks :)
  15. Balibee

    My New baby!

    After months of searching we have found our little merry cocker :) Picking her up today! I am so excited! Just worrying now about my cats disappearing :( I will post some piccies later! Then I will start asking for lots of advice I am sure :) We are a bit stuck for names also so...
  16. Balibee

    Masterclip Red Ranger Clippers

    Hiya I need to buy some clippers. There is a massive range! All different prices/makes. Has anyone got/used these Masterclip clippers? Any good/bad feedback? Thanks:)
  17. Balibee

    Horsey Peoples bedtime!

    What is your daily routine and what time do you fall into bed? I am starting to wonder if I am very sad and old! I am 37, mum to 2 boys and am generally in bed by 8.30pm (9pm at a push!) This is weekends too :eek: I get up at 5am monday - friday ( 5.30AM Sat- Sun) sort my horse out...
  18. Balibee

    Instructors In Cambs Recommendations

    Hiya :) We are looking for an instructor who covers Hunts/Cambs. Preferably someone who has a great interest in Dressage. We have used Matt Cox who is fantastic but he has moved too far away now :( Can anyone recommend a good one? Thanks
  19. Balibee

    Pink Powder? Yea Sacc?

    My gelding fluctuates with his poos as most horses do and He is very sensitive to rich foods. He cannot stomach Haylage or sugarbeet etc. Because of the recent wet/warm weather and new flush of grass he has gone a bit sloppy and I am forever washing his back end :( I put him on Yea...
  20. Balibee

    What would you include as part of a vetting?

    Another post got me thinking. My boy has got to be the dirtiest horse on the planet! :( He costs me a lot of time, sifting through his bed every day and I can spend up to about £120 per month on bedding (I was using 4- 5 bales a week!) If I ever buy another horse, I would arrange a trial...
  21. Balibee

    What is up with the Weather!!!!

    On Monday it was still and roasting during the the day then freezing at night! :eek: Yesterday it was a monsoon here with gale force winds and cold! :( Today is really windy, suns out and it's warm! :confused: Can't keep up! :)
  22. Balibee

    Horse excited over Poo!

    :D My horse is a total weirdo! He is very stallion like in his behaviour, cannot be turned out anywhere with mares! He snorts/paws/rears and generally goes mad when ladies are in season. He grows from his normal 17.1hh to about 20hh when nubile fillies are around him :D. All of this...
  23. Balibee

    TRACE - Dusty

    I would love to know what happened to my first pony. She was approx 14hh, Liver Chestnut mare, white broken blaze, white socks. She was sold to a Katrina (Chatteris, cambs area ) for her mum. They owned or ran a bathroom company or similar. She had suffered from laminitis. She would be...
  24. Balibee

    Back out again!

    My gelding came in a few weeks ago at night as the weather round here was appalling :( wind/rain/cold :( Thought that was it, winter was starting. Yay! He is back out 24/7 again! :D Weather now mild and dry! really didn't think it would happen again so I am making the most of it...
  25. Balibee

    User names (How are some pronounced) :D

    There are many user names of here that could be pronounced many different ways :D Would be good to get the correct way. For example (sorry to pinch these two but I they are ones I thought of? Shilasdair> Shylasdare or Sheeelasdare?? or Shillasdare :D kerrilli > Kerrylee or...
  26. Balibee

    I want this one!

    My friend and I usually end up sitting on the bench at the yard once the horses are all out and jobs done drinking tea and talking about our dream yards. Our perfect yard Lovely old fashioned farmhouse (at least 5 bedrooms) with lodge house on the grounds :D Old fashioned brick built...
  27. Balibee


    Yay! :D I have won 4 tickets to Olympia with backstage passes! How exciting is that! I am so excited! Going to get the train up with my best mate and shop shop shop and then swoon at my idols then shop some more :D
  28. Balibee

    Condition Scoring

    Following on from another thread, what is your way of condition scoring? What are you looking for? I have used a weight tape and as TGM mentioned in another post they are a really unreliable way of checking your horses weight and overall condition. I am pretty happy with my horses...
  29. Balibee

    Saddle fitters

    Please can someone recommend me a saddle fitter in cambs that stock a good range of second hand saddles. I was recommended Mark Fisher but he has no second hand stock so out of my budget :( Thanks :)
  30. Balibee

    Can't sleep! Aaaaah!

    I just cannot sleep! Finally got up after tossing and turning all night! I am about to do a drive by at the yard! We had a break in at our livery yard recently. trailer and tack stolen :( Last week, my friend went down to the yard to find my horse with the front of his rug completely...