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  1. BeckyMason97

    Pessoa Gullet Change System

    Does anybody know of somewhere in the UK with a pessoa xchange medium wide gullet in stock? I can't find one anywhere. Also, can I use any brand of gullet or do I need to stick to pessoa?
  2. BeckyMason97

    Protecting hoof after shoe pulled?

    My mare has just pulled a shoe and is quite sore, I can't get hold of my farrier and others aren't available until next week. I've kept her in for now but not sure if there is some sort of application I could put on or something so she can be turned out? She's pulled shoes before and never...
  3. BeckyMason97

    Ballymerrigan Young Tutor, anybody know him?

    Looking for some info on Ballymerrigan Young Tutor. I have an 18.2hh gelding by him and can't find any info other than his owners address and his SJAI points. I know my gelding was bred by a Liam Mchugh from Co Wicklow but can't find any contact details, I'd love to know some more about him and...
  4. BeckyMason97

    Human keratin shampoo for mane growth?

    Has anybody tried this and if so does it work? My gelding has rubbed his mane out terrible with his combo rug, I don't really want to pay £19.99 for a bottle of Megatek. Does the likes of elvive keratin shampoo work or will it do more damage than good?
  5. BeckyMason97

    Herbs, what can I give them?

    Hi, I'm constantly seeing people talking about picking herbs and all sorts of plants which are apparently good for the horses, so which ones are there? So far I know of: Cow Parsley Nettles Chaste Berry Anyone else know of things to pick and give them occasionally?:)
  6. BeckyMason97

    Re-schooling - Would you be put off?

    I'm an experienced rider with experience in re-schooling problem horses. I have no problem with buckers, rearers, nappers etc, I'm willing to give anything to try. The service I am offering is the owner brings their horse to my yard and see me ride the horse and decide whether they are happy...
  7. BeckyMason97

    Is this a sarcoid?

    My mare has had these since I bought her, but it started off as just a few little black lumps so thought nothing of it, a few months on they've changed to these; I've no experience of sarcoids so not sure if they are or not. If they are, is there anyway to get rid of them? They are on her...
  8. BeckyMason97

    Saddler fitter in Cheshire/Warrington.

    Can anybody recommend a saddle fitter in Cheshire/Warrington way to fit a pessoa saddle to my 4yo? A rough price guide would be good too, if possible. Have had a look at Crewe Saddlery but was wondering if there is anyone a bit cheaper.
  9. BeckyMason97

    Ballymerrigan Young Tutor (Also in breeding)

    Does anybody know this stallion? My 18.1hh gelding is by him and I'm trying to find out some more about him! I've seen photos of a few horses by him who are all a lot smaller than my boy! All I can find out about him is he had 84 Irish showjumping points and was an ISH, not much else! If anybody...
  10. BeckyMason97

    Ballymerrigan Young Tutor

    Does anybody know this stallion? My 18.1hh gelding is by him and I'm trying to find out some more about him! I've seen photos of a few horses by him who are all a lot smaller than my boy! All I can find out about him is he had 84 Irish showjumping points and was an ISH, not much else! If anybody...
  11. BeckyMason97

    Squares clipped into horses sides.

    Went to see a horse today, he had two squares clipped into his side, about ten inches down from the middle of his back spaced about three inches apart, is there a particular reason? ie; insurance write off/health problem. Bit intrigued.
  12. BeckyMason97

    Justine Gray, anybody know her?

    Trying to get some info on my mare! She was bred by Justine Gray out of a mare called Oakland Gemma by Honeybrook Siren, I found Justine on facebook through my mares last owner and sent her a message a few months ago but had no reply! If anybody could shed any light on my mare or give me any...
  13. BeckyMason97

    Preventing getting cast.

    Everyday I build huge banks in all of my stables to prevent my horses from getting cast, one of my mares however, digs one corner of her banks out, right around the corner and lies in that place, EVERYDAY. I noticed a bit strip of skin missing from the inside of her leg when I turned her out...
  14. BeckyMason97

    Condition score please?

    Would anyone like to condition score my loopy mare? She's a bit on the porky side but she's coming back into work soon.
  15. BeckyMason97

    Eurostar stockists?

    Does anyone know of an online retailer or a tack shop in Cheshire/Lancs that stock Eurostar saddle pads and rugs? In desperate need of the new range and struggling to find anywhere that sells them.
  16. BeckyMason97

    Proud post!

    I know I'll get shouted at for this, buuuuuut... I've started properly jumping with Cally! She's just coming 4yo, and I must say, she LOVES her jumping! Not the slightest hesitation on the approach and from the photos my Dad took, her ears are forwards all the time! Considering how lazy and...
  17. BeckyMason97

    Decent farriers in Warrington/Knutsford/Lymm area?

    In desperate need of a new farrier, officially had enough of my current one. He turns up at random times with no notice, does two horses and disappears until the week after. He came down last week and was supposed to shoe my mare but never bothered, just got off and left her so he turned up...
  18. BeckyMason97

    Tack and rugs for huge horses?

    Once again, I apologise for the amount of my posts asking about products and advice, but this one could be very very helpful! A while back I seen an advert in H&H for a place that just sells tack and rugs for huge horses, but I can't find it for the life of me! Does anybody have a rough idea...
  19. BeckyMason97

    Is there a trailer out there that can hold a 18.1hh giant?!

    Looking into hiring a trailer for a few months, but would have to hold my big beast, does such a thing exist?! He's very chunky and 'well built' if you like. I can get one for my other three but really need something to take the big man to the beach. Sorry about my lurking and random...
  20. BeckyMason97

    What to do if YO's mare goes into foal when he's not there?

    My YO's mare is just starting to bag up and could foal at anytime now, the problem I have is that my YO isn't at the yard all the time and has no monitor or camera on her, he usually has to leave by 3pm and has Mondays off, during that time, the horses are in my care. I have no clue what to do...
  21. BeckyMason97

    Half pads?

    Can anyone recommend a good half pad? Price isn't really a problem. I've been looking at Lemieux more than anything else, but not sure if there's any better ones about?
  22. BeckyMason97

    Might it be ulcers?

    One of my mare's is extremely aggressive around people, likes to try and take chunks out of you when you go near her stable, fine when she has a headcollar on. I'm the only person she allows near her feed, otherwise she goes off her nut and tries to kick the wall down, but even with me she can...
  23. BeckyMason97

    Anyone used Oestress?

    And does it work? Thinking of trying it on my very very moody mare. Just don't want to be paying so much money if it's useless!
  24. BeckyMason97

    I cannot believe what I seen on my way to the yard tonight.

    I've seen some very careless things around horses, but today I seen the worst. Busy main road, leads to an industrial estate. Girl on a 14.2ish pony, bareback, no helmet and smacking the horse like mad with a crop, with just a girl holding a rope for control. The horse was on the grass at the...
  25. BeckyMason97

    Nathe bits?

    Has anybody used one? Looking into buying one but unsure on them getting damaged if my horses chew on them. Having great difficulty finding a soft bit for a horse currently losing her baby teeth!
  26. BeckyMason97

    Anyone recommend a bit?

    Having massive problems with a bit for Cally, dentist said to use a happy mouth because she has so many wobbly teeth, but they're not helping in the slightest! She's so mouthy it's ridiculous and I have no clue what to use for her! I have a titanium bit for Brandy which works really well for...
  27. BeckyMason97

    Meet my gang!

    I'm new on here, so thought I'd introduce myself and my horses!:) I'm Becky, I'm 14 and I've been riding for around 6 years, and for some strange reason, I've ended up with four mental horses. I met my little old man two years ago, on the terms of taking him on part loan as a test to see...
  28. BeckyMason97

    Feeding help?

    I have a 3, coming 4yo mare who needs more muscle on her back end, but I don't want her to gain anymore energy as I'm trying to stop having to lunge her before riding without her broncing me off, she's currently on a cheap horse and pony mix with some top line conditioning cubes, but I don't...