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    It's that time of year again! Eventers

    So having just got into my first event of the season (Somerford) with my new horse, I am so so excited, if a bit nervous too. :D Tell me, which event do you have planned for your first of the season?
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    XC/Event shirts -where did you get yours?

    I have just ordered off customxc, hopefully my order will be with me by next weekend for my first event. Yikes, excited is not the word!
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    They do look quite good, but no experience I am afraid.
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    Market Research Please Help!

    Done, good luck with your venture!
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    BE retagging all hats this season

    Has BE given any particular reason for the tagging taking place again?
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    Ariat Bromont or brogini laced riding boots?

    I have a pair of the Brogini's and am only 5'4, I think the leg length is slightly long for me but I can ride in them comfortably. I don't find the zip a problem on these, but I did have a pair before when the zip bust, took them back to the shop as they were weeks old and got a new pair :-)
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    Good luck to everyone eventing

    Good luck everyone, cant wait to join you all :-)
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    And to think i dared to post in NL!

    Firstly, congratulations on jumping 2'6 after a year off :). Secondly, I think some people in NL can be more than fickle :0 Have you thought about doing some grid work, I often find my canter improves if i focus on doing a bounce followed by a stride and then a bounce. Or doing jumps across the...
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    Let's see your competition horses!

    Seen as I haven't posted in here for a while, here is my girl Playing in the sea [Content removed] At her first hunt last year Jumping at home We hope to do a bit of pre novice this year and end on novice, fingers crossed. Sorry the pictures seem to be getting progressively larger and larger :)
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    Please help- stray dog

    Good news!! Owner has been found, I'm very relieved and she was very happy to see her dog :) Thank you for all the helpful tips :)
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    Please help- stray dog

    Thanks Cayla, I can hang onto him. I have googled the number on his collar and it looks like he belongs to a teacher at a local school so I suppose if I have no response tonight I could phone the school tomorrow and ask for the owner.
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    Please help- stray dog

    I hope they haven't dumped him :eek: It is a very local number on his collar so I hope he is just lost and hopefully owners have just gone out for tea or something. I couldn't leave him on that road, the poor thing was zig zagging around the road looking truly terrified of cars flying past :(...
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    Please help- stray dog

    No chance of getting through to a dog warden tonight I'm afraid. I can hang fire on that for now. I'll keep calling the number over the next hour and see whether I get a response. p.s If anyone has a dog with a blue collar and used black permanent marker to put the number on please make sure...
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    Please help- stray dog

    :confused: Tonight I picked up a stray golden lab wandering on a very badly lit road, obviously frightened but very friendly when i got out and called him to me. His collar has a phone number on, which is very difficult to read as it is almost scrubbed off but I have left a message on the...
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    Advice needed, is it time to call it a day? Very long sorry

    I could recommend a good sj instructor should you need any?
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    Matchy Matchy Geniuses - I'm torn between two colour schemes! HELP!

    I think the Navy too, everyone seems to have white nowadays, the blue will stand out :)
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    Winter - Your Top Tips for Keeping Horses

    We put a football type object in the water troughs so that they can't freeze over
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    SJ/Eventers -what went wrong here? Help and guidance please

    You aren't giving with your hands at all (this used to be a problem of mine) so perhaps he feels restricted over the jump. Get a good forward canter and be prepared to reach up his neck as he goes over the jump.
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    Dressage warm-ups and out of control horses

    I find a red ribbon and an 'excuse me' seems to work quite fine in most warm ups, and if my horse is pratting about I would always turn to the rider nearest me and apologise. Its just good manners :)
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    A solution for my dressage phase problem

    Thank you, I'll give the lunging a try tomorrow.
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    A solution for my dressage phase problem

    Thanks for the tips bp, I'll give that a try. Kerilli, the problem seems to be mostly in keeping my hands still as she likes to drop behind the contact and then when she is actually in the contact i tend to give a little with the rein if that makes sense?
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    Bonzo Blair pro piccies for those who are interested!

    I agree, lovely pony :D
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    A solution for my dressage phase problem

    I usually score in the high 20's, but the main comment I am receiving at BE is - Needs to be more consistent in the contact and needs to work over her back more. Does anybody have any useful exercises or tips to help with these problems. :)
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    Is your horse good?

    Can't fault mine at all. She may be the spookiest thing alive when she sees a patch of grass that wasn't there before, but will hack through busy traffic, road works etc without batting an eyelid. Another bonus is she will stand very politely on the lorry, and can be trusted to be left alone...
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    Cholmondeley castle

    I'm no.85, on my own tomorrow so if you see me come say hello :)
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    Cholmondeley castle

    Yeh, I don't start till 11.45, although need to walk the course a.m
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    Professional riders riding without hats...?

    Well said Quirky :)
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    Hold tight!!!

    What is it that is strapped to her leg?
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    How to PTS~ discuss

    From what I have read on here, I am so glad I can trust my vet! I had my old boy PTS by injection in Dec last year, he was 32 and his body just couldn't keep up with him in the end. It is one of the most saddest yet peaceful moment I have ever had with him. My vet was brilliant. We let him...
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    Trying Out Horses

    As far as my current horse goes, I sat on her and loved her from that moment on, I always go on my gut feeling :)