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    Finance companies for horsebox

    Hi Guys I am looking at getting a new second hand horsebox around the 10k mark, has to carry 4 and have living. Seen a few I like but I would need some sort of finance package. Does anyone have any experience/ dealings on this subject? Thanks x
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    Joint supplement's for older dogs?

    Hi Guys Ive got a couple of older dogs, my retriever bitch who is 9yrs old and my great dane bitch who is 7yrs old. Ive noticed this winter they are getting a bit slower at getting up and generally a bit stiff all over. My great dane Gemma is also groaning a lot when she settles down. Ive...
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    Bl**dy horse!! grrrrrrrr

    Went to go worm the 3 boys who are living out today, my home bred gelding Charlie and my mums 2 Merlin & Smokie. Charlie and Merlin where no problem then it came to Smokie. As soon as he saw me turn in his direction he b*****ed off! :mad: For 15 mins I was trying to catch him in knee deep mud...
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    URGENT! Need to get a hold of someone at Kingsbarn Equestrian

    Can anyone help? I need a mob number for Jackie or any member of staff from Kingsbarn Equestrian. I have been trying to get a hold of them for the last 2 days with no answer and answering machine is full so cant leave a msg! Its quite urgent as I have a clinic there tomorrow evening...
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    Truly disgusting!

    :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    Cutting costs on wormers?

    Have heard a few times that you can buy wormers from America which do the same job but are a lot cheaper. :confused: With 11 horses I welcome any way which saves me some money! :rolleyes: Has anyone done this? If so, which brand did you buy?
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    Need some advice, proper dilemma. :(

    Ive taken a job at a kennels which does boarding and gun dog/basic obedience training. Had about 5 days working there last month which was a trial and started there full time last Mon. The owner of the kennels is a really nice guy, dogs are well fed and looked after but today I had to really...
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    Is a 40" haynet quite big?

    As the title reads really. Looking to buy some haylage nets of ebay and I am rubbish with sizes! :rolleyes: Or if anyone knows some where that do good cheap nets which arnt tiny I would be very thankful! Needing to get quite a few hence why they need to be cheap. :) Thanks!
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    The best mudfever medication EVER!!

    Just wanted to share this awesome product which actually works! A week last sat my mare came down with extreme mudfever out of the blue, her front right had swollen up all the way to her shoulder and looked like a log, the other 3 legs had a small amount of puffyness, the next day she came out...
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    A good balanced diet for a laminitic, athritic, elderly pony?

    Basically my very first pony Ive had since I was 8yrs old (Iam now 25 :eek:) has just recently turned 22. Shes prone to laminitis and has a touch of athritis that can make her slightly unsound on bad days. Shes also getting a lot more grumpier in her old age but am not too fussed about that! lol...
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    Regumate for rigs

    Hi all. I have a rig who is brilliant to handle but just stresses when it comes to other horses. I was told about regumate which I have spoken to my vet about and they are happy to supply if i find out dosage. So does anyone have any experience with giving regumate to rigs? Thanks! :)
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    HELP! Last minute horsebox insurance needed

    Ive just bought a horsebox and it needs picked up tomorrow. Anyone know any companies that I will be able to get insurance just for tomorrow? Its getting sorned as soon as it gets to me as it needs some work done on it. Any advice much appreciated! Thanks.
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    Sweaty neck in the morning.

    Hey guys, i need the use of the H&H collective brain! For the past 2 mornings and a cpl mornings ago Haffeyt (one of my rescue horses) has been a bit sweaty on his neck. Just checked on all the horses tonight cause Katie is roaring (all because she couldnt see Candy for all of 10 mins or so lol)...
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    Clean hands!!

    I am sure i am not the only person who has the problem of getting your hands clean after being out with the horses, I am struggling to get the ingrained dirt off and my hands always look dirty :( I feel like a mink! lol I hate gloves and they are annoying when doing the usual yard duties...
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    Anyone use grass pellets?

    Basically, after my mums horse having an impaction which then turned into colic and a referal to the Bush vet i decided to get some grass pellets. Think it happened because we had a lot of snow and they just didnt move from the haylage bale and where eating the snow instead of walking over to...
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    Wee vid of my rescues having fun in the snow!!

    Hi all, just wanted to share my wee vid of my rescue horses having some fun in the snow! :D Mostly because it took me 5hrs to make the vid!! lol Enjoy! xx P.S. This is not a vid about ERR, just my rescues having some fun so please leave your...
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    Enlighten me about terrier work please. :)

    Basically what it says in the title. :) Had a read through the 'terrier baiting' thread and its left me slightly confused as to what terrier work is. I used to work with birds of prey and been on many a hunt with a few harris hawks and ferrets. Hawk chases rabbit down burrow, falconer sends down...
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    Receipt for sale of horse

    I just sold my 3yr old mare and have to write a receipt up for her. I need to include that 2k is getting paid on delivery and the other 1k a couple weeks later when she gets it through from her work. I would normally not let a horse go without the full price paid upfront but since she is a...
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    Horse Boarding

    There was an article in H&H not long ago about it, did anyone read it? :) So decided to take a drive down to Wolverhampton (i live in South Lanarkshire) to watch one of the competitions. It was awesome! :D Atm, there are 2 races. The 100m which is is a flat out gallop and the 400m which is...
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    Clostridia Difficile

    Thought i would put up some information about this infection as not a lot of ppl know about it and its a lot more common than you think. Clostridia Difficle or better known as C. Diff or Colitis X is found in small doses in most animals aswell as ourselves and can cause no ill affects at...
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    March Fencing?

    Does anyone know the in's and out's of march fencing? :confused: Had a encounter with one of the farmers whos land borders mine and we share a march fence. I wouldnt mind paying for half the fence if it was falling down etc but its in pretty good nic apart from a few sheep made holes at the...
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    Stonegrove Ace

    Sadly, Stonegrove Ace a gorgeous chestnut BWBS, SHB (GB) was put to sleep today. Ace stood at Summerhill Stud for 24years and belonged to Doreen Allison owner of the stud. It is suspected Ace had a tumour as he has been ill for the last week. Doreen has buried Ace at the stud beside his...