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    Horses and babies/children.

    I am in awe of mums who manage to do it all, especially when they're out competing too. It's very hard and for me something had to give, and that was horse ownership.
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    Horses and babies/children.

    Force of habit from being on here for years. Because I've got to know people and still enjoy reading threads. Because just because I don't have my own doesn't mean I don't enjoy seeing what other people do with theirs. There are plenty of people posting in the soapbox who don't own horses or ride.
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    Horses and babies/children.

    That wasn't how I intended my post to come across. Text is often difficult to get right. I love being a mother, it's the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. It can be boring sometimes as babies aren't always very exciting but I certainly don't resent it. I was sad to sell the...
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    Horses and babies/children.

    Well it just annoyed me. There's often an assumption on HHO that you should do everything in your power to keep the horse, whatever the circumstances even if it means wearing yourself out, having no money and palming off your child on other people. No one likes to admit that they actually prefer...
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    Horses and babies/children.

    There's no need for snarky comments. Do you have children? Have you ever tried to leave an exclusively, on demand breastfed baby who won't take a bottle with someone who isn't mum? You can't reason with a baby and ask them to wait two hours until mummy comes home. We tried baby staying with...
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    Horses and babies/children.

    Baby could not be left. She's the ultimate velcro baby and only now at nearly 10 months am I able to go out for a couple of hours without her. She's BF on demand and doesn't take a bottle so life has to revolve around her. We tried her staying with him and me going to the yard. She just screamed...
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    Cost of training/holiday livery

    I think I paid around £200 pw for my horse to go to my DR trainer, an Advanced rider, for schooling livery. That was for full livery Inc bedding, feed and haylage,..he was schooled by the rider 5x week and hacked out once plus a day off. I sent him there every time I went away; he always came...
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    Horses and babies/children.

    You have my sympathy but no real constructive advice from me. I have the ultimate velcro baby and ended up selling my horse as I just couldn't make it work. I don't regret it or miss it in the slightest as I was starting to resent both of them a little and feeling torn. Is it possible to move...
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    First Horse

    Are you parents horsey and if not, do they completely understand the cost and time implications? What happens if you can't get there after school, or when you have exams and are too busy? Who will look after the horse? Do you parents understand that they will be paying for 6 monthly dentistry...
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    Professional schooling - yay or nay?

    I think it depends on what you're trying to achieve but I have done in the past. My DR trainer had my horse (now sold) in for schooling three times. Twice when I was on holiday and once after some time off. The difference in him after each "holiday" was fantastic. It also helped my lessons as...
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    Slowing/stopping problems

    Jennifer are you having lessons with your new horse? I would definitely recommend that. It's quite daunting getting used to a new horse and eyes on the ground will help you enormously.
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    Lesson on Grand Prix dressage horse?

    Cortez is there somewhere specific in Spain you can recommend? Been chatting to a friend about arranging a long weekend riding holiday to have some lessons on nice Spanish horses, plus hopefully some trail riding/ hacking.
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    Advice on loan horse (agreement)

    Her loan contract should contain a clause about abandonment. That will clarify things. She really should see a solicitor,.that's the only way to get things sorted once and for all.
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    Insurance - after you reach the limit...

    In my experience, you might be surprised just how little hock injections and x-rays cost when you aren't insured....
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    Quality yard recommendations, Telford and surrounding areas.

    Rowton Stables in Rowton, near Ellerdine. I kept my horse there (sold horse otherwise I'd still be there). They have a FN page if you search for the yard name. It's primarily a full livery yard and I've never known such a conscientious YO or seen such well looked after and content horses.
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    Larger natives

    He may yet be for sale in the future... I'm not feeling the love for it now & not sure I ever will again.
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    Larger natives

    If you'd said this last year you could have had a certain bog pony to play with 😁😁
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    Advice for first time owner

    I think your problem is the quarantine. Horses are here animals and IMHO she's getting stressed being alone. I wouldn't be happy keeping her alone for 8 weeks, it's not fair on either of you.
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    What to dooooo? Entered BE80 but can't jump.

    I walked the course with a friend today - it's lovely. Really inviting, flows well and it will jump nicely. The ditch has gone and I don't think there's anything particularly scary. There's a miniscule"drop" which is just a step with a tiny pole on top. You'll have a blast, looks like a great...
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    What to dooooo? Entered BE80 but can't jump.

    You'll be fine. Berriewood is a lovely, inviting course. It rides well and isn't particularly technical. Good luck :)
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    Vets Eccleshall Staffs

    I use Simon too. He was my preferred vet when he was at Fyrnwy & I've switched to his new practice now. He's superb. For a vetting I'd use be happy to use Fyrnwy but not sure if they or Lower House would go to Eccleshall.
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    Bute for shoeing?

    This. I did change my farrier years ago for this reason. He did the whole yard of 13 horses so was there once a week. At least 1 horse would be lame every week after shoeing & he just said it was I changed farriers. Used to give my old horse Bute before shoeing as he was a shiverer...
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    5 star vetting

    I would attend the vetting (whether 2 or 5 stage) if I could, yes. If it's not possible then choose a vet to carry it out who isn't associated with the seller.
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    New pony owner since December recent feet problem. First time.

    Do you have any experienced support or regular lessons? You need someone to help you urgently - to teach you the basics of how to handle a horse, how to tack up, etc. I'd actually suggest you move to somewhere like a riding school where you could get lots of help from qualified people, have lots...
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    Sarcoids - gutted

    Mine was treated for an occult sarcoids on his sheath. Three applications of full strength cream. After the first it was a bit swollen but nothing after the second or third. He barely noticed it. Sarcoids went scabby and peeled off. He now has a tiny scar. It was 5 yrs ago and he's never had any...
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    At my wits end with nutty pony to travel

    You could try a Kelly Marks RA. I used one for a bad loader who also wouldn't stand in lorry or trailer. He would try to shoot off and nearly broke my ankle once in the process. I was sceptical but honestly it was as though she worked miracles. Only cost about £50 a session so worth a try.
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    If money was no object, what dressage saddle would you have?

    Leo Walker - Try a 17in. I had a BS made a couple of years ago & they told me their saddles tend to come up a bit small. I wanted 16.5in as that's what my jumping saddle is but they told me to go for 17in as their seats are apparently on the small side (and it's not that I think I'm much thinner...
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    Fly masks

    I need to buy a new fly mask but am a bit baffled by the vast array available. Horse hated the previous one as it was black net and i think he struggled to see properly through it. So i guess i need one of those with very fine mesh - the Premier Equine looks good. Any reviews? I also quite like...
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    Bd 7 (2002)

    You can print off a version without diagrams from DD - i do that when I need it for a caller.
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    Oswestry Equestrian centre

    I can't understand why a wind turbine would force it to close? RS horses are picked for temperament and I'm sure they would get used to having that next door, if that's the issue.