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  1. TrasaM

    Hello after long silence.

    Finally found password and though I'd pay a quick visit and see what's happing in HHO world. Caught up on Adorable Alice and Ted adventure. They're all grown up now! Seems a bit quieter here than it used to be though. All well in our life. Cyprus Sam has become a veritable paragon of virtue...
  2. TrasaM

    PTS..BB the cob is gone and insurance problems.

    On the 4th of September at approximately 8 pm my friend's horse BB was shot. It was an awful decision to have to make. He was just 7 years old. He'd had an ongoing problem with his stifle locking and recurrent lameness for the past 18 months. He was nerve blocked in late spring and the vet could...
  3. TrasaM

    Dog Allergy..hyperactive response.

    After a severe bout of diaorrhea Sam, who is a german pointer. Was put on rice and chicken on the vets advice. Along with the pro-kolin this seemed to have settled his tummy. However yesterday I let him have some of the original dried food he'd been on..not much just a few pieces. By yesterday...
  4. TrasaM

    Cyprus Sam comes with Issues

    It's day 4 of Sam living with me here in the UK. A lot of the past two days have been taking up with cleaning up poop as he's got a very upset tummy. I've made him fast today so apart from - 1 scrambled egg this evening he's had nothing. This is not a situation he's happy about but until he sees...
  5. TrasaM

    Taking on a Rescue dog.

    Long story short :) I volunteered to walk the dogs at a local rescue in Cyprus last month. They have a major problem there with dogs being dumped and mistreated especially hound and hunting dog breeds. The lucky 'failures' are dumped the less lucky are shot and left to die. Ditching them on...
  6. TrasaM

    Puppy rehoming scam

    My friend replied to a request on a local midlands FB site from a woman wanting to re home two pug puppies aged 12 weeks because her daughter had died and they were her pups. Person said they were in Kirkwell in Scotland and she could have the pup for a £100 delivery charge. She got suspicious...
  7. TrasaM

    Guidance needed: Dog rescue volunteer walker

    Just wondering whether anyone has some pearls of wisdom they can share to help me out. I've volunteered at a local dog rescue here in Cyprus. I got fed up seeing the neglect and ignorance and decided I'd be better off helping out at a rescue and doing something useful. I grew up with farm dogs -...
  8. TrasaM

    Fat or big boned? Guess my weight.:)

    After some comments regarding the weight and degree of fatness of Asbo Cob I though I'd post a photo I took today and see what weight people think he is and what he should weigh as an ideal. I weight taped him today as well so I know what that comes up at. He's 15h and 7 years old of unknown...
  9. TrasaM

    Opinions please; persistent lameness.

    Hope this link works... I'd really appreciate some comments / opinions on how this horse is moving. He's not mine but I ride him regularly for my friend. I've been riding him the last 3 days and something is still not right. Vets have...
  10. TrasaM

    How do you: sitting Trot.

    I had a bit of a breakthrough yesterday with my sitting trot and it got me thinking about how we communicate instructions. I've had lots of lessons without stirrups and I though that my ST was ok ish..but once the stirrups were back it'd all go wrong. Then yesterday I got it right (...
  11. TrasaM

    Trainers. Horse and rider. Midlands

    I'm hoping that someone can recommend a trainer who will come to the yard and do a training session with both owners and riders. I need someone who is bit too 'alternative' but who will train both riders and owners about how to lead correctly and do the basics of ground work. I'm hoping that...
  12. TrasaM

    The equestrian new invention thread

    It's pouring rain.. It's cold and it's Sunday. So something I've been thinking about for a while but saving for a wet day :) so here goes. If you could invent something..for the horse rider or generally associated with horses and riding what would it be. Yes, I know that tack shops are full...
  13. TrasaM

    How is this entertainment ? Caution upsetting.

    It almost feels wrong to post this but I'm curious whether anyone has heard about this 'festival' Ive seen lots of dubious practices involving horses but I don't believe that I've ever seen something so graciously cruel and pointless. Just why would anyone want to do this ? :(...
  14. TrasaM

    Animal Communication

    Just sharing this from a friends post on FB. I know it's come up before and I find it an intriguing subject. It's a lovely video. Enjoy :)
  15. TrasaM

    Heat pads.. Bargains

    Just a heads up to those who are stiff sore or injured. Pound land has got those self heating stick on plaster/pads for the princely sum of £1 a pack. I'd paid a lot more for these after I'd fallen on my shoulder. They also have anti inflammatory gels ( Radian B ) and , yes you've guessed it. £1...
  16. TrasaM

    Saddle fitter and saddle sales. Conflict of interest?

    Just a thought based on a recent event with someone I know. Woman has saddle fitter/ Chiro/ saddle supplier out to check her horses and was talked into buying new saddles for two of her horses and to swap saddles on one other. First time horse 1 is ridden in the new saddle he plays up and...
  17. TrasaM

    Icelandic shows its pace

    You wouldn't think a little horses legs could move this fast. Amazing to see the difference between the different paces too.
  18. TrasaM

    Philippe Karl open Clinic UK

    Just noticed that PK is allowing open entry for spectators on the trainers course in December so if anyone is interested in seeing Le Grand Man in action now's your chance. I'd love to go but think i won't be able this time :(...
  19. TrasaM

    One at a time Please :)

    Things you don't want to deal with in a dressage test or if you can keep your head when all about you are loosing theirs :D
  20. TrasaM

    Farrier trimming frogs on shod horse?

    I've just started back riding a lovely IDx horse who is shod on all four feet. I noticed when I picked her feet out this week that the farrier had trimmed the sides of the frogs so making the contact area quite small. He's cut them so that they slope inwards towards the centre. She's not got...
  21. TrasaM

    A Tyranny of cats!

    I don't know if there's a collective own for household cats but I think tyranny just about sums them up. I've got a large black and white thug staring at me intently asking for more food. He's already done his sweep thing off coffee table with tail to get my attention. Obviously it's too cold to...
  22. TrasaM

    Q. Horse therapy & communicating emotion.

    I know from previous threads that there are a few reiki healers and horse therapists about so I have a question; Today I was doing Masterson method on a racehorse and just after I started on the bladder meridian I started feeling very tearful and sad. At one point I though I was going to cry it...
  23. TrasaM

    Giraffe horse or poor conformation? Is it me or a really poor photo but does this horse have a really long neck?
  24. TrasaM

    Myths and Bits. Makes you think.

    An interesting series of videos here. I'm attaching part 1 and 2. In part 2 a link is made between gastric ulcers and bit use. The question about which bit to use comes up on the forum quite often. It often seems that the bit is our guarantee that the brakes work and that we have control...
  25. TrasaM

    Riding in Cyprus - update.

    Firstly thanks to everyone who offered suggestions. I went to the dhekelia saddle club this morning and had a lesson. I was given RJ who is an ex racer and a working livery. He's still getting the hang of things in the school but he tried really hard. I was using a dressage saddle for the first...
  26. TrasaM

    I need a good old boot up the behind..

    Had a lesson today and got the OH to video it. I watched the various clips afterwards and felt so cross with myself. Maybe I'm just focussing on the faults ; of which there are many, but seriously these are things I Know Not To Do. I can only put it down to laziness or sloppiness I'm afraid. I...
  27. TrasaM

    Helly Hensen Bargains Outlet shop

    Just a quick heads up for anyone within easy reach of Gloucester. I went to the Gloucester Quay outlet place there today and HH have a great sale going on. Bought a merino wool vest thinking it was £29.99 but was in fact £15 ! Somehow I didn't notice that there was an additional 50% off all...
  28. TrasaM

    Horse and Country. surreal program.

    Was bored and channel surfing and ended up on H&C. King Naki and the thundering hooves. Quite surreal. In the middle of the African bush where the villagers don't seem to have the proverbial pot etc etc... There's a bloke who owns and races TBs. Quite amazing to see a corrugated tin shack and...
  29. TrasaM

    We the Broken ones.

    Wondered how my fellow broken and bruised ones are getting on. I got a bit squashed 3 weeks ago when the horse I was riding spooked spun and slipped. He landed on his side with me still in he saddle ( I think) Anyhow now three weeks on and am still having trouble with my shoulder and have had 3...
  30. TrasaM

    Whizz, chug chug, spook splat ouch.

    I had a funny feeling about riding his morning and it seems I should have stayed in bed. Ambling through the village and a motorbike came towards us. Old fashioned motorbike with high pitched motor noise. Friends horse spooked a bit and set mine off. He whirled onto a drive and lost his footing...