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  1. LittleRooketRider

    Just a musing whilst out today

    Today I had another fabulous day out hunting, haven't been able to get out for a few weeks so it was much needed. This I realised was despite the presence of certain "visitors"... sabs of course. And during a quieter moment of the day I started pondering a number of things relevant to the...
  2. LittleRooketRider

    Saddle for BE80

    As others have said your saddle will be more than fine
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    A little help please

    Hello all, On the hunt for figures to show the cost of staging the Olympic Eventing at London and/or Rio for my coursework. I've been trawling through the inter web and find lots f contradictory articles either slamming the cost or praising it but none of them are the same.... am i missing...
  4. LittleRooketRider

    I'm strangely loving showing...

    She looks lovely, and its lovely to see the smile on both of your faces! Little tip.. when trotting up allow her to have much more freedom of the rein, ideally loose so she can completely show herself off, it also demonstrates good manners. Well done for this season & good luck next year. x
  5. LittleRooketRider

    What's your post-xc cooldown routine?

    I have always got off after finishing xc & lead horse , for several reasons 1) My horse has just put in a lot of effort for me, even if perfectly fit & i only way 6 & half stone, but Im perfectly capable of walking 2) The saddle puts pressure on the back & sudden release of pressure i.e.. rider...
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    The course to try love never did run smooth...

    This really should be jubilant yet apologetic for being late account of last weekend, which despite an appalling dressage test due to me riding like a pair of pants with snapped elastic and 2 down SJ (I was thrilled to complete after the hellish time I've had over the last year or so)was a great...
  7. LittleRooketRider

    Irish Draughts.

    IDs are awesome!
  8. LittleRooketRider

    Lola does a lot of "firsts!" :D <3 im the luckiest owner ever!

    How lovely. You simply cannot beat a good forrester.
  9. LittleRooketRider

    WFP horse Fernhill Pimms

    I was wondering about Pimms as well, Didn't he lead the dressage last year (or very well placed) but then WFP had a satnav error giving them a lot of time penalties?... And then in H&H wFP said he didn't have a horse at this level I did wonder. Lets just hope the horse has picked up a relatively...
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    Will keep an eye out for , good luck i hope you have fun! Re. Photos. How? Yours Sincerely Technonumpty x
  11. LittleRooketRider


    Hello again all, long time no type.... Thought I'd better introduce my new girl..... Firstly if somebody could work out how her breeders had a mare called Seahorse (by Environment Friend), put her to a stallion called Solitaire & duly named the resulting foal Vodka Shot I will be very...
  12. LittleRooketRider

    Thinned skinned horses!

    I WISH i had an excuse to buy more sheepskin... absolutely love cuddling it when its new & its really good for their skin as allows an airflow.
  13. LittleRooketRider

    A musing from a grumpy old git.

    Just to add.... I realise I've gone off on a tangent here....& to clarify I do not think all l beginners are disaster, it's just a recurring theme I've noticed over the last couple of years. Beginners should always be encouraged, all achievements ( be that 4* completion or getting over a...
  14. LittleRooketRider

    A musing from a grumpy old git.

    A thought provoking thread... This could be long.... I have always been one to strive for progression & to achieve goals, particularly when riding. I'm competitive & could be considered a bold rider.... Probably just a nutter. I always felt that to do my horse/pony justice I had to believe...
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    Basically I've been "balloted" at Dauntsey.... I'm guessing this means absolutely zero chance of a run? (Double checking) Do i get my money back? If so how long roughly for refund? Thanks in advance & good luck to all who get to compete at Dauntsey!
  16. LittleRooketRider

    The Queen's 90th birthday

    Spmeone mentioned the Spurs on the riders from Patagonia. Yes they are massive, but used ever so lightly. Those who mark their mounts are seriously frowned upon by their peers. An anecdote from a friend who spent some time in Patagonia.... The horses are never booted or dug at with the...
  17. LittleRooketRider

    Dumbest thing a supposedly clued-up horse person has told you?

    Recalling my A- level biology from last year... ( something I branded on my brain to scrape through, but subsequently I've not refreshed)... Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins: there are some amino acids that can also form sugars. If I've misread/misunderstood what's been said I...
  18. LittleRooketRider

    WOW saddles

    No idea of sizing or fit as new horse. ..looking for a dressage saddle & jump saddle (hence saving where I can- but not getting a wow jump saddle as I l prefer other saddles) So for a 16.1 TBxKWPN, medium-light build with a good either. Would love it if it was brown leather but not essential...
  19. LittleRooketRider

    WOW saddles

    Ooh I didn't realise! But if I get a fitter am I not likely to be hounded into a sale of brand new?
  20. LittleRooketRider

    WOW saddles

    And so the quest for saddles for new horse begins... I rode someone else's horse in their wow dressage saddle the other day & loved it. So did a bit of research..sounded great- discovered price! Now I'm prepared to pay a bit more for the right saddle, but as I am looking for a dressage & jump...
  21. LittleRooketRider

    Lemieux mesh air numnahs

    Please gawd somebody say they are terrible! I have enough of a le mieux habit/problem as it is! &#128514;
  22. LittleRooketRider

    Rug Reccomendations please

    Just come across Bucas. Opinions on Bucas rugs please? &#128578;
  23. LittleRooketRider

    Easy Spur opinions please

    Any opinions on the easy spur (horse health sell them) or any other Spurs please? Looking for something not too bulky & good quality. Thanks x
  24. LittleRooketRider

    (or, more accurately, not doing much Eventing)

    Fabulous as ever! Well done on double clear!
  25. LittleRooketRider

    Ever taught your horse something by mistake?

    I'm practically wetting myself! &#128514; Oh the irony!
  26. LittleRooketRider

    Very Excited, fingers crossed!!!

    Having finally drawn a line under the disaster of Roo (it just wasn't working & we were going round in circles- fortunately she has found a home with her previous owner) I have at last found a horse who will hopefully be my forever horse! She's a bit in the big side for me ( at 5ft & just short...
  27. LittleRooketRider

    Three Months of Worry Ended on Easter Saturday - Long one

    Big hugs MLC and rip to your wonderful mare, she sounds a great friend. X
  28. LittleRooketRider

    A new equine purchase - a lesson on 'tick lists'

    Wonderful! &#128514;
  29. LittleRooketRider


    Normally... If you jump clear in the first round you will jump a second round (a jump off) against the clock around a shortened course. Some shows you continue straight after your first round, others you go back in for the jump off after everybody has jumped. Couldn't say if you'd be at a...
  30. LittleRooketRider

    Grid work to lift a horses front end

    As already said canter poles and lots of bounces, building up the number of bounces gradually. This has really helped a pony I school and a very heavy ID. Pony no longer throws itself at the fences and makes a lovely shape. ID now uses herself properly, is much stronger and finds getting the...