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    Asthma update

    Reading this with interest. My now just 6 YO cob has had asthma now for two months. We are at the beginning of investigation and treatment. He has been scoped and mucus cultured, no infection, just asthma. Neither anti-histamines nor Ventapulmin helped, and he is now on a course of prednisone...
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    The Oaks & The Derby

    I am not so sure the other jockeys could have stopped him, he got away fast! And then kept a cracking pace thru the uphill part, only slowing ever so slightly at the end. Big striding horse that seemed to launch himself thru the air with every stride. Give him, trainer & jockey full credit. I...
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    Irish auctions, Goresbridge, Cavan -any experience?

    Thanks, space, useful. I was thinking more along the lines of who are the breeders/producers, what progeny of particular stallions look like. The usual knowledge hoovering you can get from these. I think any sort of auction can be tricky unless you know the ropes. I went to the Royal Dublin show...
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    Irish auctions, Goresbridge, Cavan -any experience?

    Thank, all. Given COVID, it might be awhile. I might take Cortez up on the offer. We shall see. Does anyone know if all horses are in the catalogue, or do some turn up last minute? I’d like to study these a bit beforehand
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    Irish auctions, Goresbridge, Cavan -any experience?

    Cortez, thanks, very helpful. I recognise it might be awhile before things are back to normal, thinking to perhaps visit and observe initially, maybe later this year, and then return to purchase later, if I think it will work for me. Must track down an Irish companion....
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    Irish auctions, Goresbridge, Cavan -any experience?

    Charterline, so basically, you are a sitting duck? I suppose the trick would be to get an Irish person to bid for you!
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    Irish auctions, Goresbridge, Cavan -any experience?

    I am gearing up to look for a new horse & wondering about attending the sales- does anybody have any experience or advice? I don’t know their status ATM, with COVID 19, but I was thinking of going along when they are up & running to get a sense of how they work, pitfalls, etc. Looking for a...
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    Does your horse wee at particular times? (Sorry, gross topic!)

    Wees as soon as loaded in Horsebox - so annoying!
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    Riding instruction in Spain - Holiday Planning

    Hello all good people in the tack room - As H & H posters are a fount of knowledge, I thought I would start here for my holiday planning. I have arranged a holiday for late summer in Galicia (northern Spain) in the Lugo region. I have my accommodation, etc sorted, but I would have most...
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    How much £ for a Tow Bar with Electrics?

    Same for me
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    Racehorse abuse in Australia

    I hope this news report gets a lot of play and along with the latest horse death at Santa Anita causes changes to the industry. They are very close to banning racing in California. The US problem is out of control drug usage and to a lesser extent poor breeding. The Oz video showed some...
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    Tell me about Irish draughts

    We bought our current one as a 3 YO, now 11. I would disagree, re thick. But stubborn, yes, and a bit “make me” Pic below. Sire is Cork Arthur & dam sire is All The Diamonds. His ID sister qualified for Badminton Grassroots last year. Typical eventer has 1/4 -1/2 ID, certain stallions...
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    Update on Summer

    Hi, I have PM’ed you with some info, so check your messages. Good luck, whatever you decide.
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    Summer...ID bought unseen from Ireland...

    I have bought two great horses from Gerty, but the first one was a multiple exchange til we got it right. I would rate her as a dealer, she knows everyone in Ireland and if you want a particular type, and you like traditional Irish horses, she can find them. When our horse of a lifetime colicked...
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    Selling saddles

    Ditto Parcelforce, & no, typical price should not be more than £20. Very quick & reliable. I sell mine thru ebay - 4 to date.
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    Small claims court

    Small claims court will take months & months. Suggest you raise a stink on social media which may get a much quicker response. The dealer may offer a trade, which might be worth considering. Buying a horse can be a nightmare.
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    Horse flies. Do any repellents actually work.

    Did a comprehensive test of fly sprays at our yard last year & the consensus was Nettex most effective against horse flies
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    Towing vehicle Audi A6 what estates do you use?

    Quick word of advice - use Parker’s web site to find technical data on the vehicle you wish to buy. I recently replaced a Jeep Cherokee sport ( tow capacity 2250kg) with a Skoda Yeti diesel 4x4, BUT, when shopping around, found that every different Yeti model had a different towing...
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    Sacroiliac disease and PTS

    I have known of young horses having been put down due to degenerative disease, so it is not unheard of, and the best solution for an unrideable horse. I just recently put my rising 12 gelding down. (See pain in all 4 feet thread). I wouldn’t pass on a horse as a hack for the very reason...
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    Pain in all four feet

    Final update- vet’s practice has agreed with me & removed cost of all unnecessary treatments, which brings bill down to a more reasonable level. Always worth challenging, if you have a case.
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    Pain in all four feet

    An update. I am now in a dialogue with the vet’s practice manager. I got the bill. Actual cost of doing the nerve block (vet’s time) around £350, which I do not challenge. However, nearly £400 worth of anti-inflammatories, steroids injected. This I am challenging & won’t pay...
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    Pain in all four feet

    Yes' have spoken to practice manager whom I know well. Also sent follow up email. Vet mentioned injecting inflammatories as he was doing them, no discussion beforehand. As one does, I have been going over in my mind “what ifs” and “if only” but where would I have begun...
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    Pain in all four feet

    After a week to reflect, I have now taken this up with the vet practice. Set out my concerns vis a vis failure to stick to the brief & over-assessment issues. We shall see....
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    Pain in all four feet

    Tally ho - who knows? He seemed to be focussed on suspensories, even tho the horse did little work that would put them under pressure. I agreed with “ ground up” approach, but why continue past the feet? Then why disregard foot issue in discussing various treatments. He did not seem...
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    Pain in all four feet

    Be Positive, thanks for your comment and support. This is a hard decision to make. Yes, I thought it was strange, once he found pain in all feet, why continue. He was working from a hypothesis of suspensories ligaments, but that proved wrong. What I disn’t mention in my original post is...
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    Pain in all four feet

    This is more of a “what would you have done” situation. Horse suddenly lost performance, not forward particularly on right, would not pick up canter on right, dis-United on both leads. 5 day Bute trial showed no improvement. Had a nerve block assessment (3.5 hrs! ) Showed pain in all four feet...
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    Horsey things to do near Seville, Spain

    Wow, thanks for all the replies -so quick! I will need to see how to get to Jerez from Seville; will be visiting friends who are renting a flat for a month -mad keen on flamenco, but open to other stuff.
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    Horsey things to do near Seville, Spain

    Hi, I headed to Spain in early October & wondered if any of you very knowledgeable & well-travelled people had any experience of horse-related day tripping from Seville. Are there notable studs that allow visits or dressage or PRE type training centres? Love the PRE, so would be interested in...
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    questions for parents with gutsy young kids.

    Agree Pony Club super way for her to get started. Sounds like a very promising young rider with great prospects.
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    An odd loading problem

    My way - I load fast - one person on front, me behind. Shut ' em in & take off. Big hay net. They get used to it. Good luck!