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  1. seaofdreams

    Insurance premium costs

    I have my retired boy with Harry Hall, claimed last year for a nasty kick and they paid out, no hassle
  2. seaofdreams

    Having a horse put down - Injection or Gun ?

    I’m so sorry you’re having to make this decision, I’ve just lost my 26yr old mare, this was my first time and my vet was amazing, she explained everything beforehand including that my mare could ‘run’ once down and make sighing noises but that she would be gone and that it was just muscles...
  3. seaofdreams

    Retiring Horse

    My two are both retired to injury’s, my mare was retired at 6 she tore her DDFT and had some other complications with it, she is now almost 26! then my gelding I bred and unfortunately had a field accident as a youngster which meant he could not be ridden so I have never even sat on him and he...
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    Getting a Dog - where to start?

    Just caught up with this thread, was going to say keep an eye out for small greyhounds, my girl is only 20kgs and tiny! I've had my girl 5 years now and she has been amazing! I always wanted to take on a greyhound and she has been everything I hoped for and more. I really hope it works out you
  5. seaofdreams

    Best horse insurance companies (recent experience only please)

    I have been with Petplan (horses and dogs) for many years and have always been extremely happy with the service, claims forms are easy to fill out and decision and payment have been quick, then any further treatment claims for the same injury or illness have been very simple and fast. I wouldn't...
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    Dog clippers recommendations

    I have just had to do this with my WCS. I purchased these then got the 7 blade off Amazon, I was really nervous, like you had been doing my own horses for 20+ years but never a dog. I was...
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    How long have your owned your horse.

    My mare it will be 20 years on the 26th of this month! I remember picking her up like it was yesterday, scary how fast it's gone and then her son I bred and he turns 14 next month
  8. seaofdreams

    Hogging help

    Masterclip do some trimmers that are fairly quiet, I have also used scissors to hog when I randomly decided my mare needed redoing and my clippers were at home, it turned ok!
  9. seaofdreams

    Look who we met today......

    Oh he is scrummy, I really hope it goes well for you. My girl was 18 months old when we got her (7 now) and wasn't and still is very much not cat friendly! Yet is absolutely fine with small dogs, my mum has JR terriers and no issues at all and at agility we have allsorts and she never looks...
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    Battery horse clippers

    I have the masterclip HD Roamers, I don't have access to electricity either, so couldn't use my old corded ones, have to say I really like them, Not sure I would now go back to my corded heavy duty ones. I have done 3 or 4 full clips on my old girl plus regular hogging and trimming etc, they...
  11. seaofdreams

    Mud fever..... or not??

    My boy gets something very similar on both his hind feet, on his pink skinned socks. I have now worked out (I think!) it's actually from them being wet (long grass, dew on the ground etc) and then the sun burns the pink skin. I then end up struggling all winter to clear it. This year from...
  12. seaofdreams

    Rest in Peace Ace greyhound - 17.9.2014-18.11.2020

    I'm so sorry to hear this, just heartbreaking. thinking of you. x
  13. seaofdreams

    Foal Friday - 2020

    Fab photos, takes me back to when I was posting about Spyro being born, it seems like yesterday but he was somehow 13 this year!
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    Introduce your dogs: pictures and nicknames

    I have an 11yr old working cocker and a 6yr old Greyhound. The cocker is Sam, he came with the name when I got him from his breeders at 8 months old, he doesn’t really have nicknames apart from Samuel if he’s being naughty (Although now he is deaf that’s pointless anyway!!) or SamuelSpaniel My...
  15. seaofdreams

    When your terrier thinks he is a greyhound....

    Ahh bless, I have a greyhound who thinks she is a spaniel! I have such a similar photo with the spaniels and a greyhound in the middle but it won’t upload:(
  16. seaofdreams

    And.... drum roll.... the finished item ❤️

    Oh wow, I love this. it's beautiful
  17. seaofdreams

    Anyone remember this? (I know a couple of you will!)

    I remember! I used to love looking at your photos, dreaming one day I would be able to have my own greyhound! Happy Birthday Amy !
  18. seaofdreams

    1 Year 'Gotcha Day' with my Retired Greyhound

    Beautiful girl, ours will 4 years on the 14th Feb and it's gone so fast, but like you one of the best decisions I ever made! I have wanted a greyhound since I was little but finally 4 years ago it was the right time and I adore her, I would love another (or two) too! They really do make such...
  19. seaofdreams

    SRMA - Meningitis

    So glad he is doing better, my girl had meningitis just over three years ago now, it was awful and such a worrying time, she was screaming every time she moved (although she is a greyhound so she does scream even for stubbed toe!) It sounds like she may have had a slightly different type as she...
  20. seaofdreams

    'Dog Cam' - anyone else got one?

    I use an app called Manything, I leave my old iPod on the app at home as the camera and then the app on my phone, I just have the free version and have been using it for a few years now and it’s been great.
  21. seaofdreams

    Stopper pad protection

    I use these with my accident prone greyhound who does agility! I have a couple of sets now and they’re great.
  22. seaofdreams

    Choosing an adult dog....

    how exciting Levrier, glad it went well. What a handsome boy, look forward to more photos when he is home!
  23. seaofdreams

    Removal of dew claws in adult dogs

    They are a nightmare aren't they! I often think mine needs a coat of bubble wrap!
  24. seaofdreams

    Removal of dew claws in adult dogs

    I have some little boots for my greyhound for when I take her to agility and i put them on if I know she is potentially going to do zoomies in a large open space as that's when she tends to catch them! They are from Forrest fleece.
  25. seaofdreams

    The fate of the Unrideable

    I have two! First one retired at 6, she is 22 next month and I swore she would never leave me unless it was to the paddock in the sky and then the same for my other one, he unfortunately had an accident as a baby which meant he too can't ever be ridden and again he will be with me till the end...
  26. seaofdreams

    Purchasing from a reputable dealer?

    We asked our agent too and got the same answer! But I'm so glad I went ahead, the horse was my horse of a lifetime and I'd do anything to have another the same as her.
  27. seaofdreams

    1200d No Fill Turnout with Neck - Recommendations Please!

    I'm currently looking for exactly the same, my elderly mare. I have been looking at the FalPro no fill, they put a video up on the facebook and it looked good, not cheap but if you join their mailing list they send you a 20% off code (every little helps!). I did have a premier equine but her...
  28. seaofdreams

    Putting a fit & healthy 16 year old mare in foal

    I did this with my mare, I had a foal from here when she was 11, I had no intentions of her having another until a friend asked if she could loan her and breed a foal using her own graded connie stallion, she was 17 at this point so foaled at 18 with no issues at all. she is now back home with...
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    Dogs at Polling Stations

    Yes we took out two with us, the spaniel loved the attention of everyone! there were quite a few dogs going in.
  30. seaofdreams

    The small stripy one has joined the gang..... :) :)

    I'm so sorry to hear you lost Islay, Millie is beautiful (although I maybe slightly biased as I have a small stripy one too!) I hope she settles in well and look forward to lots of updates, I love reading about your gang!