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    Joint v Joint/Muscle supplements

    Hi, Anyone got any experiences / opinions regarding joint supplements, versus joint and muscle supplements such as the carl hester or balanced horse feeds ones? Ta
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    Does anyone have any experience of Williams & Williams surfaces for schools?
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    Sara-Jane Lanning contact details

    Hi, Can anyone PM me her contact details for a lesson please. Thanks,
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    Myler bits

    Do they really help with horses with big tongues and small mouths? Any other bits worth looking at?
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    Vet recommendation Hampshire

    Someone who is hot on lameness / way of going, preferably someone who deals with sports / performance horses, can anyone recommend?
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    joint supplements

    What are people's experiences with joint supplement for dogs? In the horse world I can't fault cosequin, which I notice they do for dogs too. Is it as good for dogs? Can anyone suggest any others from their experiences?
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    Farriers Formula V Formula 4 feet

    Hi, being a bit naughty as haven't investigated the differences myself yet. But does anyone know the main differences between the two (if any) and has anyone tried both and had better results with one over the other for poor hoof quality?
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    Gel pad - which one

    Any comments as to preferences on either of these....
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    Dressage trainers in the South

    Can anyone recommend a good dressage trainer in the central south area (Hampshire'ish) for normal people? lol I'm looking for someone who can really help me as well as my horse but don't want to feel intimidated or self conscious! Thanks
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    Saracen horse feeds

    Anyone used them? They seem to have quite a comprehensive range available, interested to hear experiences.
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    FAO H&H Team

    Why doesn't your RIHS live results link??? It wasn't working yesterday either!
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    Dog insurance?

    Got the mules, transport etc with NFU, are they good for dogs too? Got a border collie pup coming at end of October and i'm sussing out dog insurance now. Recommendations please
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    Equitrek trailers - opinions please

    Weighing up the lorry V Equitrek trailer option. Obviously aware of the usual about weights and having a big enough vehicle. But apart from that, can anyone offer their opinions/experiences with them, particulary the 5* with overnight living. Thanks
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    Dog insurance recommendations

    Mum was asking me, haven't a clue as haven't a dog!! But thought i'd ask on here as i'm sure you've got a few suggestions
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    Feeding barley

    I've bought a sack of Allen & Page micronised Barley, but notice it doesn't offer feeding quantity advice on the back! Does anyone know what quantities are generally fed when added to conditioning cubes and alfa oil. I will phone them, just not got chance at the mo and was generally wondering.
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    Prelim 18

    Does anyone have the latest prelim 18 they would share with me? I have the 2002 one, but there's a newer one than this so I understand? Thanks
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    Self drive horsebox hire

    Anyone recommend a company in the South that's reasonable?
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    Elephant bedding

    No, i'm not completely mad!!! Isn't there a new bedding, recyclable, made out of miscanthus? called elephant bedding? Anyone tried it, if so what are your thoughts and where do you get it from?
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    Prelim 16

    Eeek, just noticed it's laid out to be ridden on a full size school....which I haven't got!! How do you get on practicing, just make it up in a normal size school or go somewhere with a full size? There's a novice test which is on a normal size arena, might be better having a go at that
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    Prelim 12 question

    7) E Free walk on a long rein EB Half 20m circle left Does this mean EB half 20m circle left is down on a FWLR? or just a couple of paces at E??
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    Prelim 14

    Aaargh, I have 13, 12 & 16 but not 14:( Would anyone be able to mail/send me a copy pretty please?
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    Hay/Haylage suppliers - Botley area

    Anyone know of a supplier, large bales of either. Having a right mare finding a competitive supplier
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    The Showring

    I know a couple of you come on here, what's going on?? This morning I saw the new forum, now I can only access the old???
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    Feeding linseed

    Ok, you can probably tell by now i'm reviewing my horses feed and am the currect leader of the spanish inquisition Have thought about feeding linseed for some time, how do you feed it, what is the best way to feed it to get the best quality and any suggestions on where to get it (cost wise?)...
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    Feeding help

    Ok, although I know a little about horse feeding, but not alot, i've decided to get more acquainted with it ::) How do you find out off the manufacturers sites, i.e. dodson & horrell, bailys etc, whether feed is mollassed or what levels of starch it contains? Generally they only seem to...
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    Simple systems feeds

    Any comments etc on feeding experiences with it? Good or bad, feel free to PM if you wish:)
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    When are acorns not a problem

    and I don't mean when they're on the tree still!! I mean, when they fall, there must be a certain period afterwards when it's safe to put horses on the land? Or is it when they literally disappear, i.e. are consumed into the ground?
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    Tweed's for dressage

    If you wear a tweed for dressage, do you wear a stock or tie? (sorry if really dim question )
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    Back/muscle people in south (hants)

    For those of you in the South, i.e. Hampshire area! Who do you use, who have you previously used and any experiences/thoughts on the different people available. Please PM if you don't want to comment in a public forum. I'm just interested to know who uses who and why
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    Stirrup irons

    What size? most seem 4.5", i'm a size 5 (female) foot