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  1. J

    standing still!

    Hi all I have a TREC comp next week and hopefully another one or two over the summer. One thing that I have never been able to get spike to do is the 'immobility' - you leave them in a spot and they are supposed to stand still for 30 seconds. He always wanders off! I can't work out how to...
  2. J

    riding club dressage tests

    hi all, I know that you can't tell me exactly what is in a particular dressage test because of copyright, but I wondered if anyone could say generally what movements etc are in these tests. Do they equate to prelim level or to novice level, or what? BRC pairs test 4 Riders test 6 Riders test 8...
  3. J

    TREC training / other training?

    It is my birthday coming up and I would like to ask for a horsey training day or weekend as a present. At the moment I am into TREC and a bit of dressage. I was thinking about a day course at Talland on their horses, but I would also be really interested in a weekend away on my share horse...
  4. J

    joining the GTB bandwagon

    I don't know Spike's breeding. I know what he was sold as, but I would be interested in different opinions. First go at posting photos. Don't have a photobucket account.
  5. J

    standing when mounting

    I have posted about this before, sorry! Every time I try to get on my horse from the mounting block he takes a step to the side so that i can't get on! At the moment I have to have someone the other side of him to stop it. I'm at a loss to know how to solve it, because every time he steps to...
  6. J

    silly question for the day

    What is the difference between jodhpurs and breeches? Is there one?
  7. J

    gates and mounting!

    I have two probs with my share horse at present. I'd welcome any advice. The first is gates. Spike hates doing gates. It is not so much the turning etc, it is the standing still! He likes to be moving all the time on hacks, and gates get him worked up because he has to wait for them to be...
  8. J

    Share in a race horse

    It is my mum's 60th Birthday this autumn. We were wondering about buying her a share in a race horse from somewhere like here: Does anyone have any experience of this or any advice? I'm not sure whether it will actually be fun or more of a 'gimmick' IYSWIM.
  9. J

    over-attached horses (a bit long)

    At the yard where my share horse is kept, the horses are in fields in pairs. Spike's fieldmate has laminitis, so he has been put with a mare that he is in luuurve with! He shared with this mare when he first came to the yard, but became very difficult to separate from the mare. When they were...
  10. J

    TREC people

    My friend and I have just signed up for our first TREC competition on August 18th. Just wondered if anyone can answer some questions. We are doing it as a pair. I know that if there is an obstacle that we don't want to do, we can skip it. My question is, can one of us skip it and the other one...
  11. J

    What would you do?

    If someone you knew was bringing on a young horse and not making a very good job of it? Someone I know has a horse to bring on, and I am a little worried about the horse. She rides with a very tight rein all the time, and he seems to be getting very resistant to it. He threw her a few times...
  12. J

    I've just won!

    I've just won tickets to the Royal Show and to the Horse and Country TV launch party. Yay!
  13. J

    Turweston aerodrome fun ride

    Was anyone at Turweston fun ride yesterday? If so, do you know what the photographer's website was? I had a great time, and now I'm hoping that there are some nice pics!
  14. J

    Falling off - Help!

    I'm sitting here in some pain due to falling off last night, and I think I should accept there is a problem. Spike is the horse I'm currently sharing. He is not a nasty horse at all. He can be spooky and quite forward going, but very genuine. The problem is that I fall off him more than I have...
  15. J

    Dressage today - make me feel better!

    I did a prelim dressage test today on my share horse. He is (ahem) 'forward going' at competitions and we didn't have much time to warm up, but I felt like this test went better than the last few - I thought we had a good shape on the circles and quite even, though every time we went past the...
  16. J

    Prelim 16 and 17

    Are these the tests in the long arena? thx!
  17. J

    lunging with two lines

    Stupid question: what does this involve? Is it like long reining? Does one line go around the horse? It's just I see people recommend it but don't really know what it is.
  18. J

    opening gates

    Does anyone have advice on how to teach our horse to open gates? He gets really impatient about them, whether on his own or with other horses, and I can't get him to stand still long enough to open a gate. He is seventeen, so he should know better...
  19. J

    saddlery in Edinburgh

    Does anyone know a good saddlery in Edinburgh? We want to go and buy my christmas present in the next couple of days. We were planning to go to stirlingshire saddlery but it seems to have moved out of town?