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    Kim Jong Un - where's the girth?!

    Any ideas how this saddle is staying on!?
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    Jumping saddles - knee blocks positioning

    Hello knowledgeable people. I have two jumping saddles; a barnsby close contact one (like this: ) and a cheapy Tekna adjustable one (like this...
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    Transport Exeter to Herts - any ideas?

    Hi all, Any suggestions of a good, safe transport company to get a horse from Exeter to Herts next weekend? I have my own transport but it would be a 7 hour round trip, my van has recently had a breakdown and I'm worried I would find it all a bit too stressful doing it by myself with a new...
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    SJ Course Hire - somewhere in/nr Herts

    All, Anyone know of any SJ courses (ideally with lots of nice scary fillers!) that would be available for hire over a weekend (19th-20th), ideally somewhere within an hour;'s drive of Edgeware, north London? Amy
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    Badly Cracked Hooves... what to do?

    I have a retired mare who lives out 24/7 in a field with 7-8 other retired horses. They are checked 2x per day by the staff but are generally left in peace to be ornamental lawnmowers. I pop in every now and then to deliver treats and scratches and have always been pleased that my mare is...
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    Renovating/installing a 3.5t horsebox interior - South East

    Does anyone have any suggestions of where i could take my 3.5t box for a renovation over the winter? I've just had to replace the entire engine and so now it has a brand spanking new engine in it, I can justify tarting up the inside. (and respraying the outside, but i have a guy for that) I...
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    Blenheim Fun Rider - photographer?

    Anyone know who the photographers were at the Blenheim fund ride yesterday?? The stand was white with red and black on it, thats all i can remember! eta: sorry about the typo in title - should say Ride not Rider!
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    Anyone based near Pachesham EC? Looking for local intel!

    I'm booked to do the ODE there on Saturday but I am very aware that Pachesham doesn't have the most forgiving ground and I don't want to run on really hard ground. Does anyone local know if the rain this week has helped at all there? (assuming there has been rain in the area!) Many thanks!
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    Manor Farm, Richmond - anyone know it?

    I'm trying to get hold of Manor Farm in Richmond/ Petersham but it looks like their number has changed. Does anyone know if it is still there? Thanks!
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    Does anyone know Manor Farm in Richmond/Petersham (London)?

    Please could you PM me? I'm trying to get hold of them but their listed telephone number doesnt work!
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    West Wycombe Sponsored Ride

    Has anyone done the West Wycombe sponsored ride before? I just wondered if anyone knows how 'audience friendly' it is? My family may come to watch/support/walk around - is this possible? I know at Windsor they have 4x4s taking people around the course to different sections, is there anything...
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    What liners fit in Premier Equine rugs?

    I am desperate for some liners for my PE rugs as they keep going missing, but I can't find the liners on sale anywhere and I resent paying fll price for Premier Equine given their sales come round so often! I have some vague recollection that some other brand of rug/liner fits the PE stuff too...
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    Argh - kit/planning failure for first BE event tomorrow - help!

    Have just turned my house upside down looking for my white stock for my first BE event tomorrow. The thing has actually vanished. With my black jacket, the rules say I can wear a white stock/tie... Do they mean only a white tie, or will any colour do? Also I assume it would have to be a collared...
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    XC courses in Essex/ close to M25

    Does anyone know of any XC courses that are open to the public for schooling, in the Essex area? ideally the london side of essex rather than t'other side?! i have googled aggressively but not really turned up much.... lots of them seem to have closed in the last few years :-( thanks very much!
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    transporting a horse from ireland

    Does anyone have any recommendations (and guide to ball-park costs) for a professional transporter to move a horse from Ireland (Belfast) to Herts?
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    Go pro helmet cam

    Anyone got one? I just got given one for my birthday and I can't wait to try it out riding, but I'm a bit apprehensive about using the sticker type attachment to fix it to my helmet as I'm worried it will plop off in the middle of a field or something.... Who uses one and what attachment do you...
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    Too hot to travel?

    I have a ODE booked for Saturday and I'm worried about how hot it is :-( The riding will be ok i'm sure - my horse is fit, and its low level stuff (70cm) that she is comfortable at. The issue is the travelling there and back. I have a converted van 3.5t box with some limited ventilation, but...
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    Where does intro dressage in herts/berks/beds?

    Looking for somewhere to do a low key intro dressage test for two babies, as soon as possible. We're really near patchetts but they don't have any weekend unaffiliated dressage for ages. Any other ideas? We're on the herts/London border but have transport
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    bricket wood/water meadows

    Hoping to go for a hack this weekend around the water meadows but i've not been before and I don't know where to go/where to park/how easy it is to get lost?! Can anyone help? massive thanks!
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    calling all you 3.5t horsebox experts

    This may be a very silly question (!) If I wanted to add on a few things to a horsebox (i.e. a bit more ventilation/window, some tie rings, couple of saddle racks and some fixed storage cupboards), what would i need to put into google?! Who actually does this sort of thing? Do i google...
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    how necessary are windows on a horsebox?

    slightly random question as I'm just starting on my hunt for a 3.5t horsebox. I've seen one that looks potentially within my price range, but it doesn't appear to have any windows on the sides of the van (vauxhall movano conversion). Is this normal? Is this ok? Will the horses overheat...
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    Horsebox experts - can anyone tell me why this is cheap? Any idea why this seems so cheap? I am by no means an expert and don't want to bother calling if there is something glaringly wrong with this box... Any ideas?
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    Strange lameness - any ideas?

    Any ideas on what this could be? 10 days ago My horse started to sort of 'hop' in trot in the indoor school - it felt like she was trying to strike off into canter, every 8-10strides or so, always on the same leg. I couldn't stop her doing it so got off and trotted her up. She was almost...
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    Wintec cc or pro jump -how do I tell them apart?

    I am trying to start my first ever eBay selling attempt but can't work out whether my saddle is the wintec pro close contact or wintec pro jump. The pictures look virtually identical on the website, except maybe a slightly higher cantle on the jump... Very difficult to tell which my saddle is as...
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    good sale alert! - wheelbarrows

    Anyone looking for a wheelbarrow, have a look at the Haemmerlin sale on (you might need to sign up to Achica to see it but its free). They've got half price on most of the range - including some rather garish pink ones or the massive 300l ones. Only available until sat morning 7am...
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    insisting sharer has lessons... fair?

    Just wondering what people's thoughts would be on this arrangement. I am starting to consider getting a sharer over the winter to ride twice a week, and thinking that maybe I would say instead of them paying me for the share, I would ask that instead they get a lesson with my instructor [£30 for...
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    riding long weekend away suggestions?

    Anybody got any suggestions for somewhere in the UK or Ireland where I could take the [confident novice] OH for a long weekend away? In my head I'm imagining beautiful castle-like hotel with log fires and hot baths and great food, and lots of grounds/country to go for long hacks in during the...
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    Lara Abrahams - any views? Confusing horse sale adverts

    My friend is looking for a horse and has contacted two this week - one from the Pony Club website, and one in H&H. Although the horses are listed in two different areas (one is st albans and one in Essex ) Lara Abrahams replied to both adverts, with EXACTLY the same message - saying that she's...
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    vintage Horse and Hound magazines

    Anybody know how I can get hold of seriously old copies (or prints) of Horse and Hound. I'm talking earlyish 1900's ideally... as early as possible really? would love to see what the covers/articles were like then...
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    Recommendations for a fun hack with novice near-ish london? london

    My friend is very keen to start riding and is starting to get a few lessons but he also wants to go for a hack in a few weekends time. Has anyone got any ideas of somewhere that would do a hack that is "not a boring walking trekking hack" (his request) and that has a really sensible cob that...