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    BHS National convention

    Despite his eyesight issue, he coped really well in 2015 as a demo horse at Your Horse Live. I was picked as a reserve rider last year so couldn't believe I got picked this year ����
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    Retirement Livery

    Did you find somewhere? My friend has a lovely place in oxfordshire
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    BHS National convention

    Anyone going? I've been selected as one of the demo riders 🙊🙈 my lad is currently on 24/7 turn out on mud 😔 no facilities so can't work him. Could be interesting
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    Speetly and Solihull unaffiliated ODE? Anyone been?

    Solihull run on the BE course. You can see all their XC courses on You Tube The showjumping is on a surface. Their SJs are up to height and usually wide (I have an oxer fear!) The XC is lovely, but last time I went fence 5 was back in the same field as the start box, so my lad saw the lorry...
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    Good first unaffiliated 90 in the midlands?

    Look up Lands Eventing - they run some lovely ones at Offchurch of fabulous ground. The Pre-Area warm up isn't ideal for a first step up as it's often built to size and technical. But all the ODEs are fair courses There's Moreton Morrell (Warks), Aston Le Walls (nr Banbury)
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    Packing for a 3 day event... Anyone been to Keysoe? HELP!

    What a lovely photo :D Don't forget your smile and number bib ;) What about this checklist:
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    Weekend plans!

    I'm back..... my I'm playing groom, as my mum is pinching my horse for some arena eventing on Sunday :D
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    Looking for unaffiliated one day events in the South

    Around Oxfordshire there are: Lands Eventing - Horse Events - Swalcliffe Aston Le Walls Gawcott - they've got a PC / open ODE next month Just to name a few
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    Dallas bursting arena xc

    Yes, I've done it, it truly is one of the best in the business! Lloyd Hunt the organiser is a wonderful man and we are so lucky to have him local and so dedicated to our sport. If you have a problem he's there on foot. If you get eliminated, they let you carry on. I won the 70cm my first time...
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    Riding Club people-Help me!

    Bridle number isn't compulsory - HappyDayz I wonder if it's an additional rule your local RC has included on their rules - it's certainly not a Riding Club nor BD requirement
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    Broadway BE80?

    I've not ridden the XC there, but done some Riding Club dressage there, it's very hilly and the ground can be quite hard, but the fences I saw looked very inviting
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    Tips on how to get over an oxer phobia!!

    So glad it's not just me!! I panic at oxers all the time!
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    Weekend plans

    Bit of a long weekend for me as I'm having a party Saturday for my 3.....0...... so I'm not competing until Monday (my actual birthday!) the only way to spend a Birthday - off work and out with the horse!! Good luck all out and about - Have fun and stay safe!
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    Brogini boots

    My Brogini were beautifully soft, I didn't need to wear mine in. As for the foot, I can get away with wearing trainer socks over my normal socks to pad my foot out (helps stop my foot flapping around and causing my spur to pinch my dodgy ankle bones!)
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    Weekend plans

    It's almost here..... the sun is shining!! Saturday I'm off to Lincoln in the evening for the Force Equine awards dinner, my mum is in the top three for "Groom of the Year", rumours have it we might be on the table with the guest of honour too, so looking forward to that! Although it can't be...
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    Showjump set - plastic or wooden?

    Some of the wooden jumps my dad made me have just started to give up this year and I've had them 11 years. They have been kept out in the element 24hrs a day 365 days a year. It all depends on •how often will you be using them? • how often will you be setting them up and taking them...
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    Weekend plans

    Forgot to say I was also picked as the reserve rider for the BHS judges convention for a lesson with William Fox Pitt, but it doesn't look like I'll be getting the call up :'(
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    Weekend plans

    Good luck all heading out, stay safe and have fun!! I've entered my mum into a prelim test on my lad and thought as he's there I'd give a Elementary a go, we won the novice last time there, so thought we'd step up - if you don't try and all that! Sunday I have a lesson
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    ODE ideas for a beginner

    If you're free Saturday I'm riding the 80cm at Moreton Morrell - you've very welcome to come over. Lands are hosting the event there, and the 70cm is the first to go. Usually their events are at Dallas Burston which is Southam and really easy to get too. It's held in the all weather polo pitch...
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    Weekend plans

    I'm hoping this storm Dorris is gone by the weekend! I'm off arena eventing at Moreton Morrell on Saturday. Good luck all out and about, stay safe
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    ODE ideas for a beginner

    tatty you must be local to me if you've been to gawcott! If you want to gain confidence look up Lands Eventing, they do arena eventing starting at 70cm, and even if you get eliminated at fence 1 they let you carry on. Their ODEs are really encouraging too. Their March event doesn't have a 70cm...
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    Weekend plans?

    Still haven't moved the horses, so hoping to do that Saturday and Sunday I'm off to Solihull for the Riding Club showjumping Stay Safe have fun everyone
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    Weekend Plans?

    Moving the horses!! ARGH!! After 8 and a half years in the land that we rent, the owners want it back by 1st March, so I'm back at work today for a rest after 4 hard days of getting the new grazing ready, still got some fencing to do, but it's ready for them to move into for now. Then Sunday...
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    2017... Year of the dressage dive... maybe?

    You're doing fab!! Perfect partnership!!
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    Weekend plans

    Good Luck all, enjoy whatever your plans are and stay safe! I'm off to Moreton Morrell for riding club showjumping
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    Throwing in the competition towel... for now...

    :'( I'm going to miss seeing you two out, but I fully understand your reasoning. The new club rule is certainly looking at pushing a few out, me included, as I already have my own instructors :( We had a great year last year!!
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    Weekend plans

    Good luck MP!! I'm letting my mum steal my pony Saturday to do Riding Club dressage, then I'm arena eventing Sunday :D Good Luck all and stay safe
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    Weekend Plans

    Good luck all, stay safe!! No plans for me, just a visit from the saddler
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    Saddle for BE80

    I got a jump saddle, but that was because following knee surgery I needed the support for myself, plus his GP didn't fit anymore and I often hack in my dressage saddle. It's not a necessity to have a jump saddle.
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    Someone pinch me!

    Ah thanks!! Small world this horsey place ;) are you P.S.?