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    Polo Lessons Yorkshire

    Hi, Does anyone know of any places for polo lessons in Yorkshire?? (pref west yorks). We're two experienced riders with 1 polo lesson under our belts! Thanks!
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    Boots for Hunting

    Are lace front long leather boots OK for hunting?
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    Equestrian Clearance Sale

    Did anyone go last weekend??? Get any bargains? I came home with 2 rugs, some jods and a hat. I'm going again next Saturday to look at the Ariat stuff they've got coming in.
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    swollen neck?

    any ideas? underside of neck. is quite swollen and hot... basically looks like the horse has just grown a massive ewe-neck pretty much over night.. lol .. she has just had her vaccinations (first lot, on thursday) but that was done into her chest, and i didn't think swelling could move...
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    on this mare thanks
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    General opinions?

    on this mare? conformation,etc ? thanks
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    your perfect livery yard?

    what do you look for in a livery yard?
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    which hunt?

    which hunt hunts around halifax?
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    Livery yards - Yorkshire

    anyone know any livery yards around halifax? thanks xx
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    gatcombe 2007 - HHO member?

    teapot mentionned in the photo gallery that this might be a HHO member? just thought i'd flag it up incase they wanted the pics
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    abbey dressage combined training

    tomorrow - is it indoors or outdoors?
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    horse prices

    whats the lowest offer youve made on a horse compared to the asking price when you were buying? and whats the lowest offer youve accepted compared to your asking price when you were selling?
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    navicular fracture

    any experiences? how long you had to box rest for and whether it got better? particularly in a horse that box walks/weaves/cribs when stabled
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    abbey dressage

    what is it like as a venue? parking? arenas? etc xx
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    anyone know where you can buy them from? like a list of stockists? plus can you wear them BD?
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    lameness query

    my vet is a bit stumped with this one. he's lamer on a soft surface than a hard surface he's sound on the lunge on a soft surface, but lame on a straight line no heat or swelling in the leg farrier can't find anything in the foot any ideas? (he's off for nerve blocks and xrays soon)
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    livery in cirencester, glos

    what yards are there in this area which do DIY, but with the option of assisted ... or part livery for a decent price?
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    slimbridge show

    what's it like? is it usually big or busy? how's the parking?
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    cheltenham show..

    how big/busy is it usually? (they're not running bsja this year)
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    bsja question

    so to register a horse you need identificatin sketches that show a minimum of 5 distinguishing features with matching written description completed signed and stamped by a vet... now the one in my horse's passport isnt signed or stamped .. i have one from his vetting but its not got the written...
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    Bownhill Livery

    has anyone been to bownhill livery in stroud?? whats it like and hows the journey to it from the middle of stroud in terms of towing? thanks
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    has anyone used this stuff? is it illegal for the showing ring? how would one apply it?
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    which show classes?

    which show classes would this horse be suitable for? just at a local level, he has a particularly bad scar so i'm not expecting to do well, its just for a laugh....
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    Hunter Trials in Glos/Wilts

    could anyone tell me what the following HTs are like? esp re the warm up, the actual course and the parking (new to towing!!)... baring in mind me and the horse are relatively novicy as regards xc (but happily popping 3ft3+ SJ courses - horse v. genuine - never stops, and i'm quite brave!)...
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    dressage help

    ive just had my test sheets back from dressage at the weekend and was wondering whether you could help me to sort out a few of the problems! or suggest some exercises to help... 1. how can i make the walk 'more four beat', all the other paces were fine in regularity apparently and the free walk...
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    home farm EC

    near chelt... any info about it as a comp venue?
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    600x16" wheel clamp

    am i right in thinking these dont exist?
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    trailer lock

    hi does anyone know what type of wheel clamp would fit a rice trailer (1982 ish) and where i can buy one around gloucestershire thanks x
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    Bayhill Trailer... or others..

    could anyone with a bayhill trailer that carries a 16.2hh tell me what their's measures as in terms of height (and width and length) or other makes even thanks xx
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    PC dressage rules

    i'm doing an 'open' PC combined training (stroud PC), and was wondering what the rules are re: dressage. firstly am i allowed to carry a whip? wear spurs? and secondly, my mate uses a bit with two metals is that allowed? thanks xx