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    managing fatties on grass livery...

    Hi there, looking for help and advice from people who manage 'fatties' on grass livery. I am taking over a grass diy livery yard (14 horses), mostly good doer native types. There are two large mare/gelding summer fields and two large mare/gelding winter fields. The problem I am having...
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    Professional to Re-back/bring on sympathetically?! SE

    My 4year old 17.1 KWPN is currently turned away for winter after having treatment on some physical issues that arose shortly after backing (kissing spine/hock & stifle effusion/pain and bilateral hind psd). He will be ready to bring back into work in the new year and im considering utilising...
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    Passed vetting. Failed x-ray

    Advice please peeps... I have been looking for a new horse since christmas, tried 5 now. Number 4, i left a deposit and arranged a vetting. I really liked her, foot conformation not great, ground manners not great but i really enjoyed riding her. 5* vetting passed without issue. The one...
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    BSJA record -breeding?

    Hi there Can anybody tell me why a horses BSJA record would have Dam and Sire noted as 'unknown' when full breeding is a known quantity and included in the passport? Ive come across this a couple of times and wondered if there is a reason and if breeding details can be added ? Thanks
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    BSJA rules

    Please forgive my ignorance regarding BSJA rules... I may be purchasing a horse who is currently competing in discovery classes and has, i think less than 300 points? I would want to start competing at british novice - would i have to do this on a ticket until im confident enough to do...
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    Stallion geeks - views on a couple please

    Afternoon to all Stallion geeks I am going to view 3 young horses next week (Quality all-rounders/event) and as I am bored at work I thought I would do a bit of research on their breeding. Grateful if anybody has any particular views on any of these stallions Contender Landato Zavall...
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    Widmer EC grass livery

    As per the title... does anybody body have any experience of the 24/7 grazing livery here please?
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    Potten farm herts

    Opinions please? For reitrement livery. Its near rick answorth i believe
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    Fetlock MRI

    Morning all My horse has had severe gastric ulcers for a year now (unresponsive to treatment). As a result of this, throughout the year he has undergone numerous diagnostic procedures/work ups etc to try and find a source of pain somewhere which is preventing the ulcers from healing. He...
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    Thermavet camera?

    Does anybody have any experience of the 'thermavet' thermal imaging camera device that attaches to the iphone? Seems like a really good idea and useful product (its around £200) just wanting to see if anybody has purchased and can confirm its worth the expense? Thanks
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    PURE FEEDS- Allergy?

    Morning all Just a quick question - is the title possible? My horse has been suffering grade 4 pyloric ulcers for 10 months and is almost completely unresponsive to treatment (ompeprazole/ranitidine/sucralfate/ritetrac). Therefore, although its a long shot im considering the poosibility of...
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    Hind gut acidosis - no loose poo?

    A musing if you will...... Are loose droppings always present with Hind Gut acidosis/ hind gut problems? Long story short, I have been treating my horse (unsuccessfully!) for grade 4 glandular gastric ulcers for a few months now (Gastrogard/ranitidine/sucralfate/antibiotics/ KER Rite Trac...
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    xrays - kissing spine??

    Hi there I have managed to put some xray pictures in an album on my profile - if anyone can help putting them on here I would be grateful?! They show xrays of my horses spine taken as a result of battling ongoing grade 4 gastric ulcers which are not responding to treatment. In short...
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    Feed critic for ulcer horse

    Hi guys Just had my boy scoped again after 3 months of GG for Grade 4 pyloric ulcers and to my horror the ulcers are worse than they were at day 1 :-O. He is now going to try Ranitidine instead along with a 2nd lot of antibiotics and then potentially some sucralfate. The specialist has...
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    Ulcers - horse only getting worse!

    Losing the will to live... My youngster (owned 4 months) was scoped positive for gastric ulcers 4 weeks ago. Several mild ulcers in non-glandular 'splash' region and very inflamed sore looking ulcers in the glandular area- pyloric region. Believed to be stress induced (travelling down to...
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    Sycamore-to move or not?

    Ok, so i have been at my current yard with three horses for a couple of months now. Today whilst in my horses field i noticed a sycamore helicopter in their likit tub - i removed it. However, when i cast my eyes upwards to find the source, to my horror i noticed an enormous sycamore tree on the...
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    Conformation pics

    Picture URL Guys very grateful for some knowledgable opinions on this geldings conformation, strengths/weaknesses. he is rising 3, hannovarian x ISH thanks muchly hope the link works, otherwise its in an album on my profile.
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    cossack event yard

    Morning all Does anybody happen to know whether Cossack event yard in Marsworth, Tring, Bucks does livery at all? I know trainers Stephen Moore and Bella Tschaikowsky are there and take in horses for training etc but unsure if they offer livery. Thanks in advance...
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    leg yield help

    Hi guys Having had a few different instructors over the years and read a few different books, I am getting myself in a bit of a pickle re leg yielding. Instructors and books seem to teach it/exlain the aids for this movement very differently. Some say it is inside leg behind the girth to...
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    Affricks farm little kingshill?

    Howdy on the livery yard search... really grateful if anybody could tell me anything about affricks farm stables in little kingshill, bucks - run by joy dawes cant seem to find out what it is like etc? any personal experiences very appreciated
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    Young dressage horse breeding... Advice please

    Hi there I was hoping for a bit of general advice/opinion regarding a potential youngster (rising 3yrs) purchase. I have the opportunity to purchase one of the following 3 dressage bred youngsters and am interested to know based on their breeding which ones, if any, you would be drawn to...