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    Too cold to ride? Yay or nay

    I have managed to ride all winter so I'm really not worried about this week. I work outside and the last thing I feel like doing I'd tacking up at 5pm to ride in these freezing temps°
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    Another one - horse pulling same shoe off - ideas please!

    Once you get used to putting them on it only takes a few minutes. I left my horses on a few times over night in the stable and he was fine. I just checked the tightness of the screws before turning out again.
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    Another one - horse pulling same shoe off - ideas please!

    I used shoesecure and they were brilliant!
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    No one else wants to leap in? Weekend plans!

    Hired a local school yesterday and had a great polework lesson with a friend. Not even attempting to ride today, wouldjust get blown straight off!
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    Used IW trailer with "new" wooden floor: would you buy??

    If it is a genuine new wooden floor why are you worried?
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    ‘Dominant arm/hand’ when riding-what can I do about it?

    I'm very left handed. My trainer gets me to hold the rein with only 2 fingers on the left so I can't pull!
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    How much hay you getting through?

    I have a 16.2 tb and a 17.1 wb. I go through 2 round bales a week.
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    Keeping them in when they dont want to go out...

    I'm having the same problem at the moment. I have always believed in turning out every day but my new horse just doesn't want to be out. I messaged his old owner. They had him six years and he never went out in winter!! He made it quite clear today that he wants to be in so from tomorrow he will...
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    Linseed vs Coolstance Copra

    I use linseed. Horse wouldn't touch copra.
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    Friction with another livery client

    Not quite the same but I used to have two horses on livery. Each livery had a stable for their horse and a spare stable for storage. So I had four stables , 2 for the horse's and 2 for storage. There was one livery who kicked up a stink saying I should only have 3 stables as all m stuff could...
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    Pony already casting - too late to clip?

    If mine need clipping they get clipped for their comfort
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    G Update

    I followed your previous story, very sad. But so pleased to hear you are back!! Good luck with the new one, looking forward to lots of updates x
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    Costs of making haylage v hay

    Just make sure whoever you get to wrap it knows what they are doing. We had 30 odd bales done last year and can't use any as it wasnt wrapped properly and has all gone mouldy. Farmer who wrapped it supposedly had done loads before ��
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    Gelding goes mad when meeting Stallion

    Could you get in touch with the stallions owner to find out when she intends to ride?? Then avoid those times.
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    Dressage basics

    The most basic tests are the intro walk and trot tests. You can get them downloaded from dressage diagrams. If you are confident cantering then the lower prelim tests are good. The only tip I can give you is just enjoy. Don't worry about what anyone else is doing. Please let us know how you get...
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    How many bales of hay per day for 2 horses?

    My 2 boys have ad lib hay, in over night. Easily a bale a day each
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    which wormer?

    I won't use pramox, it made my boy very poorly ��
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    Is no turnout in the winter the norm now?

    Ours go out daily but after Xmas started coming in at lunch. They still get out for over 6 hours. Even though they had hay in the field they were standing about. They seem to like coming in at lunch to big haynet's! ! As soon as it dries up a bit they will be out all day again.
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    Feeling miserable and a bit guilty!

    Hope he returns to normal soon poor boy. My lad went to horspital a few years ago and loved it!!
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    "If you blindfold a horse then wrap it in bondage gear and...

    Not sure if they are trained but I watched a video of the budweiser shires I think it was. They ended up in a heap in an indoor arena. Each one waited patiently to be untangled and go to its feet. No hint of panic. Amazing to watch
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    turning horse out after abscess

    I put poultice on first then a square of hessian sack. Then thick plastic kept in place with oodles of duct tape. It was the only way I could keep the dressing on.
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    Liverpool Horse Show Saturday night - any update?

    I had read that sadly a horse was pts last night. Not sure if it's the same horse. Very sad.
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    Weekend plans... :D

    My first dressage outing on my new horse. Just intro A. Looking forward to it. Good luck everyone competing xx
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    Turn out times.

    Turned out week days by 6 am and 7pm on a weekend. Wouldn't dream of leaving them later, it's just not fair.
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    Ideas needed to stop Adorable Alice's headed being chopped off

    Could she wear a fly mask? My previous tb suffered with swollen eyes over night in the stable. Never did find out why but he wore a mask and his eyes were fine
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    Freezing my *** off

    I bought a couple of led portable work lights from screwfix which enable me to use our school during the week x
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    It's finally happening! So excited!

    Congratulations! ! So happy for you x
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    Would you PTS a healthy horse

    Yes I would if I had felt I had tried everything and I was unable to safely retire him. As others have said there are a lot worse things . It doesn't make it any easier for you but you are obviously a very caring owner with the horse's best interests at heart xxx
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    Little critter

    Please could you pm me?? ( Scoobydoo )
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    Hunt coming tomorrow- in our out?

    Always in