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    Adult on native ponies

    I have to agree with you about Highlands. I have had a couple of them and both have been superb. My first was a yearling and a sweet gentle boy. Second was oversize at 15.1, my horse of a lifetime. Huge, gentle, funny, go anywhere boy with manners. He had a huge, handstand buck which I laughed...
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    After 23 years together...

    They are very beautiful ladies. They remind me of my Nan's old cat in colour.
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    Do you take your dog everywhere?

    I would love to take our lab to Badminton but strangely he refuses to eat or drink when he's out of the house. We couldn't risk him not drinking on a hot day. He's fine if we holiday in a caravan and very well behaved with other dogs, he ignores them and strangers.
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    Arab - Russian/Crabbet/ideas

    My granddaughter had an almost pure Crabbet gelding, he was about 87.9% and the other bit came from Skowronek the Polish stallion. He was smallish, about 14.2 but a sweet, steady boy who looked after her well. She lost him at 26years old. He got stuck in a ditch and gave up fighting. Most of...
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    Dogs I have met today. Who did you meet?

    Our lab has a best friend who looks like your description. Tall, grey and very regal, his name is Higgins.
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    Cheltenham Day 4

    I will probably get laughed off the forum for this but I have long thought that TBs now need some "outside blood" before they get any weaker. I was talking to a lady in USA recently, about fatal injuries and we both were of the same opinion that new blood such as quarter horses, and arabs...
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    Cheltenham Day 4

    They did say that he was up at one point but very wobbly. I wonder if he got a kick while he was down, which may have caused neurological damage. The couldn't get him on the trailer for a while because he was unsteady on his feet.
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    Portuguese Water Dog high energy? Any other similar suggestions?

    We have a working type lab. We got him at 7weeks as mum had stopped feeding the pups. Ours is 10 years old on Friday and has been as perfect as a dog could be. mad as a hatter running, swimming but very quiet in the house. I'm used to the hair as we've always had labs.
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    I’m not sure what to think….

    I met him a couple of times at Badminton and he seemed quite friendly and easy to talk to. Very disappointed to read this about him. If he had hit my old boy like that, he would have got both barrels from him.
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    Ieuan Aled Owen building fraud

    That's great news. Well done for pursuing your claim.
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    New horse napping and and reared!!

    If this is the grey on dodgy dealers, it states that he has gone over backwards a couple of times. He could have injured himself. Get a vet and physio to check him over.
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    Lets see your Lab pics

    This is our almost ten year old boy on the bed I made for him at Christmas. He is Cynhinfa breeding with several Drakeshead in his pedigree. Very clever and sweet too. Pardon the mess, we were moving furniture around!
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    Essentials you keep at the yard

    My medical box has all the usual bandages, cotton wool, antiseptic wipes and small pots of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda for wasp and bee stings. Forceps, scissors and tick removers, we are in deer country!
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    Why do people have to make you feel guilty..

    I paid £1000 for a made to measure saddle for my oversized Highland. The most uncomfortable saddle I ever had, although it did fit him well. I sold it and got a wintec which fitted him and me. Much lighter and very comfortable.
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    Pictures The Mustangs of Las Colinas (sculpture)

    Truly beautiful. What a wonderful talent
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    Janet George RIP

    Very sad to hear this. Rest in peace Janet and condolences to her family and friends.
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    Tell me your horses nicknames

    Your two are both lovely.
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    Tell me your horses nicknames

    My first Highland was Nashend Dumbo his nickname was dumpling. Our new forest ma're was Daisy May, known as minty. Second Highland was Nashend Seafarer, known as Big. Fred as he was 15.1. His companion was a Welsh cross called Bracken, known as Mr. B, Bracky or the Old man. Then there was...
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    What does your horse do if you lay down in the field?

    My over sized Highland would lay down with me and put his half ton head on my lap. Then he would snore and neigh in his sleep. 😮
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    Hi 👋

    There is a place in Penzance that teaches driving. Cornwall Swimming Horses. Indoor and outdoor school and they do beach rides, hence the name.
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    Hi 👋

    My sister used to use her Highland mate in RDA lessons very close to Veryan, near Truro. I don't know if they still do it but may be worth a look. I will try to find the name of the riding school tomorrow. There is a place down by Penzance that reaches driving, with an indoor and outdoor school...
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    The breeding and selling of banned breeds

    There is another side to breeding fighting dogs. "Normal" family dogs are sometimes stolen and used as bait dogs. The thought of that is too awful to comtemplate. I really don't think there is a valid reason for owning any dog that's capable of fighting or killing a person or another dog...
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    Time to look for a puppy

    We have a Cynhinfa dog, nine years old now. He is super intelligent, a fast learner and loves to learn new things. Ours has a super pedigree with Drakeshead and Pocklea bloodlines. His grandsire is Cynhinfa Elector.
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    Pictures I may have done a thing…buying unseen

    Gorgeous lad and lovely colour.
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    Yappy dog

    We have the same problem. A couple moved in next door to us, about 18 months ago. Thfy have a husky who they "rescued" and until very recently, it howled and barked for up to 11 hours at weekends. Add that to their rows where he starts it and she screams like a banshee.
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    He redeemed himself...

    I did have a yellow lab who rolled in anything vile but so lucky with this boy. He's nine now and has never rolled in or on anything.
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    Gelding Mounting in Season Mares and Mares reacting to him

    Our 19 year old Welsh X tried to mount a 16.2 mare several times. We were worried that her owner would be angry but she thought it was very funny. He was gelded many years prior to his boyish behaviour! Edited to say, he was 14.0.hands and couldn't quite reach!
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    Would you buy an older pony?

    I bought an 18year old Welsh X as a companion for my youngster. He had terrible crumbly feet but with a great farrier and a good diet, he went on to 26 years and taught her a lot. A very wise old boy with experience in almost all disciplines. Well worth the money.