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  1. ShowJumperBeckii

    Using your core?

    Hello! Something I seem to really be struggling with is engaging my core when riding/jumping which obviously is effecting my riding and how the horse goes, I am a regular gym goer (weight lifting/little cardio) and would say i actually have a good strong core which is really engage while in the...
  2. ShowJumperBeckii

    Suspensory rehab? Coming back?

    Before I start I understand each horse is completely different and what works for one may not work for another! And of course there is so many other factors that come to play but… i have a gelding who 2018 had suspensories scanned and we found desmitis, long story short- different vets...
  3. ShowJumperBeckii

    Ulcer treatments?

    Will a vet treat a symptomatic horse without the scope? horse has had everything under the sun checked etc everthing else ruled out etc, Has anyone had vets do so? I guess depends on the clinic? Obviously best thing to do is ring my own practice (which I shall) but just curious? thanks!
  4. ShowJumperBeckii

    Best calmer (human)

    As title… I have a anxious mare due to bad past, she is slowly getting better but after 9 months out the ring we have taken a step back! Problem is my nerves get the better of me when entering the ring (due to lose of confidence when competing) which obviously can’t be helping her underneath me...
  5. ShowJumperBeckii

    For those who use VIP pads

    For those of you who used the VIP pads when you ride where do you place the pad? 1. Under the saddle pad directly on the horses back or 2. between the saddle and saddle pad after a discussion with my OH who seems to think it works better as Option 2, But does it actually make any difference...
  6. ShowJumperBeckii

    Cleaning lorry interior?

    Hi! those who clean their own lorry interior (rather than yet a Valet) what cleaning products do you find work best? Lorry living is carpet and fabric, been sat at garage for months so carpet and fabrics could do with a good scrub! TIA X
  7. ShowJumperBeckii

    Which girth?

    After my mares pyshio session she has trigger points both sides where the girth sits, was treated and thought no more about it, treated again and same spot same trigger points and it dawned on me I am using a different girth! I have always used my short stud girth on her as all I had but was...
  8. ShowJumperBeckii

    Liquid titanium mask or racing hood?

    Can anyone tell me if there is any difference to how these work? If there is any? the racing hood is cheaper in price is this because the titanium hood has more benefits or your paying extra for a brand name? thanks!
  9. ShowJumperBeckii

    Lorry lights?

    The little lights on the rear of a lorry above the ramp if one is out will this be straight away plaiting failure? All other lights fine just that one! We have one out days before plating is happening! thanks!
  10. ShowJumperBeckii

    roseship as a joint supplement?

    Trialled and tested many joint supplements on the market, can’t say I have see many if any differences in horses while on them (unless it’s happening inside...) currently using EA extra strength buteless liquid but was reading up about elite equine roseship has anyone used with good results...
  11. ShowJumperBeckii

    Ekyflex tendon?

    Has anyone used this with good results?, recent findings of serve bruising to pedal bone on right and bruising to navicular on left which has caused some inflammation on ligaments both front feet, currently in made it up to 20 min hand walking, going up by 5 mins weekly til reach 30 then review...
  12. ShowJumperBeckii

    Vitamin C?

    Hello! Recently had my horse diagnosed with ligament inflammation on the right side of front front and left side of left front with serve bone bruising, had 10 days of cat 4 laser and tildren, using the equine arc and wears incrediwear products! doing all the treatments recommended and now on...
  13. ShowJumperBeckii

    Front feet laser treatment?

    Hello! has anyone used laser treatments for front feet ligament/tendon strains/inflammation! It’s been recommended by the vet and just wondered if anyone had any success stories (given the price tag for an uninsured horse!) Thanks
  14. ShowJumperBeckii

    Lorry help!

    Hi! have a 2010 daf cf 18ton horsebox which was used for a stay away last week and worked fine! Now today will not start yet everything else works in the cab?! Tried jumping it with a jump box and it just trips the box after a few minutes, surely If flat battery other stuff wouldn’t come on...
  15. ShowJumperBeckii

    Polyarchylamide gel costs

    Hello! One of my horses had the polyarcylamide hydrogel a few years ago with great results now looking at using it for another horse of mine! Can anyone who has used it recently give me a rough idea of what you paid for the just the hocks? (Have asked vets for quote but taking time to get back...
  16. ShowJumperBeckii

    Who buys lorry for scrap/parts

    Can anyone recommend places or people that take/buy lorries for scrap/parts? had few people interested offer a price then don’t reply so getting fed up with time wasters! Lorry is just sat in the way now as I have no use for it and rather it went as a whole rather than in pieces! Also have the...
  17. ShowJumperBeckii

    Travelling in living of lorry law?

    Hello, Just wondered recently got a 17 ton lorry(1997 plate) which obviously only has two seats in the front and was just wondering what the current law was on passengers sitting in the living is while travelling? Is it allowed? Many thanks
  18. ShowJumperBeckii

    PRP anyone?

    Hello, Just after any experience with hind limb psd and treating with PRP was there any success? If so back into full work or a lighter career? Also if you don’t mind sharing how much the prp was Thanks
  19. ShowJumperBeckii

    Catrophen (joints)

    Hello, I have been recommended cartephen for my horse that has recently had hock ans coffin injections ans just wondered if anyone found this worked? It's not cheap after having over 5k of vet bills I'm unsure... but am willingly to try if there is good results!
  20. ShowJumperBeckii

    Lightweight working hunter

    Just looking at different things to do with new horse and thought this would be worth a try always seen it take place at shows but always showing myself don't actually know much about it Read up some of the rules but still a bit lost Country shows says I need to be a member.. a member of...
  21. ShowJumperBeckii

    Supplement for pollen allergy

    New horse seems to be suffering with a pollen allergy, doesn't do anything nasty but obviously is a tad uncomfortable for him, using a nose net which has helped so much so just wondered if any supplements people have used have helped? Many thanks
  22. ShowJumperBeckii

    Adding toilet to lorry cost?

    Hey Just wondered if anyone knew the cost of adding a toilet/shower in a 7.5ton horsebox? Wondered the cost of -Shower -Toilet -Both shower and toilet Some seem to have one or the other or none! thank you x
  23. ShowJumperBeckii

    Start height of xc fences at tweseldown

    Hey Just looking for some xc for horses first time trying xc and just wondered if anyone knew what the height the fences start at here? Many thanks x
  24. ShowJumperBeckii

    Lumpy itchy scabs?

    I was just posting in case anyone has had the same or similar problem.. Last winter my horse came up in little scabby lumps over her back which where very itchy and uncomfortable for her, had vet take a look and told us to clip her and she had a mite injection which did nothing.. She had some...
  25. ShowJumperBeckii

    Pain issue?

    Long story short my tb went lame behind beginning of this year had hock x rays and they where injected then had his spin injected and with Time off vet came back and declaired him sound and able to return into work.. When he was first lame at the start of the year he was unable to pick his...
  26. ShowJumperBeckii

    Cubes VS mix

    I was just having a random thought about feed. I normally feed build up conditioning mix but when in the shop notice there is also the same but in nut form (same for most feeds) do theycontain the same amounts of ingredients vits/mins but just in a different form or is there an actual reason...
  27. ShowJumperBeckii

    Photographer at henley show

    Hello just wondered if anyone knew the name of the photographer at henley show yesterday? Many thanks x
  28. ShowJumperBeckii

    What to wear to dressage?

    I have entrered baby horse into intro A next weekend and iv only showjunped so don't have dressage clothes as such.. So numpty question but what shirt do I wear?(link would be very helpful) ill either have a black or tweed show jacket? Thank you x
  29. ShowJumperBeckii

    Washing sheepskin boots?

    Hello, I have some hkm sheepskin tendon boots and I was just wondering how to wash them? I'm worried if I put them in the washing machine it will ruin the fluffy-ness Many thanks x
  30. ShowJumperBeckii

    RIP Oberland

    Long story short but i really needed to get it out... I brought o.b in 2011 after i wished to move up to bigger BS tracks and other pony was unable due to hock arthritis. We did a few BS shows some going really well with wins and others me ending up on the floor:rolleyes: In 2012 we moved yards...