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    Would it classed as cruelty for this horse to carry this rider?

    Horse is 16.1hh TB mare, very high withered, v poor conformation. Extremely long weak back and very very dodgy pelvis, not good legs either. Hardly any bone. Horse is 16yrs old. rider is very large, at least 17-18stones, and rides Heavy. Have pics of mares conformation (it is terrible) but...
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    How to use/apply spurs when riding?

    As the title says really, can you describe how you would use/apply spurs on a horse when riding?
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    Questions for people who have bought their own land?

    Im considering buying some land, up to around the £30k-40k value, for this price I can get a good 5 acres of grazing here. What Im wondering, being totally new to owning land is, what is the best way to pay for it? A loan? A remortgage on your house? A specific mortgage for land? Cash - no...
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    CAIR? For or against?

    Ive just been reading a post regarding Wintec saddles and it seems some people love Cair and some hate it, I was just wondering what your reasons are, Im considering getting a new Wintec and havent decided if I want Cair or not yet. Pros and Cons please?
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    mitral valve regurgitation ?

    Does anyone know anything about this or had a horse with this problem? Thank you!
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    Horse transporters in north east England?

    Hi Im looking to bring my new horre home soon and was wondering if anyone knows of any horse transporters in the north east. please PM if you dont want to put details up, horse will be moving about 120 miles.
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    Help with schooling please, 'asking' for transitions.

    I have never done any dressage in my life and have always been a happy hacker, only ever really used a school to potter around in because Ive never had a horse who liked schooling. However my new horse knows his stuff in the school and Im hoping he can teach me a thing or two, he knows it all...
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    Clipper help please

    Ive never had a horse I needed to clip, so I dont have any clippers! However my new horse is very hairy and needs to be clipped, gets sweaty even after a 20min hack walking, espec as he is unfit. So I need to invest in some clippers, I wont be doing full clips but I want clippers good enough to...
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    Using a pelham for the first time?

    Does anyone have any tips regarding this, Ive been told my new horse goes best in a pelham, vulcanite one, he settles much better than with a snaffle. Ive never used a pelham before so would like a few pointers regarding the curb chain or whether to use a strap instead etc Thank you in advance!