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  1. DabDab

    Best terrier for children?

    Tbh I couldn't remember who it was and was too lazy to look back. You only beat someone else to the punch though I'm sure - it's a rule of hho what breed threads that a Labrador must be offered up I'm just joking around by the way, I do appreciate that for an awful lot of people a lab is the...
  2. DabDab

    Best terrier for children?

    Also, when I first opened this thread I thought 'despite a terrier being specifically asked for I bet someone suggests a Labrador', and sure enough... :p
  3. DabDab

    Best terrier for children?

    My vote would be for Dandie Dinmont too. Mainly so that you can share many many pics on here and I can live vicariously 😁 (I have a full house currently).
  4. DabDab

    Can you use water from soaked hay on to water the garden?

    I don't soak hay, but I do use all the water from the washing up, the washing machine drain and the kitchen sink drain on my flowers. I haven't killed anything yet.
  5. DabDab

    It’s no longer true that hard work…

    But that's the thing isn't it - it's not sour grapes to point out that riding top level modern dressage horses is almost a completely different sport to riding dressage on the bulk of the leisure horse population. A lot of the pre-requisites for a good (as in high scoring) dressage test are...
  6. DabDab

    Thinking about buying a PRE

    Absolutely. Unfortunately their tendency when confused/anxious/unbalanced to tuck their noses in, tense through their toplines and move their legs real quick is what a lot of people think Iberian movement is. But there are some beautifully ridden and trained PREs out there at all levels of both...
  7. DabDab

    So as not to derail another thread: does your dog need to bring you toys when you come in?

    None of my dogs bring me presents when I arrive. They expect me to bring them presents. Dee used to drop toys on your feet when she was younger to get you to play. But neither of the others willingly bring you a toy. The westie just steals them off the others and hoardes them and the other...
  8. DabDab

    2022 Foals

    Enya is super smart - your plan B-making abilities must be pretty good TM
  9. DabDab

    Was it love at first sight?

    Of my three now: Dabs - arrived to see a nicely bred 3yo and found a goof of a horse who happily came in and stood in the stables on his own, merrily licking dust off the beams. I just knew I had to have him. 10 years later he is still a massive goof but is really more my OH's horse now. There...
  10. DabDab

    Pity party- all welcome BYOB

    Oh no, that's so so pants 😒 I'll join the pity party - I can bring an inexplicably vomitting westie and a problem with fleas that are apparently complete immune to all treatments, so I'm now just washing them all every couple of days 🙄. I also have wine and quite a lot of spirits (As an...
  11. DabDab

    There are 2 types of horses... Just for fun!

    *Often spooking away from the suspicious coloured rock into the path of the roaring Audi.
  12. DabDab

    There are 2 types of horses... Just for fun!

    There are two types of horse... Those that are a suitable mount for a pub ride And those not worth owning
  13. DabDab

    Observation from dressage writing

    There generally won't be a vet in attendance at an unaffiliated prelim. I'm not sure if it is even a requirement at low level affiliated shows is it?
  14. DabDab

    Goodbye sweet little Beata

    So sorry for your loss. RIP Beata xx
  15. DabDab

    2022 Foals

    No still just a blank space on your quote - very odd! Aww yey, can see these. He's a cracker, I love his head
  16. DabDab

    2022 Foals

    I can't see AE's pictures either. Been lovely catching up in this thread. Hope everyone's mares and foals are doing well now. Sorry to hear about your mule and 5yo TM. Hope the surgery recovery is going ok.
  17. DabDab

    Self Trimming Hooves

    It depends on the horse, their workload, the way they move etc etc I have have three currently barefoot, who have always been barefoot. One has to be trimmed every 6 weeks in winter and every 4 weeks in summer (though we tend to do a bit every week these days just to keep on top of it). The...
  18. DabDab

    Christ lammfelle bare back pad?

    I have one and love it. I use it on all of mine, mainly to try and work on my seat 😬. Have never used it with stirrups, but it is already a lot more secure than bareback so I should think most people would be fine without It has an integrated saddle cloth that you unzip from the sheepskin upper...
  19. DabDab

    Finally didn’t muck it up 🤣

    That's amazing M, massive massive well done
  20. DabDab

    What colour will she be?

    Haha yes, although she would probably be horrified by the idea of having a pop stain on her. She poos all in a pile in the corner of her stable and won't even step in it. But yes, between her colouring and her mane never grows, she is a particularly low maintenance model of horse 😁. (The...
  21. DabDab

    What colour will she be?

    2022 update. Little bit lighter again, and has a distinctive stripe down her chest and between her front legs. Apologies for the state of the barn, and for the slouching horse (she was very zen and not much in the mood to stand up)
  22. DabDab

    Mares v geldings

    I have two mares and a gelding now. The gelding came first but I have always preferred mares. One of my mares is a fairly textbook example of what people describe as mareish - some days you get down to the stable and she is furious at you just for existing. But of all my horses she is the one...
  23. DabDab

    Ok, it’s got to be done! The nickname thread (including cats!)

    Eira (westie) - Grub, The Grub, Grubswell Grubbingtons, Grubby Grubag, Teddy Grubskins Delilah (jrt X) - Little Dee, Lilah Bean Phoebe (jrt X) - Pheebs, Weebs, Wibble, Ginger nut, Noodle
  24. DabDab

    Championship Proliferation

    Maybe it's a definitions thing. To me a championship league is literally just a series of competitions where you either lose a ruck of competitors at each round or there is some kind of cumulative scoring system to rank people. The word 'championship' doesn't to me confer any particular level of...
  25. DabDab

    Guilty confessions?

    My feral bred native is the same. She will simply go on hunger strike if you don't feed her fresh (or even if the fresh hay is not to her liking) My life-long pampered PRE x hann on the other hand is an equine dustbin and gets the girls' leftovers, plus everything off the hay barn floor or that...
  26. DabDab

    Prince update

    Oh that's brilliant. You guys are are just the best example of what an low key horse-human partnership should be.
  27. DabDab

    Career change advice H&S

    Tbh I don't know anyone in H&S who didn't go there via a sideways move. A NEBOSH cert would probably be enough to get you an entry level H&S officer role. A NEBOSH diploma is the ideal, but most companies don't expect that at entry level. It's not uncommon for people in unrelated roles to...
  28. DabDab

    Nail 4cm into hoof next to frog

    Thanks for updating. It's interesting to know how these things happen. So so unlucky though, so sorry again that you lost your much loved mare x
  29. DabDab

    What happens to our horses if there is a WW3?

    I think you may have some company...
  30. DabDab

    What happens to our horses if there is a WW3?

    Depends what type and how nuclear weapons are deployed We could also easily have WW3 without the use of nuclear The eventuality of lots of us having to up sticks and move out in the way the Ukrainians have had to is unlikely. Because we are an island with boats and helicopters and planes...