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  1. Hippona

    Tell me about Flair please.....

    As title really....experiences of saddles converted to Flair? Can any saddle fitter adjust them? Cheers :)
  2. Hippona

    Saddles.....making your back ache?

    I have come to the conclusion that a lot of saddles have the stirrup bars in the wrong place...too far forwards, which puts you in a "chair" position. I find myself constantly struggling with this, it's not how I want to sit, it doesn't feel right or secure and I'm contorting myself lower...
  3. Hippona

    Headaches from ragwort pulling?

    I've been doing my annual ragwort assault....having a paddock next to a motorway embankment it's a constant battle but I usually clear it all over a week or so then keep on top of it whilst poo picking. I've had a dull sickly headache all week but otherwise I'm fine....coincidence?
  4. Hippona

    Shaved the pony.....

    Hairy itchy sweaty pony....rubbed himself raw last spring so this year I decided to pre-empt him. Before During....Just so you can see how hairy he actually was.... And after.... He nodded off during the process bless him....I'm sure he's much more comfy. And yes I know he needs to...
  5. Hippona

    Home made fly sprays? Share your recipies.....

    Anyone make their own fly spray....with tea tree and lavender oils or such like? Got any recipes you'd like to share? :)
  6. Hippona

    Out of interest....another " what colour" thread......

    Ok then.....for the experts as I am genuinely interested. This is OHs mare. She has for white stripey hooves and a big white belly splash. White face, pink muzzle....few black spots on her white legs. Her passport describes her as "Brown" She does have a reddish tinge to her coat...
  7. Hippona

    Hairy sweaty itchy pony....too late to clip?

    He's moulting in buckets but still very hairy...despite manic attackes with the shedding blade. He's sweaty too. He had bad sweet itch last year for the first time...I want to get his fly rug on but am loath to do so with the amount he's moulting...surely that will make him more itchy? Ive...
  8. Hippona

    Great article in British Horse Mag....

    ....regarding "rescuing" and calling for responsible euthanasia rather than passing on old and unwanted animals. Also highlights the dodgy selling on by unscrupulous individuals of animals who would be better off PTS.... Exactly what a lot of us have been saying for a long time.
  9. Hippona

    Winter hump day..

    So today is the shortest day. From now on the nights are getting lighter... Hold onto that thought :)
  10. Hippona

    Haylage for a good dooer?

    Think I may have to swap to haylage for the pony....he has developed a hay cough for the second year running. Managed it last year with wetting the hay, but it was not a pleasant experience in the really cold thinking getting haylage would be easier but I'm worried about his...
  11. Hippona

    I thought my stirrups were the right length....'.

    ...but over the last month I've managed to drop them by SIX holes:eek3: My knees must have been up by my ears, no wonder my back ached and my ankles were constantly cracking..'..:D
  12. Hippona

    well....pride certainly came before a fall....oops

    So my horse has been going really well recently...everything is coming together and he's been a pleasure to ride. Last night I was enjoying a lovely was a star...walking out nicely/ swinging through, responsive....Just sweet. Caught a view of us in a patio window a...
  13. Hippona

    Bringing a 19 year old back into work....

    OH' s mare has done very little for the past three years due to his dodgy knee, not anything to do with her health. She's sound, bit fat and lacking in muscle. Last night I tracked her up and walked her in the paddock for about ten minutes. She's sound, unbalanced but very responsive and...
  14. Hippona

    daughter and pony.....happy post

    So my daughter has had confidence issues....pony can be a bit of a git in the 'wandering hither and thither' malice, just a bit strong and takes the pee out of a novice rider.(Cannot get away with it with me though so I have been schooling him and hacking him out) Daughter went back...
  15. Hippona


    anyone else noticed there seems to be huge amounts of poppies in the crop fields this year? My hack through Yorkshire opium fields last night:D
  16. Hippona

    Squeeee! Who is going to Bramham tomorrow?

    Gonna be a beautiful day!! Got my credit cards, got my camera, got my packed lunch... Who else is going? :D
  17. Hippona

    cuteness baby guinea pigs

    Check out our new little pigs:D And their deluxe abode... Cute or what??:D
  18. Hippona

    Same date, one year later...

    Pics taken same day, same place last march and today. Bloomin mental.....
  19. Hippona

    Numnah for short flapped saddle?

    As a 16.5 thorowgood pony club saddle for daughters pony....great little saddle, big enough for me but nice short flaps for her legs....anyone know of a numnah that wont come miles below the flap? Glass of red for suggestions :)
  20. Hippona

    Arabs...when did yours stop growing?

    Bought my arab aged 5 at 14.3. He was a bit scrawny, he's filled out nicely but i was surprised to measure him aged 7 at 15.1 in his bare hooves. When did yours stop growing?
  21. Hippona

    Hairy hairy horses.....keeping an eye on condition? those of you with hairy do you make sure that under the hair they are a reasonable size? Mine are soo hairy my hand sinks into it.....I can feel ribs if I prod about, but is this an acceptable method of condition scoring:confused::D So...hairy horses, no...
  22. Hippona

    Tethered horses...advice pls!

    OK.....small field, council owned...several tethered vanner-type horses since summer time. I believe they have been reported but are still there....all have water and the grazing is good. But....they are loose has just been bombing around and almost trampled OH.....the field is...
  23. Hippona

    Long manes in winter.... 2 (arab and highland) have long manes....t'arabs is down to his shoulder.... Best way of looking after it in winter? Do I spray it to keep mud off? Leave him to get totally scruffy, pick off the worst and give him a good going over in spring? ( usual method:D) Any products...
  24. Hippona

    Nuumed Olympic special offer.... Ends on Sunday....... I got mine yesterday:)
  25. Hippona

    Tongue bitless the answer? Help!

    OK...could be long..... Our pony ( highland of unknown breeding) is just turned 8. We have owned him since he was 4- he had been backed and ridden away at that point. He was bitted with a single jointed loose-ring snaffle and was wearing a flash- he has some white hairs on his nose (only...
  26. Hippona

    Who doesn't use a noseband at all?

    I've never not used a noseband....although Ive only ever used cavesson ones....just habit I guess........anyone not use one at all?
  27. Hippona

    Lunging....what do you use?

    Obviously 2 things are and lunge-line....but what else do you use? Bridle? Lunging Cavesson? Headcollar? Just out of interest.....
  28. Hippona

    Haynets in you? Would you?

    Ok....I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem so I'm interested in what other do. My 3 horses ( 2 good doers and an arab- OK doer) are out in a small winter trash paddock....minimal grass plus plenty of mud. Obviously they are getting hay at night in the stable- arab gets ad-lib...
  29. Hippona

    Girth straps- which ones do you use??

    Started pondering something yesterday- as you do.....and now I'm kind of obsessed by it:o I usually use the 2 end girth straps and leave the middle one dangling. I vaguely remember the saddle fitter telling me you could use different ones for different purposes i/e to stop saddles slipping...
  30. Hippona

    Sooo....I got an Optimus saddle.....

    Following on from this thread.... ....I went to R+R armed with lads latest template. Had a look at Wintecs, Thorowgoods and Optimus range. Had a discussion with saddle fitter, decided on Optimus GP and left without...