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  1. TGM

    Has anyones youngster not grown big enough?

    I wouldn't panic too much - our warmblood youngster was only about 15hh when we bought him at 2 and a bit and he is probably 16.1 or 16.2 now at 5 years old.
  2. TGM

    Turn out woes😔

    I agree with you to some extent. Obviously fields do require some management, but I was once on a yard where turnout was restricted in the winter 'to make sure we have grass in the summer' then in summer the turnout was restricted because 'the grass is too rich'! Thankfully we have our own...
  3. TGM

    Cheap rugs for Cobs anyone tried Saxon?

    Have a look on the Maxima Equestrian website- they have an end of season offer on combo turnouts. MW 200g combo turnout is £49 with free delivery. 1200 denier outer, fully adjustable front fastenings and a good fit on cobs.
  4. TGM

    Recommended veteran feed for retired Tb with no muscle

    Agree with the above, if she is not being ridden then she will lose topline anyway, especially if she has physical issues. Changing her feed isn't likely to make her gain muscle, although it might increase her fat deposits.
  5. TGM

    Hunting and Equine flu

    The trouble is, where do you draw the line? There is ALWAYS a risk of infection when you take horses out and about. I am involved with a local hunt and they took veterinary advice on whether they should cancel this weekend's meet and the advice they were given by a top vet was that there was...
  6. TGM

    Hunting and Equine flu

    Apparently there isn't a case in Kent, this appeared on FB this morning: "There are NO confirmed cases of Equine Flu in Kent. We have double checked with Bell Equine due to the confusion of an old screenshot being shared. For the latest updates please see Animal Health Trust website latest...
  7. TGM

    Rambo and Amigo Bravo rugs, same cut?

    Two rugs can measure true to 6'3 (when measured from the front of the rug to the back) and still have different cuts. For example, Amigos are generally not very deep, IME, so it is possible that the Rambos are cut much deeper, so would appear to come up bigger even if the measurement from front...
  8. TGM


    Lots of good advice above. Another thing to consider is what sort of sponsorship you are looking for? A discount on products? Free products? Monetary contribution towards competition costs and entry fees? Obviously the first and second are more likely to be forthcoming than the third. But...
  9. TGM

    Needing feeding advice

    Does she actually need a chaff? Could you just increase her Speedibeet and add some micronised linseed for extra calories? You could swap from Alfa A to a grass chaff but most grass chaffs do contain a fair amount of natural sugar.
  10. TGM

    The best way of handling a rearer?

    So is this a box-rested horse being walked out in hand as part of rehab from injury?
  11. TGM

    No place for live-and-let-live in an intolerant world; will hunting survive?

    In the cases where bloodhound or drag packs have been targeted it seems to have been by mistake, at least in our area. They did target the local drag pack a couple of years ago, but think that was just mistaken identity - hasn't happened since. I suspect someone saw a van of foxhounds...
  12. TGM

    Adopting a ckc with heart murmur

    What about how he is with other dogs - that seems the obvious omission from the list above? Regardless of the heart murmur, I'd want a bit more information about why he was given up by the family. Sometimes it can be because of factors that are not linked to the dog at all, such as owners...
  13. TGM

    Overweight Horses on the BBC News

    A lot of the problem is that people just don't recognise that their animals are overweight. Because fat equines have now become the norm, often those with healthy but slightly lean animals are accused of cruelty and abuse by those who feed their own animals to obesity.
  14. TGM

    Horses at home/own yard

    Our field already had stables on site when we bought it. However if I was starting from scratch I would design it so each stable opened onto a hard standing pen each with a gate onto the paddocks. This would allow the horses to mooch about in the pens with access to the stables when the...
  15. TGM

    First time dog owner advice!

    You might also like to read the 'Puppy Survival' threads on Mumsnet, this is a link to the first one: and I think there are about 5 more (threads are limited to 1000 posts, so a new thread is...
  16. TGM

    Any Selle Francais owners?

    And this is our youngster - by Take It 2 The Limit (SF) out of a KWPN mare by Concorde. He is very slightly related to our older boy, as Jalisco B is by Alme and our youngster's great grandsire (on dam's side) is Zevenster who is also by Alme!
  17. TGM

    Any Selle Francais owners?

    This is our older boy, grandsire Jalisco B:
  18. TGM

    First time dog owner advice!

    Just be warned that puppies are usually very hard work indeed in the first few months - need almost constant supervision if they are not to wee and poo everywhere or chew up your furniture, sunglasses, shoes, remote controls etc! Plus most of them go through a terrible play biting stage which...
  19. TGM

    Any Selle Francais owners?

    No pure breds but one three quarter SF and one half bred. The 3/4 bred one has Jalisco B as a grand sire so is related to yours. He is 16 this year and has been an amazing horse for my daughter. He has taken her from little Pony Club competitions to successfully competing at BE Novice and 1*...
  20. TGM

    Best breeds for considering for first time dog owning family.

    I wouldn't get a puppy in your situation - most pups require an awful lot of attention in the first few months to achieve good toilet -training, socialisation etc. Leaving a pup home alone three days a week with just a visit from a dog walker is not a recipe for success and whilst a few manage...
  21. TGM

    Feeding once a day

    I agree with bp that if they start dropping too much weight then it would make to increase the hay ration when you visit. They don't necessarily need two bucket feeds if they are getting plenty of hay. Presumably you have someone casting an eye over them as well as you, in order to spot...
  22. TGM

    How long do you consider it takes to get a horse eventing fit?

    We've done in it about seven to eight weeks. This was with an experienced horse who was properly fit before the break (and had hunted regularly over the winter), had three months off, was in the field most of that time, and then competed at BE100 level. Did take it easy on the XC though, so...
  23. TGM

    Rising 3 year old height

    When ours was 2yo he was about 15hh, he is now about 16.2hh at 5yo. Both his parents and his full sibling were similar heights. 2 year old: Five year old:
  24. TGM

    Breed choice.........

    My whippet absolutely loves playing with terriers more than any other breed. So I don't think you would have to be worried about a whippet (at least a young one) not being robust enough. But whilst introducing a pup might solve your problem in the long run, it will probably be three times as...
  25. TGM

    Let's hear it for the high blowers!

    For those of you who are not familiar with high blowing, you can hear it quite clearly on the video below:
  26. TGM

    Let's hear it for the high blowers!

    Our Selle Francais x KWPN high blows. It has the advantage that if you are waiting to photograph or video him on a XC course you can hear him coming!
  27. TGM

    What Breed Am I?!?!

    Arab x donkey :p
  28. TGM

    Hay feeding amounts

    If someone doesn't have the skill to see whether their horse is gaining/losing weight and know that it is time to adjust the ration, then they either need to learn pronto or need supervision or assistance from someone who does (yard owner, relative, friend etc). You can't just stick a horse on...
  29. TGM

    Hay feeding amounts

    Agree with Cortez, all the rations and percentages are useful as a starting point when feeding a new horse or changing a regime. But you then monitor the situation and adjust the diet accordingly.
  30. TGM

    How long does it take to 'make' a hunter?

    We have introduced quite a few virgin hunters to become good hunters now. I agree that to an extent it depends on the individual horse and the type of hunting you wish to do. However, the ideal plan would be to take them out to various group experiences over the summer - shows, competitions...