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    My grey went out naked for the first time since October probably. I’m angry at bbc carol tho as she said any mist or fog would be quick to burn away. Nope. It’s still foggy now and only about 5degrees! Oops
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    Who else has the fatty paddock going?

    I will be reducing the size of my paddock from the weekend onwards. We are due a decent spell of warm dry weather so I think the grass will really start to shoot thru
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    Field shelters- if you have one, does it get used?

    At my old yard we had shelters in the winter paddocks but in the gelding fields it became a meeting place for awful behaviour! The geldings never went in it but chewed it, broke it, fought around it and generally pratt about over it so eventually it had to go!
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    Minimum turnout for non ridden horses

    Yes probably. I’m sure he would love to be knee deep in grass all winter long but that’s not always possible is it? I still have grass but it’s not long and lush therefore not considered good enough. My other horse grazes all day.
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    Minimum turnout for non ridden horses

    Do whatever suits him best. One of mine can be like that. He does have spavins tho so I like to keep him out all day in the winter but if the weather is crap he literally stands by the gate all day. He may have a pick at some hay for the first couple of hours then stands as close to the gate for...
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    Do ANY livery yards have.............this?

    We can turn out every single day in winter regardless of weather/ground and also no set times so they could be out 6am to 6pm if you wanted. The paddocks do get trashed but they do recover. We don’t have separate summer grazing. All the farmer asks if we wish to turnout all winter and the fields...
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    Would you them ask to leave?

    Why did she want it on individual turn out?
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    Are riding tights very flimsy?

    I have the noble ones and they have lasted ages, tend to use those in winter. Then 2 pairs of sticky bum Dublin ones. Totally love them. I wouldn’t wear anything else now. Mine have lasted over a year with heavy use and washing/tumble drying etc
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    Horse is dangerous to ride. Pyhsical or pyschological?

    I would def scope for ulcers then regardless of the outcome is there anywhere you can turn him out and away for a while? 2 years out with doctor green in a herd sorted my guy after a similar diagnosis and a similar build up to the diagnosis. Mine went on retirement livery for 2 years
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    Leave youngster in or out when I ride?

    Ye, that sounds like a real pain in the ass!
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    Leave youngster in or out when I ride?

    At the moment if I can ride after work then I bring them both in for the night and ride my other one. Youngster is absolutely fine with this as has been out all day etc and everyone else is in. I think I will give it another week and turn youngster out first and increase the time he is out on...
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    Leave youngster in or out when I ride?

    I’ve had my 2 yr old for 6 weeks now. He has settled nicely and is generally calm and uncomplicated. He lives with my other gelding in a 3 acre paddock and there are horses/ponies in other paddocks on all sides. I have barely ridden last 6 weeks due to Xmas, weather, light etc but want to crack...
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    Unrugged natives who live out 24/7 with shelter

    I don’t even have a rug for my native 2, year old. Due a -10 tonight 😬
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    In or out in the snow?

    We had about a foot of snow yesterday. They stayed in yesterday whilst it was coming down but went out today. They loved it!
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    A Day In The Life Of A Very Cold Work Rider!

    Amazing! Do you go straight from stable to gallops? Do you have no ice patches at all? What happens if there is a icy puddle on the gallops? Our whole yard is sheet ice. Can’t imagine trying to get over it!
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    How’s your weather?

    I think for us fri/sat looks like the end of it. Sat night scheduled to be -5 then looks plus figures there after
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    How’s your weather?

    -7 at the yard at 7am this morning. Had to pull over half way as hit an area of thick freezing fog and my windscreen froze instantly. All the water buckets were frozen solid as were the stable door bolts Not as slippery as yesterday as drier, managed to get the horses out. To snow heavy...
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    Quite filly really aggressive towards other foal when im in the stable

    My water pistol has probably been my most valuable tool with my youngster. It solves all sorts of gobby gelding 2 yr old issues!! Honestly op try it! It’s a god send 😂
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    Separation anxiety!

    Yes. My gelding was a nightmare when he was turned out with a mare. He even became nappy to ride. Was totally different and once he moved in with a gelding
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    Purchase deal breakers, what are yours?

    I suppose it would come down to what you thought of the seller/horse/story? I know of a couple of 6/7yr old horses that were supposed backed then turned away and not re started. Both of them turned out to be injury/extremely tricky. What is your gut reaction re not having time??
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    Purchase deal breakers, what are yours?

    Sweet itch Hock issues in younger horses Napping Bad in traffic Bad to catch Weaving/cribbing/sarcoidosis/melanomas/mareish/strong/bad loader wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me
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    Bolting/Bucking Horse

    About 6 months after I got my new horse things were going well so I splashed out on a brand new fitted saddle by a reputable saddler. Things started to go wrong from that day. Whilst my horse didn’t display the behaviour you described he did display some odd behaviour and eventually broke down...
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    New Working hours 9-5 - how do you do fit in your horses

    I currently turn out in the dark and bring in when it’s dark 🙄 Mine are the first out and last in. I had to get another horse to keep mine company so I could stick to this routine. Then I have 2 stables to muck out and I have a school but I generally can’t be bothered to ride as its way gone 6pm...
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    Water overnight

    That’s not on! Both mine have 2 x large trug tubs filled to the top. Mine seem to drink loads!
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    How many are in your field/fields

    2 on about 4 acre paddock. At my yard most are kept in 2’s and have a paddock of between 2-4 acres
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    What age do you let them go hacking alone?

    I think I was about 11. And my pony was a nutter. Mum used to wave me off from the yard, my pony ambling along all butter wouldn’t melt. Then we used to turn the corner on to the track and she used to buck and squeak until I started to cry and let her canter. Fond memories 😂
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    Its Official Shetland Ponies Will Eat Anything!

    I can report that Connemaras also eat anything. My yearling has a bad head collar chewing habit so I’ve just doused it in lemon juice. My eyes were positively stinging. He still inhaled the whole thing and continued to suck it 🙄
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    Bad weather coming

    It’s lush here! Cold but amazingly sunny. Few minor flurries this am but absolutely gorgeous today
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    Abandoned on livery?

    Absolutely pts is the best for them and her. If we could contact her we were thinking of all the liveries offering to club together and covering the cost of their euthanasia. Just to end it
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    Abandoned on livery?

    That’s why the farmer hasn’t kicked her out before as he is clinging on to the hope he might get his money back. Such a difficult situation. Thanks guys will get on the phone to WHW and see what they can advise. Just want to make sure we do everything by the book