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  1. equi

    I got 99 problems

    But a horse/saddle ain't one! :p Since moving to my new yard im incredibly lucky to have a highly trained instructor as my YO, she is fab in both walks of life. I usually have a lesson once a week with her in a group and we work on all the usual group lessony stuff which i adore - i have...
  2. equi

    Horrible teeth

    New gelding, 13yo. Highly likley to have never had teeth done before. Another month and we could have been looking at an even more serious issue. Will take a fair few goes every few months to make his teeth totally normal, but he is feeling a hell of a lot better now after getting these...
  3. equi

    Mud mud mud

    Ive forgotten what my pony looks like when shes not a total tramp.
  4. equi

    Making the call

    It’s getting to the time to make the call on my old boy. It’s hard cause he’s technically still bright and interested in life but his pain relief isn’t helping with his arthritis much anymore. He struggles to get up and down and over the last week or two he’s began struggling to poo properly...
  5. equi

    Nothings happening

    Here is a post for the posters who have nothing happening. Nothing to update about, nothing to share, nothing to really feel anything about :p The most exciting thing that has happened in the past few weeks is i gave Jed a treat ball, that he adores. He now looks for his ball every evening and...
  6. equi

    WWYD - Beginner rider

    My little cousin (9yo) has showed interest in going to a riding lesson. Shes completely animal obsessed and for many years has been called "my" child cause were so alike. Her mum has asked if i mind sorting that out for her and of course i don't, but im trying to decide the best course of...
  7. equi

    Seriously peed off at vets!

    In July I had two mares scanned. I paid by card at the clinic and my bank system t shows it was taken. A month later I get a letter asking me to pay - I ignored it thinking it was a receipt (I’m a bit dim that way) the next month I got another and so I phoned the clinic to say it was paid and...
  8. equi

    The big move/ideas?

    My life has been a bit hectic lately and in the middle of it all a yard i had put my name down for ages ago rang to say they have a stable free, and i had to act quick cause the yard rarely ever has a stable free. I was panicking about telling old yard i was leaving cause its all ive ever known...
  9. equi

    Anyone up to PM re hormones/ovaries issues etc (horse)

    Just looking someone to chat to about my filly. Preferably someone with experience in hormonal, ovary issues etc (or vet type experience) and is experienced with young stock. Only reason i don't want to post publicly is i think its the type of thing that would get a lot of "have you tried" type...
  10. equi

    Young jockey paralyzed after fall

    Just came across this on the youtube. Thought it would be of interest.
  11. equi

    New boys elvis in the cart

    Been so busy the last few weeks the new boy Elvis got totally neglected in that he was reduced to being chief babysitter and only given mere snuggles now and then. Anywho, trial was long up and since i haven't actually "trialed" him yet i thought i best get to it before forking out for him lol...
  12. equi

    End of an era

    I?m sad to inform the masses that after 20 years loyal service, my first ever shavings fork has passed away due to a broken neck. He died doing what he loved. He was hard working, reliable and a crucial part of the team since 1998. He will be sadly missed. Rest easy forky - life won?t be...
  13. equi

    rookie mistake :D

    Was adjusting the eletric fence. My mares are very weary of it, but clearly knew it was off for that ten mins, so away they went into the winter grass. Caught the two older mares easy cause they can tell when im being serious..but the 2yo filly? Nah. This was fuuuuuuuuun. Moral of the story...
  14. equi

    Confidence nostalgia / friend finally sent horse away

    Essay/blog type post and i dont expect any replies unless someones wants to but hey ho. Its here for me to look back on in future years. The "What bit of advice from HHO members" post just put me in a nostalgic mood so i combed through all my old HH posts - from the one that had me at my...
  15. equi

    They grow up so fast :')

    My filly has had seasons before obviously, but im not sure shes really known what its all for. She would lift her tail a little but thats all. This season shes gone full whack into proper slutdom! She can't walk more than two steps without her arse being on the floor to anyone and everything...
  16. equi

    New horse oops..

    Long story short, this boy is my loan horses half brother. Owner said he needed a new home and it just happens my boys owner would like him back now but was happy to wait for me to get something suitable for my colt. As i already knew him and love his brother it was just perfect! The big bonus...
  17. equi

    Mini leather harness for sale n.ire

  18. equi

    Tooth bumps on top of nose

    At a show recently a judge said my filly?s tooth bumps were starting and she was very nice about it but also honest in saying that they make her look rougher - so I?m not really showing her again this year. Obviously they come at the top when teeth?s coming in but they look pretty extreme to...
  19. equi

    Personal and public liability

    My friend was a livery at my yard for a few weeks but now she?s home (and still wishing to join in lessons with me) she needs personal and public liability. Was hoping to have a lesson tomorrow! Anyone know someone fast and cheap for this as it will only be once a month or so.
  20. equi

    So chuffed (mini driving)

    First ever show for both me and my mare. We got champion driving mini :D judge said she was a real credit to me and it made me nearly weep cause I totally broke her myself.
  21. equi

    What a day :)

    Yesterday my friend let me ride her new horse in a lesson. He was a riding school horse, lovely boy, but a lot of work. Got fed up after half an hour hard work and got my own horse and practiced cantering a course after warming up. He was brilliant and made me love him a bit more. He?s not a...
  22. equi

    Stressing out.

    This weather is killing me. My hay has ran out, my supplier is 800 bales short and thus no hay coming in until i can find another supplier NOW...fields crisp and dry with no growth so its likely i wont have any in winter if this continues (my good doers are loosing weight...thats fab...but my...
  23. equi

    Weight limit for these stirrups? Just curious really. I remember one other similar stirrup having an adult weight of something like 85kg?
  24. equi

    Yay! (Can I call this XC)

    Had a wonderful polework clinic today at a venue my instructor had hired out and after me and another ride walked out to the xc field and did about three logs. Never jumped on grass before and never jumped a log before in all my years. I was momentarily nervous but got on with it - sure it?s not...
  25. equi

    This pretty much sums up..

    The differences in my Filly and Colts out look on life... What a lovely day it is :)
  26. equi

    Surfaces for driving?

    Looking suggestions for surfaces that can be used for driving. Its for a mini so needs to not be deep at all and compact, non rutty. I can maintain it any way i need to. Totally covered and dry so preferably nothing that needs watering before each use! My roof collapsed, so im taking everything...
  27. equi

    Would you get them? Hoof pads

    In summer my horse seems to pick up any stone in a twenty mile radius. He will go into the arena and within about three steps be lame and I have to pick them out from right up in the corner of the frog but they?re not trapped by the shoe. Doesn?t happen to any other horse on the yard and doesn?t...
  28. equi

    Sprayed field but no rain

    Just before I consider putting the horses out - I sprayed the docks over a week ago but it?s been sun every day and no rain bad a bit of a shower and some morning mist. Will it be safe to put them out on it as I?d have liked a good shower to wash it all down :/
  29. equi

    First show of the year a mixed bag

    First show of the year got off to a bad start when a stallion was allowed to get too close, kicking both back legs at me and catching me in the calf and knee. Thankfully he just about missed my filly, possibly giving her a slight glance on the rear but im not actually sure. It was just as i was...
  30. equi

    Towing options WWYD

    So at the moment i have a CRV (dads) and trailer. This suits me fine cause i don't go out that much, maybe once a month if that...over summer i do a few shows down south but usually only with one or two miniatures. Big horse goes on a little fun ride now and then. I trailer to the vet/dentist...