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  1. Meredith

    Selecta saddle knee blocks

    Hoping that the fount of knowledge that is HHO can help. Does anyone know if the Thorowgood Selecta knee blocks ( the ones with velcro and poppers ) will fit on a leather Albion Selecta. The leather saddle and the blocks are both the same size i.e. 17”
  2. Meredith

    This can’t go on any longer

    Firstly you need to know I do NOT do competitions. About a month ago I was persuaded to enter a Walk and Trot test to enlarge my horse’s education and this is what happened. The competition was very user friendly with lots of help, the occasional overlooking of the finer points of dressage and...
  3. Meredith

    Which bit is this?

    My horse was ridden previously in this bit. Sorry I don't have the bit so I can't take a better photo. Does anyone know what it is? Similar bits I have seen have the lozenge the other way up. I would ideally like it as an eggbutt or hanging cheek. Thanks
  4. Meredith

    Horsebox inspections Mid Devon

    As title. Recommendation needed. Thanks
  5. Meredith

    Which tie or stock with this jacket

    As title. Which tie or stock with this jacket for low level dressage or showing. Dark green jacket with orange-y and reddish check and navy collar and pocket trims ( not flaps ) My horse is piebald. Thanks.
  6. Meredith

    Cyclist banned

  7. Meredith

    Words fail me
  8. Meredith

    She has a Name

    This is for everyone who took the time to help me find a name for my new mare. I promised that I would reveal her name but before I do I have a few other things to say. Thank you to all who replied. I have not have chosen any of the names you suggested but everyone helped by either...
  9. Meredith

    lorry floor drainage

    I am trying to decide which is best, sealed eva floor which appears to drain between ramp and body or lift up floor with drainage holes. Both would have aluminium underneath. Manufacturers seem to differ in their recommendations. One tells me that sealed is best as urine will rot the...
  10. Meredith

    How to put a video in a thread

    I can load a photo by using Facebook and ?only me? but how do I load a video from my Facebook page please? Thank you
  11. Meredith

    Help please. Stable name required

    I lost my horses to illness last year and some of you may remember I asked for suggestions of where to look for their successor. I bought her a couple of months ago. In spite of much thought she still lacks a stable name. Her passported name ( which I won't tell you ) doesn't suit her. The...
  12. Meredith

    Saddle, Rugs and Tack for Sale

    I have for sale. All used. Thorowgood 17? T4 adjustable brown high wither GP saddle with red gullet Blue Thorowgood gullet Black Thorowgood gullet 5? 9? Rambo Wug Heavy 5? 9? Rhino Wug Medium 6? Rhino blue stable rug 3 Wintec chafeless girths black and brown 2 Stubben cord girths...
  13. Meredith

    read the 5 day weather forecast...

    I am not sure how to link this but read the forecast on The Talland School of Equitation’s Facebook page. :D :D
  14. Meredith

    Where to search for new horse?

    I am trying to search on the web for my new horse but each website as far as I can judge apart from Horse and Hound makes it very difficult. I want to search for specific age range, height range, distance from my home, horse ability and possibly the breed. I am fed up with scrolling...
  15. Meredith

    technological dinosaur trying to copy pics

    Just trying WOW... Golly gosh... Thanks to esther from another thread but I needed large pic on facebook / right click / click on 'open image in new tab' / copy code from search bar on new tab including https etc / paste in as directed i.e.
  16. Meredith

    technological dinosaur trying to copy pics!

    Just trying....
  17. Meredith

    following on from 'PSSM your story'

    I read the thread "PSSM your story" and asked what it was as I had no idea. The replies convinced me to send hair from my horse for the test as she had some symptoms. The results came through today and I think I am relieved the horse does not have PSSM but what does the rest mean? Can anyone...
  18. Meredith

    A good lesson.. feeling happy

    I haven't posted about my own riding before but today has been a bit different so here goes. After a winter of coughs, colds and chest infections I have begun to ride again. C enjoyed her long holiday but she has lost some muscle also I still get breathless easily so we have taken things...
  19. Meredith

    Another criminal re Goldenstar

    So inspired by Goldenstar, even though it's not nearly as funny, here's what happened to me yesterday. We went for our usual jumping lesson. There were 3 of us. My friend on her young horse and a lady we hadn't met before. It turned out that the new ladies horse was greener than ours and had...
  20. Meredith

    Special Haynet Needed

    Has anyone any suggestions for a haynet that will work for me? I have searched t'internet and not found what I need. For various reasons the net must ...............have smallish holes ( not tiny ) ...............hold more than half a small bale...
  21. Meredith

    Choosing a bit is confusIng, Help

    Hi everyone, please help as my head is spinning! Elderly semi-retired horse needs a new bit. ( Reasons complicated so won't go in to them here ) I contacted a bitbank, myler and neue schule. Bitbank suggested a Myler Correctional Ported Barrel Pelham...
  22. Meredith

    Myler Correctional Ported Pelham

    The bit bank has suggested I try this bit. Has anyone used it? Why? Did it work? Thanks
  23. Meredith

    wow! what would happen if..

    Just seen this on an ebay advert... ( so much for spell check ) "Brand new condition unwanted gift . Sheepskin seat saver , cream ( mocca brown electric attachments )never used" I wonder why they haven't used it !!
  24. Meredith

    Seat Saver

    Seat savers are made thick for comfort but all the ones I have tried are much too thick. They fill too much of the saddle seat. I have tried real sheepskin and a Heather Moffat one. Does anyone know of a thin one. Thanks
  25. Meredith

    Helite / Point 2 two air jacket back length

    I have tried on a Point 2 medium air jacket over a body protector and alone and although the assistant told me it was right for me, it seemed VERY long at the back. I am 5' 2". Are Helite vests the same length as Point 2? I have discounted Hit Air as I live in a Hit Air free area and I want to...
  26. Meredith

    Help please.. I need new boots

    I need new boots for hacking, fun rides etc. I take approximately a size 6 boot. Most jodhpur boots are too narrow in the foot and too big at the ankle. Most long boots are also too narrow in the foot and too big in the ankle but also too long in the leg. I have a pair of Regent Pro Rustler...
  27. Meredith

    Fly rug sizes, help please

    Shires fly rug owners can you help? My horse wears 6'3" Rambo and Rhino Wugs. She needs a new fly sheet desperately. I have tried a Shires Tempest 6' on her but it is, of course, too small. Local shop has only 6'6". Silly question maybe but would that swamp her? Thanks in advance.
  28. Meredith

    Heavier fly or bug rugs (not waterproof)

    My horses don't suffer from sweet itch so I've never used any of these. Do they make horses sweat? Any information would be useful, particularly about the Bridleway Bug Stoppa Sheet. Thank you
  29. Meredith

    Bridleway Bug Stoppa Rug

    Has anyone used these? I've never used the heavier material sweet itch type rugs and sheets like these. Do they make the horse hotter or more sweaty? I would be grateful for your views. Thanks