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  1. OldFogie

    O.K. your nominations for:they ride like farmers but still win!

    A spin off thread from the Ace Riders theme - who do you think rides like a cossack but still manages to get their horse to co-operate by winning stuff! My first choice would be old Harvey Smith ( and I know what he'd think of my nominating him! haha) he must have ridden at 14st or more but...
  2. OldFogie


    Here at OldFogie Villas a lovely black & white cat chooses to live with us - it's the first one we've had from a kitten and now rising five. She's always had her jabs and flea stuff without much problem - this year she suffered quite an extreme reaction to Leucofeligen despite the same stuff...
  3. OldFogie

    Instructor Insurance

    A couple of issues ago, there was a small article about the advisedness of all Instructors and folk who offer rider training to have pukka insurance - in case they are negligent!!! Negligent how? By failing to vet out those clients stupid enough to injure themselves and blame other folk for...
  4. OldFogie

    The Unspeakable?

    I don't suppose many folk heard the recent phone-in on L.B.C. as it was in the wee small hours but suffice it to say there was a storm of vehement anti-hunting sentiment expressed - with mention of that well known pillar of society - Oscar Wilde and his opinion that hunting was the "Unspeakable...