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    Flu confirmed in Shropshire--where ?

    I sometimes go hunting but have shut down at home, i am surprised they are carrying on. However the governing bodies are not giving them advise and for the other disciplines most are checking passports when on the car park which is too late and when passports are checked not many are checking it...
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    Weight advice?

    I would say i'm surprised by the lack of tone in a horse doing 4 days a week of hacking. Mine are only worked roughly once to twice a week at the moment and i would say have more muscle tone than him, however mine live out on a banked field. How much turnout does he get and how much time are...
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    Yearly booster without injection?

    I hate them injecting into the chest, the vet tried it with mine two were fine, one struck out and nearly caught us both and the youngster ( a ginger) went nuts bent the needle 90 degree which we then couldn't get out. Since then she has been needle phobic but i managed to desensitize her...
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    Fal Pro Sale

    Oh so tempted, again would love to know how they far up in size.
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    Le Mieux colours!

    Oh hell reading this i didn't know le mieux had the green cc out, i have been after a hunter green for ages but couldn't find one. Why now when i have no money.
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    Breeding costs..

    I have to agree with this. Mine wasn't expensive but at rising 8 with crap feet which have meant she has done no work in the last 2 and a half years. Again thankfully a filly but did not really come out the right build and is just shy of where i would like in height. I could have bought what i...
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    I hate the must be cheap too. buy a cheap one some other time like in the sales then be bloody prepared. It's bad enough these people inconvenience others by their incompetence but then to not expect to pay for it either. Poor horse is all i can say.
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    Feeling fed up, crap start to 2019

    Just to add i haven't read the 2nd page, sorry if this is covered. I wanted to ask about this, you ssay he was a sod to get in and then after the hack a nightmare, but he went in after 20mins? If that is the case it's not that bad, i would try as milliepops said ask and let him consider the...
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    What on earth is an american collar? I tried googling it didn't help i mostly found stock shirts. Dizz4 what about a pre tied stock just velcro on and off?
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    Feel stuck, not sure what to do

    If he is as you describe i should think there would be a market for him at a suitable price. There are many usually older people (not teenagers) who would look for something to do this job and be safe and sensible and i think they would be capable of taking on the navicular, if he is on the mend...
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    Ex Racehorse Bitting

    Having done the usual checks, i would say you have been through all the kind options. If you are not opposed to trying a strong bit i would try a magenis snaffle. It has rollers but the other way so when they open their mouth the wind whistles through and dries out the mouth, the sides on it are...
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    Right HHOers, I need someone to have a word with me!

    I would either do as SpringArising has said or i would probably try moving for 6 months new is always scary but you may find having them that bit closer may make the difference with you or you may realise that the distance was nothing and it's not going to work. I assume the yard you are on...
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    How long does it take to 'make' a hunter?

    If this is the parameter then i would say my cob is not made and never will be, in her fourth season hunting she will do gates and be held, jumps well but difficult to wait i often turn her back away. I don't take her cubbing as i know she wont come with the standing all she will do is rear and...
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    Travel rug recommendations

    I really liked the Premier equine one i got on a offer last year. Did a fab job of keeping my clipped one warm, often just threw the turnout over when i got home to warm the inside up and them pulled it out later.
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    How do you learn your tests?

    Odd question but how do you learn your SJ courses. I can now learn dressage tests in about 5 mins as i tried to transfer how i learnt sj courses across. As someone said above i don't worry about letters too much and go on the shapes more. I kind of think of transitions like jumps and the rest is...
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    Welsh section D experiences?

    This in spades, give my mare a job and she was fantastic, but a nightmare to hack, she would just suddenly plant not anything else. But it was at different coloured tarmac, flowers, drains, sheep etc but a pheasant fly out under her nose fine, traffic on a busy road fine. Her aversion to flowers...
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    How do your eventers come out of the season?

    I would think if you competed every two weeks with i assumed schooling in between, its become repetitive and he is starting to go a bit sour. I would definitely go and do something where the pressure is completely off, either some fun rides or hunting. My mares have always liked this as they...
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    Any advice before I give up completely???!!!

    A quick thought regarding the headcollar, i am assuming you are putting on over the nose and reaching over the head for the strap to buckle up or flipping it over. I now use leather ones, the one thing i now always do is leave them buckled and instead use the throatlash clip. So it slips over...
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    Plaiting tips?

    Now we just need a picture when you do it. Good luck.
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    Plaiting tips?

    I would have a go a few times to see how you find it before getting stressed on the day. How long is it? My welsh used to have a mane of 8 inches or so and i used to plait it fine, it was really silky too. I use the Nettex (used to be lynn russel) plaiting spray which is a bit sticky, however...
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    Sequel to "Why is it so hard to find a nice yard".

    Or copper, a lot of mineral stuff often say on them do not feed to sheep.
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    Weg sj

    The strength of our team that 4 of the 5 finished in the top 12. Shame about Gemma's poles but she did a fantastic job as pathfinder which was always her role, and i would think that will continue going forward. The Irish have come on so well too, its nice to see a few of them in the top placings.
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    Weg sj

    Gutted for Ingrid, its the worst at the last, but he rattled a few her luck was just not holding this time. So pleased for team GB and Ros.
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    'Seeing a stride'

    Even now on a horse i dont see a stride, but i do count the rhythm to maintain it and i can now feel if we are going to take a long one. I usually try to push forward into a fence, making that commitment to jumping it.
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    Supplement/Feed for clicky TB

    I have seen a big difference with feeding mine the nettex so sound, quite expensive but last longer than most.
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    Pelham for XC? Roundings or two reins?

    I second this, i use two reins out hunting and use these rules when searching for reins. Also have gloves that are thin enough to give you plenty of feel. On getting used to them test a few ways of riding with them as there are a few ways. Traditionally it was snaffle rein as usual and curb...
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    Has anyone dealt with this company, good or bad? I have seen some good deals on rugs, in particular the wugs by horseware that fit my mare well, anyone know anything?
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    Teaching horse to accept needles

    I watched the video put out at the beginning of the year in the dont break your vet series. It was good, a bit rushed but given time it was great. I had one, she doesn't mind the vet but hates needles and at the skin pinch with bowl over anyone and anything. I thought since i have the bond...
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    He fell over :-/

    Why does he need to spend so much time on hard standing as you are saying out of 24 hours he is probably spending 18-20ish hours on there, which doesn't seem good for any horse. Depending on what food available there, then he probably spends the time in the field eating. So he may not be lying...
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    Welcome to HHO Towing Clinic

    Thanks, i think im getting there. So if the towing capacity was greater, so i need around 1,500kg for one horse or around 2000 for two. What figures do i then need to check to ensure we are legal?