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  1. 4faults

    Child’s pony, what would you do?

    I have a 12.2 welsh Section B mare that my 4 yo absolutely loves but cannot do anything with. She’s far too big for him, she is very spooky and sharp anyway and lately has become really really grumpy to the point where after 14 years of ownership she tried to bite me tonight. I love her dearly...
  2. 4faults


    Does anyone have experience with keratomas? Did your horse recover well from the surgery? How long did it take? My boy has recently returned from hospital after having 2 removed from one hoof (which I’m told is exceedingly rare, lucky me) and the holes in his foot are daunting to say the least 😳
  3. 4faults

    Old dogs- when do you know it?s time

    I think I know what I need to do but I really need a hand hold 😢 I have a 10yo English Mastiff who?s age seems to have caught up with him all at once. He?s slowed down a lot in the last 6 months but this last week or so has really gone down hill. He?s struggling to get up and has...
  4. 4faults

    Lesson report

    I haven't been on here for awhile due to one thing and another, lack of transport and taking the winter off to train being two of them. New horsebox has been purchased so we are officially on the road again! OH and I have recently purchased two new youngsters one of which is my dream horse...
  5. 4faults

    Equinox Equine Supplements

    Looking for something to help my new boys bulk up a little and came across this supplement. I believe it's fairly new and no one I know has ever used it so was wondering if any of you lovely lot had any first hand reviews? Thanks in advance
  6. 4faults

    Showing a coloured cob

    I bought a 3 year coloured cob as a 'project' at the end of last year, ostensibly to back and sell on. After a few people trying him out I decided to keep hold of him for awhile and get some experience under his belt. He's such a sweetheart that it's an absolute pleasure to have him around...
  7. 4faults

    DIY livery West Sussex

    Evening all I am looking for some help with finding a Diy/assisted Diy yard around Ashurst/Steyning/Storrington/Horsham areas for my 2 horses. I am willing to go a bit further for the right yard. I have them on part livery at the moment but due to leaving work I am looking to move to DIY. I have...
  8. 4faults

    Livery wanted West Sussex

    Hi I haven't lived here very long so don't know any yards so am looking for recommendations. I'm looking for assisted DIY livery for 2 horses, 1 mare and 1 gelding, preferably with AYTO and access to a school. I'm in Steyning but I'm willing to travel for the right yard. Thank you for any...
  9. 4faults

    Grass Livery, Henfield West Sussex

    Can anyone recommend a yard that does grass livery in or around the Henfield area? I have a 12.2 mare that I need to move to the area in the New Year but im struggling to find anything looking online. Preferably somewhere with access to facilities but thats not an absolute necessary...
  10. 4faults

    Livery East/West Sussex Borders

    Can any recommend a livery yard around the Borders of East and West Sussex which may have space for two 17+h horses? I am looking for either assisted DIY or part livery. A good school is a must have, would prefer decent hacking but not essential as I can box them out. Any recommendations highly...
  11. 4faults

    Hoof abscess, how long?

    Im hoping for a bit of advice because I'm getting a bit worried about one of my horses who has had an abscess for two weeks now. Background is horse was on schooling livery and ripped a shoe off. Shoe was replaced but 2 days later had a call to say horse non weight bearing on leg. Farrier...
  12. 4faults

    Schooling tips for a lazy cheeky horse!

    Morning everyone, I realise most of us are occupied with the dressage but I was hoping to pick your brains. Im after some tips regarding my extremely lazy gelding. We do lots of transitions, lateral work, vary his work to keep him interested and forward but he has been away on schooling livery...
  13. 4faults

    Livery in East Sussex/Kent

    As some of you may know I am on the move! Going from Liverpool to Sussex/Kent. I have been down here for a couple of weeks house hunting, but not having much luck, while the horses are on full livery at home. Im fed up now, I miss them to much so i want to move them next week. Can...
  14. 4faults

    Help! Yards near Worthing

    I am on the move again :rolleyes: After 5 moves in as many years :eek:, OH has a new job and we are off again, moving from the North West to the south in 2 weeks time. Can anyone recommend yards around Worthing? I will be working there for a couple of months but havent yet settled on a place...
  15. 4faults

    Ashtons livery in Merseyside?

    Does anyone have a contact number for Ashtons? Urgently needed. Thanks to anyone who can help
  16. 4faults

    Horse hunting!

    Does anyone fancy helping me horse hunt? I am so tired of trawling through ads!! I am helping a friend look for a pony for her daughter primarily but also for herself to ride on occasion. Looking for something around 14 hands, age, sex, colour irrelevant really but must be safe and sensible...
  17. 4faults

    Hay and Straw supplier in or around Southport!!

    I have recently moved house to just outside Southport in the North West. My horses are now kept at home(love it!!) and my stables should be completed this weekend. I am from Liverpool so can source hay and straw around there however I am struggling to find big bales, which I would prefer...
  18. 4faults

    So excited!!!

    I am too excited to hold it in anymore!! Yesterday myself and OH put our deposit down on a new house with stables and land!! I will be able to see my horses from my kitchen window!!! I have missed having them at home so much. There won't be an arena but we are aiming to sort a section of the...
  19. 4faults

    A little update

    Well its been an eventful few months, Darcy has been out of work for one reason or another, one of those being this A word of warning make sure your stable hinges dont have big bolts through them. The hole went straight through from the side to underneath resulting in 8 stitches. Luckily he...
  20. 4faults

    Living out/Competing from the field

    Does anyone do this? I am after advice from anyone who's horses live out 24/7. I am having a bit of a dilemma and would really appreciate some advice please. I have been offered a field to rent and Im very puzzled over what to do for the best. I have two 17+h warmbloods who have always...
  21. 4faults

    Competing from the field

    I am having a bit of a dilemma and would really appreciate some advice please. I have been offered a field to rent and Im very puzzled over what to do for the best. I have two 17+h warmbloods who have always been stabled throughout their ridden careers but I am hoping to get them out...
  22. 4faults

    Can I....?

    Have a moment to gush about my gorgeous pony? She's not the easiest but I love her so much! Rode a few different horses today including my OH's and then got on my girl, do you know that feeling, like stepping into a comfy pair of shoes? She gave me such a fantastic ride and I finally feel...
  23. 4faults


    Bear with me, I know it doesnt look like a CR thread from first glance but, I have a stressy ex showjumper that I have taken back to basics and Im hoping to do dressage with. We are having some trouble with canter, especially now that I am trying to bring 'up' into a higher frame rather than...
  24. 4faults

    BE records

    Doing a bit of bored afternoon playing about on the Internet and typed in my horses name, turns out she has a BE record! I would never of thought my scatty, freaks at the sight of a pole, delicate flower would have gone BE as a 5yo. And not only that but she used to be 17 hands, now...
  25. 4faults

    Sharers in North West

    Can anyone in the North West, namely Warrington and surrounding areas, suggest anywhere to advertise for sharers? My friend is pregnant and her current sharer has told her she's moving away so she's in a bit of a bind. I have advertised on Cheshire horse, merseyhorse, in the local feed...
  26. 4faults

    Livery/Yard to rent Warrington

    I was wondering if any of you lovely people could help me. A friend of mine is looking for livery for her two well behaved horses but shes quite specific with what she needs. She's looking for a DIY yard that offers assisted livery and holiday full livery as she works some long hours. A...
  27. 4faults

    Hacking routes Cheshire

    10 months after selling our last horsebox which was part owned with OHs father, we can't take it anymore so today we took the plunge and bought another one all of our own. I'm so happy, no more procrastinating about shows due to the hassle of finding transport and more importantly we can box...
  28. 4faults

    Update on the big girl with matchy

    So pleased with how my girl is going lately, feeling suddenly much more mature. Have spent the last few months working on keeping her engaged and calm as being an ex showjumper she tended to get very excitable and tense, never really allowing me to ride her. The last few weeks she has been a...
  29. 4faults

    Raw diet advice please

    So I have taken the plunge and put my big boy on a raw diet. He originally could not figure out what to do with the chicken leg I gave him, i think having always eaten dog food made him lazy haha, but the next day he got the hang of it. So we are now on day three and things are going well...
  30. 4faults

    1 year owniversary

    It has been a year since I bought my beautiful, spooky, opininated mare and I am so glad I did! Over a year ago I was working for a riding school that sold horses on occasion. We were contacted by a woman wanting to buy one of ours, unfortunately we had sold him that day. The woman told me...