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    Thermal sock recommendations!

    It is minus 4 here currently (Scottish Borders) and I have quite a few horses to ride. I end up with chillblains and that horrible painful feeling when your feet are that cold. Lots of heated ones on ebay, but none come with the power pack? Blazewear do them but are £90! Currently wearing 4...
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    Opinions on my thoughts please!

    Hi all, Just wondered what you all thought to this. I have ten acres at my house, and stables being built, but only enough for my horses. Do you think that someone would be interested in free/very cheap livery in return for looking after our horses when away at big shows? Would probably be about...
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    Amateur FB pages

    I suppose the amateur thread got me thinking. Everyone seems to have an fb page these days, bla bla eventing etc, even if they are jumping 80cm. I totally get that they are harmless, and if it males them happy, then they are a good thing. They often contain updates etc which are all positive...
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    Online Feed Companies

    Hi all, since I cannot work out how to search on this new forum!! I have a question! Horses are moving home :D and I want to see if I can just buy feed online as local store is pretty far out of my way now. Had a look and not many seem to deliver in bulk, does any one have in recommendations? Am...
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    Ariat Berwicks/Coniston widths

    Looking at purchasing either of these but cannot find any information on how wide they go. For a thin person i have beasty wide calves, wider than wide! Was hoping with the laces they might stretch wider?
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    First ever Scope report

    Not sure if any of you will remember me, but I have a different string of horses now! Had 3 qualified for Scope, but saw the prices and just took the one that had qualified for classes. Had never been to Scope before, and had not heard good things, first time at Southview for Scope and us. We...
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    Feeding Advice Please!

    Have just acquired a little rescue dog. Was an unplanned thing but little guy has had 4 homes in 2 weeks, so is staying with us for good. He is a 1 year old Pomeranian x collie. On the thin side. He arrived with a bag of Harringtons but refuses to eat it. Got him Bakers on a whim which he wolfs...
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    Building an XC training facility

    We are in the process of buying some land (yay!), and will be able to but in an XC training facility. I was hoping it to be a schooling type field, not a full course, and would hire it out to private indivduals, pony clubs, riding clubs, etc for schooling. I have access to unlimited free timber...
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    Has anyone ordered from Just Saddles?

    As title really! Ordered a Thermatex pro core trainer from them and nothing over a week and a half later! Getting a bit worried!
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    Cardento Offspring

    Hi all, I am looking at a Cardento mare, having seen her loose jump she has scope to burn and seems a lovely person as well. Anyone any experiance of them? Thanks Q
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    Horse box inspections Suffolk

    Morning, We have found a lorry in Suffolk that seems perfect for us but we are in Scotland, so would need it inspected before we exchange any money. We contacted Essex horsebox inspections but they we less than helpful. Any suggestions for me please? Very grateful Q
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    Not Stricty CR but horsebox inspections Suffolk way?

    Afternoon, After looking for ages for suitable lorries it seems I may have found one! Downside it is in Suffolk and we are in Scotland. We are hoping to get a prepurchase inspection done before we made the long journey but does anyone have any recommendations for anyone in that area that does...
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    Quantum saddles

    Does anyone have one of these? I remember they were very pricey and meant to be the next big thing but never really took off? Im looking for a 2nd hand jump saddle to start my filly in and there are a few fairly cheap on ebay and just wondered if they were worth it? Q
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    Not stictly CR but exercise/competing after colic?

    Afternoon, Horse is currently in the vet hospital after a pelvic impaction. All seems to be going well and he is set for discharge on tues. Spoke to them about management when he comes home and i was told exercise straight away, including fast work/jumping to get his digestive system going and...
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    Dunlewey Seamus Connemara Stallion

    Evening, Just wondering if anyone has any experience with offspring of the above stallion? Have a 2 year old filly by him and just wondering what the future may hold for her :) Q
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    Riding club horse, Spurs??

    Evening, As title really, are you allowed spurs in a riding club horse class? I remember not being allowed before but would rather wear them so wanted advice from real showing people! Q
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    Musto unisex blouson sizing

    Evening all, Hoping to get my boyfriend the unisex blouson as a present, but as its unisex not sure what size to get him? He is 6ft and quite slim 32 waist in jeans if that helps? Normally a medium but wondered if these would be small to cater for both sexes? Thank you Q
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    Leg brace/support

    Evening all I had an accident where someones horse kicked me. Ended up with a haematoma between the muscle and bone which has since got infected and a lot of muscle damage. Given a recovery time of up to 8 weeks. However through getting on on the wrong side etc I am able to ride. Find a jump...
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    Vet in Lothians area?

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    Suggestions please!

    Evening all! My yearling is being very naughty and going through the electric fence. Its a proper once so to speak not tape and posts. The battery has been checked and has charge and there is def a shock in the wire. I have take her rug off as i think its creating a barrier for the shock...
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    Best winter jods?

    Scotland is FREEZING just now literally! I want some jods/breeches that keep you toasty instead of having to wear trackies over the top! Any recommendations and pref ones that dont make you look like a pork pie! Q
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    When Gleneagles did BE

    Afternoon all, Just on my way back from schooling round Gleneagles xc in preparation for Hutton next week. We did all the intro all the prenovice and most of the novice but wonder how hard it was regarded as when it was a BE track? Just for comparison! Thanks Q
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    Horseware Icevibe Boots

    Morning, Has anyone got any experiance of these boots? Good or Bad ? Fatboy did a tendon a few years ago and has tweaked it again although fingers crossed its nothing major but was looking at these for recovery and prevention. There not cheap so wanted folks opinions before i get the plastic...
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    Burgham 2 intro

    hi all! Looking into planning my summer now and wondered what Burgham intro is like? I know it has a few waters but thats fine we would have only done one intro by then as its looking increasingly unlikely that ill get into hutton! Q
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    BE Waitlist Question

    Morning all, I had entered hutton90 as my first 90 oddly looking forward to it!Found out last night im on the waitlist which im pretty gutted about and didnt think the numbers looked that big. How do you know how high up the waitlist etc you are (its in alphapectical order and im 9th) and...
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    Second hand dressage saddle recommendations!

    Afternoon all, im having odd notions about getting a second hand dressage saddle! My trainer thinks it would help and might encourage us to do more! Horse is currently in an ideal patriot so similar fitting/style would be good. He fitted an off the peg medium wide and it must be leather def...
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    Anyone used before?

    Afternoon :D As title really placed an order with them and im now getting a bit nervous so wondered if anyone else has had an experiances? Q
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    BE Numnah Rules

    Afternoon all, As title really what are the rules on numnahs for xc? Can they have writing/logos on them? What colours do they have be? Thank you Q
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    Washing/Cleaning Body Protectors

    Evening all, I stupidly lent out my BP and its come back in a pretty awful state! Its covered in stains and smells HORRIBLE!! I know the washing machine is not an option but i need to clean it ! Any hints or tips grateful recieved and sorry for a dull post! Q
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    Registering imported horse BE

    Evening all, Im trying to register my horse BE so i can compete on a ticket, it asks for a photocopy of the passport and a winnings certificate. He has no winnings abroad he was imported at 3 and thats the age i got him. What do i do to prove he has nothing? He has a fair bit BS but that...