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  1. TGM

    Long Lasting Dog Tags

    Any recommendations? Last tag deformed, became illegible and eventually fell off! So looking for a good quality tag that will last.
  2. TGM

    Trolley or cart for moving slices of big bay haylage?

    What does everyone use to move slices of big bale hay or haylage about? I am currently using a wheelbarrow but I can only get two slices on and I'd like to move three at a time. It is also a pain hauling it on and getting it balanced on top! I've seen Stubbs do a big trolley with mesh drop...
  3. TGM

    Haygains - do they last?

    Just contemplating getting a bale sized Haygain to make life easier this winter but currently gasping at the cost! Unfortunately we have one horse who needs soaked hay and can't have haylage and I want him to put another horse in the field with him, so will need both to have soaked/steamed hay...
  4. TGM

    20% Off Maxima Equestrian (rugs & horsewear)

  5. TGM

    What does your small animal vet charge for Saturday pm appt?

    Just out of interest, what do your local vets charge if your dog has a minor injury on a Saturday and needs to be seen in the afternoon (before 5pm)? Specifically the consultation and examination fee, without any treatment?
  6. TGM

    What would you expect to pay for a 4yo potential eventer in SE?

    So something that is bred to go up the levels, perhaps sire and full-brother successful at Advanced, for example. Decent conformation, nice movement, recently backed and done a few weeks under saddle, but hacking sensibly alone and in company, good in traffic, happy in the school in walk, trot...
  7. TGM

    Single Lifestage Dry Dog Food for 4 Month Old Pup & 12yo dog?

    Currently have two dogs, a 12yo lurcher/collie type and 16 week old whippet puppy, both in good condition, neither underweight or overweight. The older dog has been on Burns Fish and Rice for about 11 years as found it was about the only food that didn't upset her sensitive tum. Pup is...
  8. TGM

    Miniature Shetland Driving Harnesses & Quad Bike Stolen

    DRIVING & RIDING HARNESSES/TACK STOLEN FROM LINGFIELD The driving harnesses include a very distinctive Hartland white & black set, made for miniature shetlands. Also the following, again all Hartland and to fit miniature Shetlands: 3 black pairs sets 8 bridles all with happy mouth bits 4 brown...
  9. TGM

    Meaty Puppy Chews

    I have an 11 week old whippet puppy, who like most pups loves to chew! She has plenty of chew toys, but the thing that keeps her occupied longest is a raw carrot! However, i ration those to half or one a day (depending on size) as I know they are not digestible and can make her poos a little...
  10. TGM

    Coakham Bloodhounds Meet Dates

    For anyone interested in hunting with the Coakham Bloodhounds, most of their dates up until Christmas have now been posted on their new website, including dates for puppy hunting (autumn hunting): (please note their old website is no longer being updated)
  11. TGM

    Coakham Bloodhounds

    Just to let people know that the Coakham Bloodhounds have a new website at: All up-to-date information will be posted on the new site, and it is hoped that the old URL will be directed to the new site soon.
  12. TGM

    Hunter / Teenagers All Rounder >>>>

    If you can't see ad on the right, the link is here: I noticed the ad due to the immense size of the horse's neck in the picture so went to have...
  13. TGM

    BRC - can you compete in out of Area qualifiers?

    Have tried looking in the rulebook, but can't find it. If your Area doesn't run a qualifier for a specific discipline are members are allowed to compete in qualifiers in other Areas as either individuals or teams and if so are they eligible to qualify for Championships?
  14. TGM

    Sun, Storms & Success at BRC National Horse Trials Championships

    I must admit it was a relief to finally get to this Championships with the correct horse as daughter qualified on her horse last year, only for him to go lame with an abscess on the very day we were due to leave. To save letting the team down she ended up borrowing her dad's 17.1hh hunter...
  15. TGM

    Enjoyable & Excellent Eridge!

    I apologise in advance that my report will not be as entertaining as HotToTrot's, and the fences involved are nowhere as big! Eridge is our most local event and it is always lovely to see so many people we know there - whether they are competing, helping or spectating. The weather forecast...
  16. TGM

    Mary King suspended for two months

    For receiving two yellow cards in twelve months: Bit of a shocker!
  17. TGM

    Terrific Tweseldown!

    Daughter was meant to be revising this weekend and having a break from competing as her A levels start on Monday, but after the terrible weather at Borde Hill meant she didn't go cross country she was itching for another run, so managed to get an entry into the BE100 at Tweseldown. We were then...
  18. TGM

    HHO's Own Home Grown H&H/Saracen Eventing Bursary Finalist

    Well I have been on this forum for eleven years now, and during that time have posted photos and updates of my daughter's riding activities, starting with her very first teeny tiny one day event way back in 2006...
  19. TGM

    Young Horsebox Drivers - presumably insurance is extortionate?

    Just wondering whether it is worth daughter taking her C1 when she is 18, so she is able to drive our 7.5 ton horsebox herself? However, as the cost of insuring her to drive even a little car is expensive, I presume insuring her to drive a horsebox is going to be an astronomical amount? Would...
  20. TGM

    What a year!

    Haven't posted a competition report in ages, so thought as we are coming to the end of the year I would post a round-up of the season instead. It started quite early with the Pony Club Dengie Winter Championships and the British Riding Club Winter Championships a week apart. Daughter came 7th...
  21. TGM

    Danger of Sycamore Seeds - Atypical Myopathy

    Not sure if this has been posted on here recently, but thought it was worth posting as sadly I have just found out a friend's pony has suspected atypical myopathy and Liphook have also recently posted a warning saying they have dealt with several cases recently. They now think that the seeds of...
  22. TGM

    Mouldy mainbale haylage - anyone else had a problem

    For the last few years I have used a local small bale haylage with absolutely no problems at all and don't remember ever getting a duff bale. However, it is not longer available and I have had to swap to another brand, which is Mainbale (made by J & R Tremain from Downe), bought through a local...
  23. TGM

    Dressage bit suggestions for eventing giraffe

    Daughter has been riding OH's hunter a bit this summer, initially to do tetrathlon as her own horse has had a very busy schedule. However, to get more XC practice she popped him round a PC ODE run over a BE100 course and he went double clear. Then when her own horse was out of action, she...
  24. TGM

    Fantastic month - RC Championships, PC Championships & BE Chilham

    A bit of background first, daughter has had the ginger one nearly three years. We bought him as a rising 7 year old, who had done some showjumping but not competed cross country or done a dressage test before. However, he has a lovely attitude and has always tried hard to please. The last...
  25. TGM

    Arena design/plans service (without build)

    Wondering whether there are firms that offer a service to design and draw up plans for an arena, but without wanting to do the build as well? The site for our proposed school is not totally level so will need a bit of cut and fill, and I don't think I'm up to drawing the plans myself, but we...
  26. TGM

    Planning and surfaces for building arena in visually sensitive area

    I think we are finally going to bite the bullet and apply for planning permission to build an arena in our field. We not only want to use it for ridden exercise but also as an all-weather turnout in wet weather to prevent land poaching. However, we are in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty...
  27. TGM

    Swamp Fever confirmed in Cornwall

  28. TGM

    XC courses open for schooling in SE with jumps in water

    Just wondered if anyone knew of any cross country courses in the South East area (preferably Sussex, Surrey, Kent) where you can practice jumping an obstacle in water (ie in the middle of the water). Many thanks!
  29. TGM

    Will Amigo turnout neck cover fit on Amigo insulator rug?

    Daughter's horse has an Amigo MW turnout rug, but it has no neck cover attachments on it. Wanted to get him a rug to wear underneath it anyway, and noticed that the Amigo insulators have attachments for the matching stable neck cover. Wondered if the turnout and stable neck covers have the...
  30. TGM

    The Sprog & the Ginger One have a great time at Riding Club Nationals

    Well, the long journey (5 hours) to Lincoln was definitely worth it, and particularly nice that the long term weather forecast of heavy showers was wrong! Although we drove through a couple of showers on the way up, we arrived to find the sun shining at the showground. Once the ginger one was...