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  1. StrawberryFish

    Women athletes all boobless!

    Are we really looking at these amazing athletes, at the pinnacle of their sports and discussing the size of their breasts?! Is that the real measure of a woman?
  2. StrawberryFish

    Help feeding a 15 year old TB

    I have seen good results feeding Lucie bricks (I soak) with my fine ( and aged) warmblood , no sugar which is a big plus for me :D It's part of the simple systems feeds, :)
  3. StrawberryFish

    Do you agree with keeping horses in 24/7?

    No - a horse needs to move and graze for its digestive system to work correctly amongst other important things (mental health being one) :)
  4. StrawberryFish

    For those against Rollkur.....

    But it might bring it to others' attention and also it raises money for a good cause. For that matter alone I'm happy to buy one :)
  5. StrawberryFish

    Patrick Kittell..

    This quote made me so sad, nice to know she's having fun whilst her horse is in pain. I do hope the tone I read the quote in (ie that she enjoys hyperflexing her horses for extended periods...) is entirely innacurate.
  6. StrawberryFish

    For those against Rollkur.....

    I would love that, my 6 year old daughter would proudly wear one!
  7. StrawberryFish

    For those against Rollkur.....

    I will also have one, please pm with details :) Don't suppose there's a chance of children's sizes? (I assume not but thought i'd ask)
  8. StrawberryFish

    You have a horse wow you must be rich!!!

    "I would be if I didn't have a horse!" (okay I wouldn't, but it shushes them :) )
  9. StrawberryFish

    Swedish team up to Anky Panky.

    Can't find any information on this, I doubt it'll happen as the FEI insist no rules have been broken ...
  10. StrawberryFish

    Keeping a horse thats not for you but you love it

    Yep, the Dales mare my mum bought for us to share 16 years ago. Awful in traffic, couldn't load, couldn't catch etc etc - she's now 24, still awful in traffic, can go weeks without my mum able to catch her, still doesn't load but she's one of the family and deeply loved :)
  11. StrawberryFish

    What soothing lotion can I try?

    Aloe Vera gel. Get the purest stuff you can, you can also buy some with bee propolis in with is antibiotic. Search out your local forever living rep as they sell the best stuff :) Sarah
  12. StrawberryFish

    Livery tack rooms

    Said yes, but actually not really, we have a yard with 3 horses and a tiny downstairs loo sized 'box' really for 3 lots of feed, tack etc :) My rugs live in a big pile in there, along with my feed buckets, but my saddle lives on the back of my sofa and my bridle is hanging up in my living room :D
  13. StrawberryFish

    Aged, arthritic horse - barefoot query

    I have been recommended turmeric (I put it in everything at home because of it's health inducing properties, didn't think to use it for my ned!) and I was going to get linseed but decided against it for now, but I shall go and get some! Anything I ca do to make him comfortable, I will. He...
  14. StrawberryFish

    Aged, arthritic horse - barefoot query

    I haven't suede a farrier here for anything other than trimming our mini shetty so no strong opinion, will. Get him to pop the shoes off and go from there, thank you xx
  15. StrawberryFish

    Aged, arthritic horse - barefoot query

    Hi all :) Long time no see! My old warmblood is back off full loan after 7 years. He is rather arthritic in his hind legs, however I think his nearside shoulder is going the same way and his neck is very clicky too. He has been back with me for 8 days now and I put him onto Simple Systems...
  16. StrawberryFish

    Loanee won't give my horse back

    I have 2 horses out on 'full loan' this means it is for an indeterminate period, so basically a 'permanent loan' unless they don't want them or I want them back. The horses cannot be sold on. I have a full and legal contract with both, of which we both have copies and which were signed by 2...
  17. StrawberryFish

    Best 'posh' names?

    Absolutely Starkers was my hosse's name :) I did muck up a fence first time I rode him out properly under that name (at the RAF Champs) [rank]Sarah [surname] riding Absolutely Starkers. It's totally not cool to laugh at your own joke, but I did and we had that fence down because I was...
  18. StrawberryFish

    Showing a dales....

    Yes all we did was slightly trim the tail so it didn't drag on the floor, but we did it in a 'feathered' way, not a straight across cut, we had a lot of fun with her over the years :)
  19. StrawberryFish

    Pregnancy... what did you do?

    I would say, that with the right amount of help you will be fine! Mucking out and poo picking is fine with a young baby (just get a sling, chuck them on your back and get going! - I'm not sure where you live, but there are plenty of people about who can teach you how to wrap even a newborn baby...
  20. StrawberryFish

    Where have the Olympic XC tickets gone??!!

    Applied for 2 adult and 3 children's XC tickets, money gone out of account but no confirmation email as of yet :)
  21. StrawberryFish

    When WOULD you hit a horse? Or would you?

    When on my old warmblood with him on 2 legs reversing towards a ditch with me on board. We got a sharp smack on the bum and as much as I don't like walloping horses, in that situation it was to save us from VERY serious injuries, it wasn't a conscious decision but an instinctive 'oh ****, we're...
  22. StrawberryFish

    Am i too tall to jump my horse?

    I do hope not as i'm 6'2 and may get the chance to jump a 15.1 TB (if we get on and the owner is happy that I am a decent rider :) )
  23. StrawberryFish

    Random Q - Ketton Hunter Trials

    Yes that one, thank you :) I remember the trakehna (jumped it from standstill after I lost my stirrups), the fan and I remember a big (to me ;) ) chair in amongst the trees. Enjoyed reminiscing about it last night but couldnt for the life of me recall (or find online) the height of it, so ta...
  24. StrawberryFish

    Random Q - Ketton Hunter Trials

    Very random, just chatting about what I have done in my past life as a full-time horse rider part time normal person ;) and I mentioned that the biggest XC track I had jumped round was the Open at Ketton Hunter Trials, when asked how big this was I have no clue! (if you ask how big it felt I...
  25. StrawberryFish

    Brilliant Borde Hill - frillies, FP's and qualifications

    Wow, fabulous result and I loved the pics and videos! You have really inspired me, once my kids have grown up a bit and I'm at work, I am getting myself another horse and this'll be me :D
  26. StrawberryFish

    Gentle hugs and vibes for Sarah - jane and Sarnie

    Oh crumbs, how scary! Glad neither of you are seriously injured and hope Sarnie's recovery is a quick one and she's munching carrots again soon xxx
  27. StrawberryFish

    Famous small horses - Can you name some?

    Crumbs! Yes I don't think he was 17oddhh!