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    Fly rugs

    What fly rug would folk say that suits the deeper chested horse ?? I currantly have the Rambo protecter fly rug and love it but the v style clips are rubbing :( the clips are sitting higher than the Velcro and rub love the rug every other way. Looking for something with the large tail flap as...
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    3 year old final height

    Intresting reading all about the differences of them all thank you bonkers 2 she not backed yet leaving her till this time next year as a 4 yearold as I feel she not ready and I feel 3 bit early for them ( each to there own) will try get few pics on xx
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    3 year old final height

    My 3 year old 3/4 Tb 1/4 Clydesdale is currently standing 15.3 and was interested to see how everyone elses youngsters turned out height wise did they grow much more from 3 years old. I no every horse is different but be interesting to find out :) x
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    Whitaker bit

    Whitaker copper universal gag anyone any ever used one? Are they good for horses that lean on the forehand ?
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    What works for bad feet

    Ester I don't no how to attach pic as on my phone she is 3/4 tb 1/4 clysdale
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    What works for bad feet

    Thanks everyone it's given me a few to look into as I no what ever one I choose will take about 9 months before I see any improvements She is regularly trimmed farrier was last out on 9th dec gave her all clear to be turnout out after 11 weeks box rest. So started with a week turnout in arena...
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    What works for bad feet

    Wondering what best supplement or balancer to try, my rising 3 yearold has terrible feet. In July she came in from field with a split in her back foot right up to cornet band, farrier came had to wait few weeks till it desentsized then he could trim the flap bit down she was on 11 weeks box rest...
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    Prepubic tendon rupture 5 weeks before foal due

    I feel for you Coverdale1 my mare 2 years ago went throu a bad foaling and had to get c section it's not easy making that decision I didn't have time to get her to the vet school and c section was performed at home and I owe a lot to my vet and friends for there help that day was touch and go...
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    Equilibrium massage pad or magnetic pad

    I like the sound of the massge pad just not sure if it will help her was looking at the magnetic boots as well just don't no if to go with the magnetic pad or massager I have her on a feedmark joint supplement and recently put her on the tumeric powder see if that does anything x
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    Equilibrium massage pad or magnetic pad

    Hi there has any one tried the equilibrium magnetic pad or massager looking for something for my girl who bit stiff on one back leg not sure where but she wee bit sore after been lying down takes a min before she will put her foot down and was thinking trying something like the massager but...
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    Mare ready to foal but now going backwards

    just wee message hope your mare and foal are ok and have a healthy foal soon xxx
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    Deformed foals

    So sorry for your loss hope you and your mare are ok. The past two years I've had nightmare 1st foal was born asleep with 1 contracted tendon with lots of talking to my vet I decided to try again and she had another colt but had to be delivered by c section wood love to no if anyone ever herd of...
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    Laid back foal, well now officially a yearling............

    I have one of them to lol my filly to was weaned early at 4 half months as big girl and had to be on box rest so after 17 weeks in stable thought to myself this going to be fun to get her to feild as bit of a walk so night before am thinking right wats best plan lol and wat she do walk like a...
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    We lost our foal today.

    So sorry for your lose its heart breaking I lost my colt last year after a difficult time mare had c section then after 5 days had to put my lovley wee man to sleep such a hard time for you and your mare :( xxx
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    Is it ok to rug a seven month old foal?

    I have my 8 month old foal rugged and stabled at night just take leg straps off and use fillet string and he be fine :) x
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    not foals anymore, hows your 'yearlings' doing?

    Think that's wat I done :( and it just came up with the link to pic maybe cause am on my phone :/
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    not foals anymore, hows your 'yearlings' doing?

    Awe thank you how wood I get it on straight under my post :)
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    not foals anymore, hows your 'yearlings' doing?

    Can someone tell me did my pic of my foaly work not the best at this uploading lol :)
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    not foals anymore, hows your 'yearlings' doing?

    Wasn't sure if this wood work this is my filly be 8 months old next week :)
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    not foals anymore, hows your 'yearlings' doing?
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    not foals anymore, hows your 'yearlings' doing?

    Lol spotty reindeer am the exact same scared to feed as well just incase there a constant worry lol
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    not foals anymore, hows your 'yearlings' doing?

    How do I get pics of my baby on here again I've got photo bucket but how do I get them from that to on here x
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    not foals anymore, hows your 'yearlings' doing?

    my baby she tbxclydesdale she a may baby standing 13.3 at front 14.1 at bum wearing a pony headcollar and 5ft rug :)
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    Apricot kernels

    Has anyone ever herd of using crushed apricot kernels to shrink melanomas on there horse ???
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    How big........

    My foal just turning 7 months old not grown that even either measured her at 6 months at 13.3 at front and 14.1 at bum done string test from cornet to knee said 17.1 but never done string test before so not sure about that 1 :)
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    Recommend me a hoof boot- Epic Abcsess recovery!

    Think ill try the equi welli aswell look good just hope it with stands the muck and a foal that's been on box rest for 12 weeks lol x
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    How big are/was your foals at 6 months

    Awe love the I'd xs s2m my girl 3/4 tb 1/4 clydedale and day he turned 6 months the tape was out lol she was 13.2 at front 14 h at bum hoping he makes at least 16.1 x
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    How big are/was your foals at 6 months

    How big were/ are your foals at 6 months old and what height they to make ?
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    Rolf Harris is on channel 5 at equine hospital

    I feel for the mare and owner as I've been there myself in July this year thou I didn't have time to get my mare to vet school so vet had to perform a c section at my home with help of loads of folk I got my lovley bay colt I've always wanted he was alive but had contracted tendons had...
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    Foal heights

    I measured my foaly tonight she nearly 5 months old and 13 h at front 14 at bum and in 4ft 6 rug done height thing with legs and says she will make 17 h :) anyone else tried the height calculater x