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    Daughter losing interest/moaning about cold-am I pushing too hard?

    I feel for you, bought a pony mad daughter a pony when she was 8 loved it till her 1st fall off on him then has never really rode since she is now 11 and her pony has been hardly worked and has been off work all winter. during that time and various vet bills I haven't pushed her into riding she...
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    Reality of a Second Horse?

    I have 2 in rehab and ever mounting vet bills..... :( time wise I pay to have them thrown out in the morning and its about 3 hours a night doing jobs with the pair of them having 30 mins walking every night which is easier as I can do them together but not looking forward to having to separate...
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    Adding a 4th...dissuade us!

    We're not useless we are enablers :D
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    Adding a 4th...dissuade us!

    ok when are bringing No4 onto the yard :)
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    Dieting Horse - which weight?

    I too soak all hay and top chop zero and muzzle in field (grass has not stopped growing this year :mad:) he's finally looking slim has taken about a year to do it slowly.
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    Just for fun lottery spend

    Well I'm in work this morning so I didn't win …. dreams on hold for another week then ;)
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    Just for fun lottery spend

    Think I would buy a farm and turn it into a decent equestrian centre with everything indoor / outdoor livery yard x country course for me and my friends (with staff to help me and keep me company) as long as it could pay for itself in terms of running costs I'd be happy. the house would also...
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    Just for fun lottery spend

    Euromillions tonight is £112Million (ticket bought just in case) just day dreaming wondering if you won that much how much of it would be spent on horses and Matchy Matchy
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    Prascend missing a tablet and taking it early question.

    thank you that will stop me from worrying all day I know its only one day, next problem will be the worrying over the family 2 week holiday
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    Top tips to keep new car clean??

    Rubber Mats, boot liners, spare shoes or just use OH car for going to the yard:) let them worry about the mess
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    Prascend missing a tablet and taking it early question.

    Hi anyone on here have horses with PPID? I normally give my pony 1/2 a tablet a day in a carrot at night so I know he's had it. over the next few weeks life outside horses has caught up with me and I'm having to get some one else to do a bring in at night and a full livery for a day. the...
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    Finances - living together

    Joint bank account for Bills and living with a % of both incomes going into it then separate accounts for yourselves that is your spending and a saving account for luxuries like holidays, the most difficult conversation is when a non horsey partner sees all the bills over a month:). luckily my...
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    Who goes horse shopping for a particular breed?!

    Yes, I decided on Connies (first pony was a Connie cross many moons ago) did everything on her she was so very capable at everything. so in my old age decided this was the best for me to potter around on and my daughter to grow into.
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    What do you hate that everyone else loves?

    other people
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    Bad horse mummy (thinking of PTS)

    Sorry had the vet out every 3 months to do checks and testing latest one was 54 ACTH and 19 Insulin ( not high enough to be put on medication) and he's been sound over summer in this heat with a muzzle and no grass it just reoccurred once it started to rain and then last month when the weather...
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    Sleep tight, sweetheart

    So Sorry for your loss what a shock sending big hugs
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    Bad horse mummy (thinking of PTS)

    my daughters pony has borderline laminitis and is lame on both front feet, he is not insured as this has been going on for the last 12 months on and off, Farrier says not laminitis as he has checked his feet and re shod him this weekend the Physio says he's got Laminitis and I have the...
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    Name for my business?

    if its ridings leggings, Little bum on big bum with the logo of a rear view of a rider on a horse
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    Bringing 20 y/o back into work after 4 years + working livery?

    I personally would leave her where she is, she is equivalent to a 60 year old human and I don't think you'd ask a 60 year old to work full time after being retired for 4 years - not having a go, you know what is best for your horse
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    Wheelbarrow heaven

    we have at least 3 broken wheelbarrows blocking off the ramp to the old muck heap one day I will get rid of them, honest but in the mean time off the B&Q
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    Saddle Makers

    Saddle Makers....why oh why will you not put your prices on your websites, I would like to buy a new saddle and contrary to popular belief all horse owners are not multi millionaires and actually have to work out if they can afford to have a new saddle for a difficult to fit pony. ( sorry rant...
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    Laminitis getting me down

    he's not on prascend despite me asking the vet to prescribe it they said his levels were too low and to test again in the spring and he's shod with just normal shoes farrier is coming today
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    Laminitis getting me down

    Sorry but I'm going to have a sorry for myself moan. My daughters pony has laminitis again, even though for the past year he has been on soaked hay and top chop zero and out in a muzzle the little shit has had laminitis again for the last 6weeks. He's had 5&1/2 weeks box rest and has been...
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    Is it possible to have a non-horsey Christmas Gift??

    My Christmas pressie for the last few years has been a pallet of wood pellets (best pressie ever). although I'm hoping for a trailer this Christmas, he changed his car this year and bought a 4X4 so we could tow a trailer so here's hoping. By the way what is a non horsey present? been married for...
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    Afford a horse on 15K a year?

    at your age I'd get a horse on loan for a few days a week for a set amount, then put some money away for when you grow up. (quick tip if at 18 you put £2 a day away by the time you retire you would have £1million). Owning a horse is wonderful but also time consuming very expensive and sometime...
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    your most equestrian unsuitable car.

    Most useless car OH Jag XJ ( not allowed to take it to the yard... Solution made him change it for Jeep Grand Cherokee :o) My Piccanto may be small but with the seats down is quite practical, moved twice with that little car and lots of runs back and too.
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    How much hay?

    10-14 days depending on net sizes and how tightly the bale is packed,
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    Can someone please explain to me why horses are better kept in as much as possible, because I just don't get it!

    Laminitis tends to keep my welshie in more than out, can't believe we're in November and the grass is still growing/dangerous for my little boy. Can't complain too much this time last year we were underwater with rain until may.
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    Non horsey OH strikes again ...

    I like sending mine to the tack shop with my daughter, she knows what I want and then she gets what she wants, daddy wrapped round little finger I think. its great near Xmas I show her what I want and she says Daddy …..
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    Looking homeless at the yard . . .

    I'm in Cheshire so no designer on our yard