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    People that own there own land

    how do you make a living off your land , And how do you even start to put on paper a buisness plan 1. omg where do you start my head is hurting Help
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    Hi :) we have 4 pigs and had them for two weeks, and my daughter has been in there quite alot bonding with them, can you catch illnesses off pigs?
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    planning permissoin to ride in you OWN feilds !!

    is there anyone out there that can help is this true ? years ago you could do pretty much any thing in the feilds but now this is crazy
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    Has anyone heard of this ...

    I have rented for 30 years ,And we have new neighbours both sides !! which they have teamed up and want my horses of the land that i rent . They are now saying i cant feed hay in the feilds and have been taken pictures of me doing so, also i have had to move jumps out of the feild as i cant ride...
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    Keeping flys and horse fly's away at a show

    What do you use at shows. my horse attracts horse flys and i make my own ... keeps flys away but horse flys Arrggghhh come on give us your tips !!
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    Please help looking for tip and pictures

    I'm showing at a county level show this year for the first time and need alittle help with tip's , and pictures of welsh sectoin D's please I'm brushing all the time to get that shiney coat but what product's do you use to give a little help of a great shine. and any other tips would be great...
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    Pig Oil ....

    Do you use it and what do you use it for.. and can you use it like a rinse after a bath for extra shine or not Thank you
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    Right i would like a little help please

    Im going to show my welsh sec D in hand , and thinking of what should i be wearing .. and colours ... thank you
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    Is it just me or are

    Their more horse flies this year !... i was flicking off me and the horse this morning riding out , is there a spray for keeping them off as my home made spray keeps the flies off but not the horse flies away...
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    have you ever heard of

    i was told today by a dairy farmer, that he puts gold fish in his water troughs. He said that the goldfish eat the algi and keep the troughs clean. would you ever consider doing this....??
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    This is my new horse (pic)

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    when a horse/pony has a ribbon

    in their tail what does that mean ... white.... red im i right is red a kicker or could kick out ... and green ? thanks
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    how much do you pay for .....

    for a 5 * vetting , having one done wed morning on new horse
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    What do you all use for ..........

    making your horses coats so shiney ....... dont get me wrong are ponies coat has a shine but some horses/ponies coats have that glass effect what do you use...
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    dressage to music

    Hi there.... i wondered if anyone out there can help me . my daughter she's 12 does dressage and she also does it to music, but we always use the music that they have at the competions but as you know the paces never really fit the music , is there some cd rom or something that helps you put the...
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    Met check !!!!! what is going on

    Met check does anyone else use it , they have changed the web page or sever (sp) and i cant find it
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    show jackets ....sizes

    hi ... when you buy a show jacket do you buy the next size up so you can move your arms ... silly but just wondering
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    How Much Hay Do You Feed

    Just wondering as i have a 15 2 tbx ..but also have a nf pony that lives on thin air but dont want him getting to fat
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    What's the piece of leather......

    Sorry for sounding thick ... what's the piece of leather called that attaches to the D rings on the saddle thank you
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    Hay net or Hay bag !!!

    What do you use in the trailer or stable ...
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    New horse on yard.....

    we have had a new horse on the yard and she is on her own (next to mine) out 24/7 but she is old 29 cant eat has only 4 teeth,heart problems,liver problems and she was rugged last night but she is frezzing you can see her shaking but the owners only come once aday . feel so sorry for the horse...
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    Farrier in hampshire anybody

    Help my farrier is always changing the dates or never turns up i need a farrier asap but a good one please someone
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    Fly spray AGAIN....

    Hello i used to make my own but cant remember how much of every thing Lemon juice Water Eucalyptus oil Citronella oil Cider vinager does anyone else use this one... thanks
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    Great !.. back riding for the first ....

    My daughter this morning rode for the first time after braking her elbow 12 weeks ago.... well she's not fixed yet the elbow is stuck at an angle and it cant move so she is waiting to have another op.. but i led her round just a few laps round the sand school and she didnt want to get off ..
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    space hoppers

    Has anyone got a space hopper in the field as a toy for their furry friends .... just wondering if they play with it ..
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    up date on daughters broken elbow

    She's 11yr old and broke her elbow on the 21st april... had a op and she has lots of pins in her elbow had it in plaster for 3 weeks as the doctors wanted her to move the elbow soon as possilbe . But it wont move its been 9 weeks now and her arm wont budge , wont go straight or up to her...
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    Help Please

    I will make it short but here goes... me and my sister own two a pony between us and a horse payed equal share money wise, i fell out with her and havent spoke to her for a year now but this is the problem she have wrote to me telling me that she thinks (well she reakons) that the pony is worth...
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    muzzles made pony sore

    Its the shire one that i have been using but its rubbed him and he's so sore .... anyone else had this and what have you done to prevent it from rubbing
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    Update on daughters elbow

    Well had an appointment yesterday at the hospital (she broke her elbow 3 weeks ago and had pins in it ) well they decided(sp) to remove the plaster cast as its heeling well and they dont want the elbow to stiffen(sp) up any more so she will have lots of phiso to get the elbow moving again, but...
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    have anyone else put....

    Rugs back on im going to put a light weight back on mine . seem a shame thou but we need the rain....