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  1. StrawberryFish

    Aged, arthritic horse - barefoot query

    Hi all :) Long time no see! My old warmblood is back off full loan after 7 years. He is rather arthritic in his hind legs, however I think his nearside shoulder is going the same way and his neck is very clicky too. He has been back with me for 8 days now and I put him onto Simple Systems...
  2. StrawberryFish

    Random Q - Ketton Hunter Trials

    Very random, just chatting about what I have done in my past life as a full-time horse rider part time normal person ;) and I mentioned that the biggest XC track I had jumped round was the Open at Ketton Hunter Trials, when asked how big this was I have no clue! (if you ask how big it felt I...
  3. StrawberryFish

    Anyone in North Yorks?

    I'm aware this is a bizarre request. But I am desperate. I miss riding, but 3 young children means they were my priority. Now my youngest goes to nursery on a Thursday morning, I would LOVE to help someone out nearby. Now I am not expecting to meet up with someone and ride, obviously, but...
  4. StrawberryFish

    Exercises for Stifle Injury

    Well Little Lily has a suspected fractured stifle - she was a 3 legged pony for a while, however, the farrier came 2 days ago and after there was a huge improvement... we think this is because of how he trimmed to opposite leg (he stuck his knee under her belly and shoved her up a bit and forced...
  5. StrawberryFish

    Bedale Hunt

    Just wondering if anyone hunts with them? Apparently they meet right outside my new livery yard so I'll look forward to seeing it. :D :D Obviously at 6'2" and 5 months pregnant I'm not going to be hunting my mini shettie, although it would be amusing to watch :grin:
  6. StrawberryFish

    Ponies and Donkeys

    A long time ago I was told that if you are keeping a pony with a donkey it needs to be wormed with an extra wormer. I can't remember what it was though I know I sound like a complete biff, but could someone let me know if this is actually the case and if so, what are the worms called that I...
  7. StrawberryFish

    Field needed in North Yorks

    Basically I need somewhere to keep my new pony I don;t live in Yorkshire (yet) so don't know what's available. I need somewhere to keep a lurvely miniature shetland mare - preferably cheap as chips (or hubby will actually explose!) and with company. Don't mind what really as she will be...
  8. StrawberryFish


    I want to join one... Not to be nasty - I just want to have one in my siggy!! It will look like I have friends What cliques are there out there??
  9. StrawberryFish

    Riders in Lincolnshire

    Just as I'm bored, just seeing who lives / rides around my old area(s)! Have you ever competed at Sisson's Farm EC in Peakirk? Do you keep you horse or live near a place called Maxey? Ever competed at Laughton Manor EC near Bourne? Anyone gone to any of these schools? Stamford School/High...
  10. StrawberryFish

    I'm excited!! (but very sad!)

    Found some old proofs of me eventing my boy that is now on loan (XC and SJ pics) that I couldn't afford to get pics from at the time. I got upset because these are the only nice pics of him that I have from when I had him. So on a whim - I emailed the photographer. Bearing in mind the pics were...
  11. StrawberryFish


    Just thought I would ask - as people have very different things that they treat their horse with (food wise) I personally am very naughty - my old boy used to LOVE kitkats and Haribo Tangfastics and my current horsey got whatever I was eating and used to like Tuna Sandwiches... :runs away...
  12. StrawberryFish


    Just enquiring really - my mum has a 14'2" Dales Pony Waterside Victoria purebred and registered - going on 18/19 something like that. We've had her since she bred her last foal at 6 yrs old and she is becomming less suitable for riding as she is a nutter, but her legs aren't 100%. My mum wants...
  13. StrawberryFish


    Howdy to you and Everyone in Suffolk Town Have you found Ellie Belly a loan home yet? If I still lived down there you know I'd take her - mmmmm pony burgers only joking (PS you do realise my husband relies to you as the Sarah with the big boobs because of all the Sarah's at the yard... )
  14. StrawberryFish

    Race For Life

    Hi - Am aware this is in the wrong forum - please ignore if you wish. On Sunday 24 June, in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, I will be taking part in the Race For Life. Please sponsor me - no matter how small. Every little helps. (If you do donate - please giftaid - this will give more money to...
  15. StrawberryFish


    Hi- random post - just wondering if there was anyone on here that rides, or keeps their horses at a livery yard near St Andrews or surrounding areas in Scotland??? Just wondering as the people who have my horsey on loan are up there and when we (eventually) move up to Yorkshire, I will be up...
  16. StrawberryFish

    Baby vs Horse

    Just thought I would put this too you. Money wise my husband and I (and our 1 yr old daughter) could either afford another baby or a horse. I have said to him that I wanted 2 babies close together so I could get back to work etc for good once all the baby business was done, but he wasn't so...
  17. StrawberryFish

    Members of the Bedale Hunt (Yorkshire)

    As I am moving to the area in August I am looking for members of this hunt. I probably won't be riding (due to lack of horse and possibility of having abother baby) but I do want to support the hunt. Also just to chat to people who will be in my local area when I get there! Mrs T
  18. StrawberryFish

    Members of the Bedale Hunt (Yorkshire)

    As I am moving to the area in August I am looking for members of this hunt. I probably won't be riding (due to lack of horse and possibility of having abother baby) but I do want to support the hunt. Also just to chat to people who will be in my local area when I get there! Mrs T
  19. StrawberryFish

    Songs to Remember lost friends:

    I think the one song that absolutely makes me think of my horse that I lost is Faith Hill - 'There You'll Be' "When I think back on these times And the dreams we left behind I'll be glad 'cause I was blessed To get to have you in my life When I look back on these days I'll look and see...
  20. StrawberryFish


    Just thought I would start a forum for all horse riders / owners in Oxfordshire. I'm relatively new here and unfortunately won't be here too long but would love to talk to people near by. <font color="purple"> </font>
  21. StrawberryFish

    Help offered for horse owner in Oxfordshire (or North Yorks from AUG!)

    Hi Just putting some feelers out really.. I am an experienced horse rider and owner who has had to put their horse out on full loan due to family commitments. I am looking to help someone out with their horse (preferably over 16hh as I am over 6foot!) in the surrounding areas of Carterton...