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    How long is too long for a hack?

    I think it depends on the fitness level of the horse. We could go all day if we wanted when my mare is at her fittest but at the moment we do about an hour or two. Shes been off for a couple of weeks due to injury so I will be building her up again as of today. The hacking around here is quite...
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    Arthritis (Human!)

    I get quite painful hands and find that if I regularly take apple cider vinegar with the mother and turmeric with cracked black pepper and oil, that helps no end. I also feed it to my horse who was stiffening up but its helped her no endd too. Definitely worth tryin:)
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    Bitless insurance

    Fedelius do it:) Other than that Id ring your insurancve company and ask:) Make sure you get it in writing if they say its ok just incase
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    Joint Supplements OR Cod Liver Oil- Desperate for Advice.

    I wouldn't use cod liver oil just cause its not natural feeding fish to a horse. If you want an oil then go with linseed. I also use turmeric with a mix of apple cider vinegar with the mother and Ive just put my mare on Gold label ultimate which has made a difference. Ive tried flexi joint which...
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    Worm count reduced from 950 to 0 in 3 weeks without worming?

    I read something about this the other day. A vet came on the forum saying that its this time of year that worm counts can come back with inaccurate results so we should leave it until after may. That was his words
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    Hat sizing-harry hall. Im confused!

    Anyone or no one?
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    Hat sizing-harry hall. Im confused!

    Its time for me to buy a new hat as Ive had mine for over the five year mark now. I currently have a Harry Hall skull cap which is measured at 6 7/8-7 or 56-57cms. I want to get one of the legend plus ones that they have out as I hack a lot and in the summer months I get a sweaty head which then...
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    Horse losing weight

    What exactly is she is being fed? Its surprising how many feeds have sugar in them and sometimes alfafa can heat some horses up. It sounds to me like there is something in her feed that is heating her up so it may be worth looking into that. The other thing I would say is I wouldn't worry too...
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    Tasty barefoot diet?

    My mare was dead fussy with fast fibre, linseed, speedi beet and after months of putting it off, I finally bit the bullet and bought a bag of thunderbrook, pooping myself that I could have thrown forty quid down the drain. Thankfully she loved it! And has done eversince. The first feed that shes...
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    What do you feed your barefoot?

    I have an arab x who is fed on thunderbrooks base mix. After going through so many feeds and then looking into what is actually in these bagged feeds, I am pleased to have found something that is totally organic and wholesome but also keeps weight on her which is something we have previously...
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    Barefoot query - hooves wearing faster than they grow

    I would definitely get some hoof boots and put them on some of the time until the growth can keep up. You sound a bit like me. I ride less in the winter and so much more in the summer so the hoof growth slows right down and then it needs to realise that you are doing more in the summer and needs...
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    Help - turnout means swollen cheeks

    You could try turmeric. Its a natural antihist, anti inflam. If you are on fb you could join the 'turmeric users group'. Doug is a vet and recommends it to his clients. Worth a try. Its worked wonders for my mare not for the same thing though but it might be something to try.
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    What is best for the grazing....individual or herd?

    Last winter we had five on three acres (am on a livery). Everywhere turned to mud fairly quickly and the horses were very unhappy. My girl didn't maintain weight, atleast one would come in lame everyday, they looked miserable and even when one of the horses was sold on and two were moved off for...
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    Cribbed, Colic, Cushings

    Could you look at finding somewhere where he could live out 24/7? There are a lot of people on the turmeric users group on facebook that are having amazing success with cribbers. I use turmeric but for joint issues but it healed my mares sarcoid and runny eye in the process. It might be worth a try.
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    Best Joint Supplement

    I found that equimins flexi joint was good and made a difference although I switched to turmeric and phased out the equimins and shes fine on just the turmeric:)
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    thinking of going bitless

    If youre on facebook then theres a good group on their called free horses. I took my mare bitless when she came to me as I just sensed she wasn't happy and shes a diff horse. Its definitely worth a try but just bare in mind that there are lots of different bitless so...
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    Making plain chaff "edible"...

    fenugreek is another one you could add. My girl wouldn't eat plain chaff but then I found the thunerbrook range. They do a really nice plain nothing added or taken away, meadow hay chaff and its lovely. A bag lasts a long time and it smells beauitiful so could be worth a shot.
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    Bute for footiness?

    I was just thinking and I know its basic but worth mentioning anyway. Maybe just treat for thrush as well as even the smallest signs can make them footy and uncomfortable. My mare had a small amount last year which made her dead footy but once we cleared it up she was ok again:) Can recommend...
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    Bute for footiness?

    You could try both boswellia and turmeric which are natural anti inflammatries and in my humble opinion better than bute:)
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    Bitless bridle for hacking?

    I like a rope halter and mecate reins on my girl. We tried a scawbrig but she preferred less pressure. I got my scawbrig from She does many many bridles including sidepull, scawbrig, dr cook style etc etc. She also does the matrix which converts to every style of bitless...
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    Gah! He doesn't want curry for breakfast and Q

    Its really strong so you need to drop the dosage until you find he eats it and then up it reaaaalllllllly slowly. My girl is a fuss pot so I literally started with a pinch in her feed. When she was eating that without any fuss, then I went to a quart of a teaspoon and then half etc. Shes now on...
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    saddles, saddles, saddles

    There have been tests done on it and they've had more recent tests done too which were all really positive. Ive done five hour rides in mine and ride in it most days for two to three hours and my mare doesn't complain at all. If you are concerned then you can use as much or as little padding as...
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    saddles, saddles, saddles

    Have you looked at the total contact saddle? I have one and really like it. Its like riding bareback but you have the support of the saddle. I use a gel eze pad and thick bareback pad with mine so its cushioned on my mares back. its worth a look.
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    Weeping Eye?

    I would efo get the vet out but just to add my mare had a weepy eye that nothing worked for it. I tried vet stuff, golden eye ointment, tea bags worked ok but Id have to wipe every day or two. I started her on turmeric for her joints and not only did her whole way of going get better but her eye...
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    Best feed for horses

    littlemissmerlin that's great news! Its good to hear you like it but its quite encouraging to hear that you went out and brought a bag after a recommendation. Sometimes I write on here and wonder if Im wasting my time so its great to know that you went for it:)
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    Best feed for horses

    I think you will probably get a difference answer from every person on here as feeding is a minefield. Ive come to the conclusion after tonnes of research that what they put in most pre bagged feeds is diabolical and shouldn't be aloud. Shovelling sugar loaded stuff down a horses throat its no...
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    I had my mare on flexijoint and whilst it did make a difference, I decided to give turmeric ago because I prefer a mor natural route. It's made a massive difference more so than the flexijoint. We've had to mess around with the dosage with but she's now on four teaspoons a day and that works for...
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    Hoof Boots: OK so gimme the pro's and con's

    I use them and I love the equine fusions. They are like a trainer, quite forgiving on fit, stay on on all terrains and at all paces in rivers, bogs, everything. Easy to put on, never rotate or rub. I think it does seem like a big headache when you are used to shoes but you soon get used to the...
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    Find me a..... Cheap bitless bridle

    Oh yh I forgot to mention do either a sidepull or scawbrig to fit to the existing bridle for less than twenty quid. A nose cover with the rope halter is a good idea.
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    Find me a..... Cheap bitless bridle

    I made a side pull out of my existing bridle. Just get two metal rings from an old head collar and attach them where the bit issuppose to go then attach it the cheekpieces to the metal rings. Its been a while since I made mine so I may be wrong in my explanation so heres a vid...