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    new hay

    I wait 6 weeks unless we run out in which case the new stuff has to be fed.
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    Wintec Saddles?

    love them and thorogoods too. they are light weight too compared to traditional saddles and if they get wet out hacking it doesnt matter. Dont need to clean them unless they somehow get full of mud.
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    Bum high 5 year old?

    i like her--a lot :-)
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    Bum high 5 year old?

    my 5 year old has gone bum hight. I once had an 8 year old arab mare who out grew all her rugs as an 8 year old she had to have a complete new wardrobe! She had been underfed/poorly looked after as a yearling by a previous owner though. I bought her as a skinny under developed 2 year old. She...
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    Horsey Holiday :)

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    Just had a lovely ride

    thanks for posting OP I love threads like these. My 5 year old and me hacked out yesterday. He too was really really good and we had a wonderful ride., He seems to have got it together and was balanced and responsive and interested. It was so wonderful. Thanks for sharing your experience it...
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    My horse won't go forward from the leg or the whip - what can I do?

    agree with getting her hacking out. teach her to respond to the voice as well. you also need to back off with the leg aids. the more you do the less they will respond. very light aids are what are needed. it makes them listen. I know it seems the opposite of what is required but it isnt its...
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    question for those with wide horses.

    had siatica years ago but it wasnt from the horse being wide. I now have a very very wide cob and I'm pain free and no back ache either.
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    People who have successfully got through a confidence crisis . .

    yes been there more than once. OP there is nothing wrong with taking things slowly. mounting and getting off for example. just walking round the arena or out hacking. it isnt compulsory to trot canter or jump! keep it all doable and small baby steps. you'll get there and enjoy your horse again.
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    check out my first ever blog.

    nice horse
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    Would you pts due to financial reasons?

    I feel for you and your horse too . I would PTS rather than pass the horse on.
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    Sweet itch?

    your vet can blood test to see if it is SI.
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    Overdue update on Georgeous and friends!

    lovely horses glad that awful injury has healed well.
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    What is the Queen riding on?

    looks like a sheepskin saddle cover the Household Cavalry maker them for her :-)
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    Over sensitive and argumentative - WWYD

    I'd give her the boot now personally. Your place your rules.
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    Fencing question

    I very sadly lost a super little pony when it got caught in sheep netting. the netting was taught properly installed and backed by a thick hedge. good grass cover and space in field. I now have a secondary fence of electric tape all the way around the perimeter now. removing the sheep netting...
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    Fencing question

    ^^^^^^^ this
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    separation anxiety

    will he hack out on his own?
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    FAO Faracat et all

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    Is it wrong to have a purely leisure horse?

    of course it isnt wrong, I have 2 only do a bit of hacking once twice or 3 times a week. we are all well chilled and happy.
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    Paint for Wooden Stables/yard fencing

    We spray ours with Cuprinol. Quick and easy I paint inside with cheap white emulsion.
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    Your methods of backing and breaking.

    I break it all down into very small steps and take as long as it takes for me and the horse to feel comfortable with each step. it all begins with getting a head collar on preferably as a foal! I dont lunge but do lead around the village to get them used to things. i echo EKW above , thats a...
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    weird dreams about old horse

    Awful. (((Hugs))) to everyone, I hope all your nightmares turn into sweetdreams about happier times .
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    If you keep your horse away from your house...

    WelshD excellent thread. have tried to give you a star for it [ reputation] but it wont let me. I
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    this "reputations" thing

    Just tried to give WelshD a star [reputation] about her excellent post about contact details at yards. It wont let me says I need to "spread it around" before it will let me. Charming. Think e its annoying. Only just discovered it too.
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    this "reputations" thing

    trying to give posts I like reputation its one by Motherofchickens at the mopment on a hay thread. it says I need to try again tomorrow have given too many reputations already today. Why Why Why is it all so complicated!!!!!!!!!!!!ahhhhhh
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    The great hay panic.

    JillA have you had it analized for energy protein and vit/min content? we dont make ours til it has dropped seed. its better for horses then generally.