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    3.5t Horse Lorry, Needle in a hay stack!?

    We have an oldie VW LT35 and have been quite impressed with it. It might be worth doing what we did and buying one that DID need work. But pay the appropriate amount for it. That way, you get the work done to your spec and you know it's done right, it means we know we have all the metalwork ok...
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    what to do with my horse.

    I think you have done quite a bit of investigation, the horse is well fed and your set up doesn't allow you to make major changes. Given the horses lameness and behavioural issues I think it would be equally right either to continue and persist in trying to resolve it or equally right to call...
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    Complete Feeds for Laminatic Horse .... Is there such a thing??

    Yes you could just boot back (more usually peeps need to just boot front or all 4 but don't see why not just backs)...
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    Complete Feeds for Laminatic Horse .... Is there such a thing??

    Really recommend forageplus hoof balancer, there's a winter and summer one and they are esp good for the things that hooves need to get concavity - has worked a treat for my 'she's just got flat soles that's the way it is' mare. One key thing is that the forage plus ones have very little iron...
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    Dog lying down and panting when exercised

    I would check with vet. It could be something very minor but it could just be be heart related, and it's very easy to check that out at the vets, if it was then don't panic as there are v good drugs (my Dobies been on them 2+ years so far)
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    New Riding Hat?.... Recommendations please!

    I would be going back to them. They may say the guarantee is only 6 months but that is irrelevant to their legal obligations to make sure it is free of defects and will last for a reasonable period of time. Which sounds like neither in this case. Trading standards might be another optionl since...
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    Equine Colic survey

    Same here for the worming. Also they are out 24x7 in summer but only in daytime in winter like many horses, but that's not an option on the survey.
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    Auroras Encore Retires

    So glad he is retiring. I'm very grateful to him and his win for buying my horses a new risk, bridle and saddle :-DDDD
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    Livery aberdeenshire

    Also look at Strutt and Parker (select Banchory office as the identifier for the search) and also the local agric auction mart sell properties (not just at auction) ANM mart
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    So angry!!

    Gosh, I think a letter to the papers and lots of Twitter posts would be their just deserts, disgusting!
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    We came down on the road today :(

    If the issue has been recorded and reported to the council before and not dealt with then they are normally liable for damages resulting directly from the fault. Not saying you want to go that route but hinting at it and that you are aware this is the case might get it sorted out jolly...
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    Aberdeenshire peeps

    Re the midges, choose a property on a hill and without water courses or boggy areas, and although you will get more wind, you won't get bothered by the midges. We don't have much bother with them at all. But friends a couple of miles away down in the woody bits by streams get them terribly.
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    Saltire Stables

    I completely agree. They did our mini barn and double field shelter and they are brilliant. They are straight with you about the actual spec you need for your conditions (90mph and lots of snow here means wind slats in the shelter back wall and upgraded framing and lining boards throughout)...
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    Poo-picking - I've found a tool that makes it easy!

    I find Marigolds and a bucket make the most through job and just as quick as any tool.
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    No more hay nets

    If you tie hay net up as normal and then take the end of the string, loop it through the net about halfway down and then pull it up tight and tie the net again to the ring it will be a completely solid pillow of hay and tied up with no hanging down and no chance of rug clip issues. It's a...
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    Another horrible accident

    Even if dark the photos show what looks like a very straight section of road.....Two people AND two horses should have been very visible in car headlights even if (we don't know about whether hi viz on) they weren't illuminated /hi viz at all. Poor poor ladies and poor poor horses.
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    Fed up of poopicking - inspire me please!!

    Cow dung isn't pickup able. But that's not the only reason. Horses tend to be on shorter poorer grass in smaller paddocks and also may be out all year whereas cows tend to be taken inside. Cows are also less selective grazers and so have a wider area of the ground to graze from. Horses tend to...
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    Fed up of poopicking - inspire me please!!

    Bear in mind (more for other readers) encysted redworm doesn't show on worm counts so has to be wormed for annually: and neither does tapeworm, that needs to be blood tested or wormed for annually. Both are less likely to build up with regular poo picking. Manual Poo picking also reduces...
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    buying a yard questions- help please x

    Rent out spare stables - depends on (I) the terms of your lease with the owner (II) whether there is PP for commercial livery use If you are renting out stables you would be a business, you would need insurance and pay business rates. However the latter one may well be reduced or zero due to...
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    Hopefully all change agian!!!

    I'm sooooooooo impressed! Need vid and pics!!!
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    9mth Lab puppy with severy hip dysplasia

    Same here except my terrier is 11 and still no signs of any issues. I'm all for PTS in the right circumstances but in our case it would have been and has been proved to be completely unnecessary. Slightly OTT Dry Rot, what the comments on here have demonstrated is -if HD is really bad enough...
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    Aberdeenshire peeps

    I think it's partly the spread out population, making it harder to get to lots of appointments in one day. But also the gap between the decline of working horses on farms and the relatively recent big rise in the numbers of leisure horses up here,meaning not so many locals got trained up, and...
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    Aberdeenshire peeps

    Don't panic, you will find both, farriers are quite sparse (quite a few peeps including me use trimmers partly due to the problems in getting farrier to come as regularly as I'd like) but there are a couple of newer ones I think. Livery the same, there's somewhere for everyone, just depends on...
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    9mth Lab puppy with severy hip dysplasia

    My border terrier was diagnosed with very very bad dysplasia at 6 months and we were told both hip balls such as they were would need removing :-O the x rays were awful. In prep for the op we used Synoquin MSM and glucosamine and also did a course of hydrotherapy. At the end of 3 months she...
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    Mobile stable recommendations

    Akkalia I would really recommend contacting Saltire stables based in Fife, they built our min barn of 4 stables and last summer did a 24x12 mobile double stable/field shelter. The reason I'm recommending is that we are VERY exposed which is why I hadn't dared to put up a shelter before, but...
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    Pony with very flat soles - advice on how to toughen them up

    Bear in mind that a pasture trim may just keep the flat soles esp if done every 6-8 weeks, I moved to a UKNHCP trimmer and have mine trimmed for riding every 5 weeks, put her on forage plus hoof balancer and have been astonished at the change, the pony who just 'did' have flat feet now has...
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    what do I use - want "white" inside new stable

    I use osmo country colour it is linseed oil based and so rain blown in no streaks also yips breathable and healthy for the horses. Also use it on the exterior.
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    Towpaths, Bridleway and access creation

    One option to avoid conflict might be what they do on some beaches and also the river path near where I used to live in Wiltshire and restrict horse access to before 10 or 11 am in the BST summer clock hours but allow them anytime in the winter. That way, there was much less likelihood of any...
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    Livery aberdeenshire

    True, was just speaking more generally rather than every specific yard.