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    WANTED - DIY livery or field to rent for one

    Wanted Near Herstmonceux. I'm looking for either DIY livery or a field with shelter/stable to rent in or very near to Herstmonceux, East Sussex. Does anyone have any ideas? Only needs to be an acre and don't need sand school etc. Not needed until spring. I will be putting a postcard in our...
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    Side saddle - Does anyone know....

    Hi, I am considering getting myself some sidesaddle lessons and am wondering if anyone knows of an instructor in Sussex (preferably East) with own horse to have lessons with? All suggestions gratefully received! Thanks.
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    First ever canter.....

    Way Hay. My daughter did her first ever canter today I am the proudest mummy ever . It was at a PC fun day, she was doing the ride and run, the lady who was running with her ran so fast that pony cantered and apart from a squeal from daughter all was very well......V V proud and sooo pleased.