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    How’s your weather?

    Forecast to snow tonight here in Hertfordshire. I'd like it to snow enough that l get to work from home, but not so much that I can't get to the yard!
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    What do you hate that everyone else loves?

    Badly adjusted/wobbly/glaring car headlights Dog clothing (unless actually necessary, which usually it is not) Enormous tvs Pubs with really loud music
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    Lambswool saddle pad

    I'm looking at getting a ghost treeless saddle, I've had one on demo and I'm pretty happy with it. The only issue I've had is slight back and forward movement at the back of the saddle. I've been assured by the rep that this is ok, as the cantle area is non weight bearing. However I'm concerned...
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    Managing a straw bed

    I am deep littering with chopped rape straw under straw, 10x12 stable fully bedded for 15.2 horse. The chopped rape is quite deep and then lots of straw on top. At first I lifted every week but this time I left it a month before digging out the wet. It forms a very stable base after a couple...
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    Haygain forager replacement regulators

    I bought mine second hand but new, but it didn't come with any haygain carabiner clips so I'm just using normal ones. Haygain said theirs are £20 for a set. Are they much different to normal ones?
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    Haygain forager replacement regulators

    I have a haygain forager and it's great, I much prefer it to nets. It came with two regulators, I started with the one with bigger holes but my horse broke two of the plastic clips holding it in place so it doesn't work well anymore, I tried using carabiner clips to replace the broken clips but...
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    Rug weights today/ last night - horse type and rug type

    Mine is unclipped, was in a 100g stable last night. Outdoors usually a rainsheet if it's raining, but has a bucas stay-dry (no fill with fleece lining) for when very wet/cold/windy. He's on assisted livery so the yard turns out - the other night I put his bucas on overnight partly to save the...
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    Has anyone ever struggled with dust/hay allergy?

    What kind of dust masks do those of you that find them helpful use?
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    Yards - How long does it take you to get to yours? options

    I can't understand a yard offering winter grass livery on 0.2 of an acre. Is that paddock an all weather surface? If so then if I had to choose I'd be more inclined to go with yard 2. But only if the 'yard hours' work with you or could be flexible, so if you know you'll be there late/early they...
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    Treeless fit and treefree/ghost/hm?

    Is this the one you had? How did you find the thighblocks? I like the look of the italy, cavallin crusader, or maybe quevis though not sure about the short flaps
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    Treeless fit and treefree/ghost/hm?

    I'm after some fitting advice for an old trekker I have. I'm not sure my horse is completely happy in it. It rubs slightly at the back either side of his spine, I pull the pad (equitex) forward slightly so the back of the saddle doesn't touch and this seems to stop the rubbing. If I don't move...
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    What do you consider light/medium/heavy work?

    Yep equilab. Good to hear you found it accurate :)
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    What do you consider light/medium/heavy work?

    I would say my horse is in light work, I ride about 6 days a week, usually about 2hr hacks weekends with a few good canters and about 1 hour weekdays (now to be replaced with 30 minutes schooling due to darker evenings :( ) I recently got an app to track our hacks, interestingly it also gives...
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    Stable cameras

    Horse is in overnight now and I've thought about getting some kind of stable camera to get an idea of how long his hay lasts, does he lie down much etc. I have seen wildlife cameras for about £40 that can be set on time lapse modes rather than motion trigger, so could take a photo every 10...
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    Horses on livery - where do you all ride them

    If you go on bing maps you can change the view to OS maps using the drop down selection (where you can also select arial view). This is really helpful for seeing what hacking there is around a yard :) Bridleways are the long dashed lines, footpaths are short dash lines, as said above horses...
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    October ... still on summer grazing!

    We have heavy rain forecast tomorrow but dry and sunny next week temps up to 20 in the day minimum 10 at night and there's still plenty of grass so hopefully will stay on summer grazing for a while yet :)
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    Neck covers rubbing mane away

    Maybe OP is planning ahead? Or pony is clipped? Etc... As above just don't use neck rugs. If your pony has a mane it acts as a natural neck cover :) If you have to, griffins suggestion of a detachable lighter neck cover than rug is probably best, and then you can just use the neck when the...
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    Just dropped off my horse on trial loan- feeling sad

    I don't know the place you mention, but sometimes these environments can help difficult horses. A riding school I used to go to used to get in cheap difficult horses, and through regular riding and a variety of riders they would often become much better. It also depends why she's not the...
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    Bucas rugs vs liner sizes

    I think I had better leave it for now then. I get easily tempted by a bargain but I guess it's not a good deal if it doesn't work! With correct sizes, do the liners fit nicely under the outer rug? The smartex I have is no fill, but with the lining it's much warmer than a normal no fill so...
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    Bucas rugs vs liner sizes

    I have a 5'9 Bucas irish turnout and just got a smartex rain. They fit my horse nicely. I've been looking at getting the select cooler and the 150g select stable, according to Bucas website both can be used as liners under the turnouts I have. I've seen them for a good price online but only in...
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    Cyclists passing Horses - Anglia t.v. 6.16 p.m. 03.09.2018

    I had a strange encounter with a cyclist recently. Riding along a farm track bridleway, cyclist coming the other way pushing his bike up the hill. As he approached he wasn't moving over from the middle of the track so I stopped awkwardly on the edge trying to stop horse walking onto farmers...
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    Welly infestation

    Might not be the most hygienic suggestion but you could try freezing them if they'll fit in your freezer? I think that should kill most things
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    Livery yard dilemma

    I used to be at a yard 20 minutes down twisty potholed lanes from home, 5 mins from work. Now 5-10 minutes from home and 25 minutes from work (in the same direction though) and I much prefer this way round. I'm also happier knowing that in cases of extreme weather (like the snow we had last...
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    Remove shoes for introductions?

    Thanks all. I don't think I'll ask if shoes can be removed, but I'll chat to the owner of the new one about what his typical behaviour is like with new horses, I guess she would know whether it's just attitude for show or whether he might actually be aggressive (and hopefully she'll be honest!)...
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    Remove shoes for introductions?

    A new horse recently arrived at the yard, and he's supposed to be joining the same field as mine. They're currently in fields next to each other to get used to each other over a fence before going in together. The new one has been quite threatening to mine over the fence, he's a big horse and...
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    Best tool for mucking out chopped rapeseed bedding?

    Are fynalite forks metal then? What makes you prefer them? I can get back troubles so was thinking lightweight would be better
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    Best tool for mucking out chopped rapeseed bedding?

    I'm thinking of using chopped rape seed straw for bedding this winter, probably bed soft bio as that's what my local store sells. I've only used straw before but hate how dusty it is. What's the best kind of fork to use for rape seed bedding? Gelding is quite tidy in stable, usually poos...
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    I wasn't going to comment but having studied a fair bit of medicinal chemistry I can't not - cancer drugs have complicated mechanisms of action and chemical interactions, 5-fluorouracil and toothpaste are not the same just because they both contain fluorine.
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    Talk to me about Electrolytes...

    Why potassium salt? I've read the opposite, that only sodium chloride should be fed, because they get plenty of potassium in grass