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    RSPCA in the news AGAIN

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    Horse Meat Scandal - Accountability!!

    Am I the only one to be deeply disappointed that food/meat has not been tested for approximately 10 years? Why is this?? Why has no one been looking after the food of our nation? Why don't giants such as Tesco, The Restaurant Group et al employ food testers?
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    RSPCA originally formed by pro hunt Conservative MP

    It is confirmed that the independent Charities Commission have written to the RSPCA regarding their concerns for the amount spent prosecuting a hunt. The RSPCA seems to have come a long way from it's conception 189 years ago formed by Conservative MP Richard Martin. I should imagine he'd be...
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    RSPCA officials to report to Charity Officials

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    Hunt Ban & Free Vote

    According to yesterday's article on The Telegraph, Owen Patterson states that there is no point in a vote on the ban on hunting as there are not enough members of parliament to support or vote for a change in the law. My point is, given that many of us have already walked the streets for MPs...
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    Julian Barnfield

    I'm sorry to hear that Julian Barnfield has retired (as read in H & H)
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    Heythrop Hunt

    Saw Julian Barnfield today. Is he ok - he doesn't look at all well. Does anyone know anything?
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    Heythrop Hunt Ball

    Had my invitation to The Heythrop Hunt Ball though today in November. Anyone else had theirs?
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    Yattendon Sponsored Ride

    Is anyone going on the new sponsored ride in Yattendon near Newbury next month?
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    Surprise Leaders in the show jumping

    Is anyone else as surprised as I am to see the Saudi team sitting in Olympic gold position? Where have these guys come from?
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    Rebecca & Charlie Brooks charged!!

    The Brooks's have been charged with perverting the course of justice. I bet they didn't expect that. How the mighty have fallen.
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    Royal Windsor Horse Show

    Unfortunately due to the adverse weather conditions, most showing classes at Windsor tomorrow are cancelled.
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    Start tape at the Grand National

    Why oh why can't we have a better way to start the Grand National. The men with the tape looked like 'bungling amateurs' Surely such a this is the 'shop window' to so many for racing, that this splendid race course could figure out a better way to start the start?
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    Rebecca Brooks & Charlie Brooks

    Does anyone think that there will be less 'pats on the back' from certain Horsey publications now that both Rebecca and Charlie Brooks have been arrested today?
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    Heythrop Hunt

    Is anyone going to the EGM regarding the new potential incoming master huntsman and and the potential demise of Julian Barnfield?
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    Jeremy Clarkson & Hunting

    Did anyone watch Jeremy Clarkson being hunted by i think the Ledbury on television on Sunday night? Jeremy was in a car towing a fox based scented rag across country being chased by hounds. It was not only brilliant but extremely funny!
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    Tapestry - Coloured Cob

    Does anyone know how Tapestry did at RIHS today?
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    Vale of Aylesbury with Garth and South Berks Hunt

    New Meet!! Did anyone know that the Vale of Aylesbury with Garth and South Berks Hounds were meeting at Ufton Court Ufton Nervet on Saturday? I gather that they haven't met there for many years. Is anyone from this site going?? The meet is just off of junction 12 off the M4