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    My horse had been intermittently lame for over a week, took shoe off couldn't find anything, vet thought strain or twist or bad bruising, after box rest and still not right vet called in again and we found an abscess in the bulb of the heel, I have been poulticing for 1 week now and still...
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    box rest

    My horse was shod last Tuesday, rode Wednesday, fine Thursday, came in lame Friday, hosed puffy fetlock, he's a bit of a wassock in field so thought he had been galloping about and ground now quite hard, Friday evening still lame, so hosed again and ice tight, Saturday morning little better, so...
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    Brillint farrier

    I was poo picking this morning at 9.30, lo and behold came across shoe in middle of field, texted my farrier thinking it would take quite a few days to get it put back on he came at 11.30 same morning to put the shoe on how's that for service.
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    Hi, I have a very soft quilted (like a polypad quilt) Numed Griffin pure wool gp original numnah, I love it to bits and constantly use it as it fits horse, and saddle perfectly, washes really well, however I am struggling to get the same again, they are all the tight quilted ones 5 oz I believe...
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    competition prize

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    buying a horse

    Hi, some thoughts please, I am age 63, have been riding for a very long time and hunt most seasons, unfortunately I lost my 20 yr old mare that I had from a foal, last christmas. I decided I was too old to own another horse so I help out at a Hunt yard some of the time and get to hunt the horses...
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    Update on How lazy am I

    Hi, Well the sun has come out so after being very lazy and not riding since the snow, I have had my horse out every day this week, she has been bathed and I have pulled her very long mane, rugs are off and I am raring to go. I am going to try and be more positive now.
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    I am being very lazy

    Since the snow in December I rode my mare three or four times a week she was clipped and fairly fit, I couldnt get her clipped again as she is out 24/7 and we need a generator down at the field too do her. it was just too cold, I have only riddern her half a dozen times since the snow, its...
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    beach ride

    Hi, Had a brilliant beach ride yesterday at theddlethorpe, lincolnshire, we ususally go twice a year. just two of us riding, didnt think we would go as weather forecast horrid, but it turned out to be a lovely day, lots of canters and a good gallop. Did my mare the world of good, such a change...
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    dog walkers

    What would you have done! My field is located on a bridleway which i have to use to get to village, lots of dog walkers use it and generally are fine, control dogs or put them on lead, today as I returned there was a lady whose dog was quite a long way behind her so as I approached I asked if...
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    Lively ride out

    Just thought I would share this with you, went for a nice hack yesterday morning and going along quite nicely when lo and behold a Helicopter appears just above the tree - tops, well my horse was brilliant, just a bit of dancing and cantering on the spot then rode home in a good lively trot, I...
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    Hi, I have been hunting my mare for six years, and I use a red ribbon all the time as she cow kicks a lot, she has never kicked anyone or another horse but I know she would if they get to close. I try to stay at the back but sometimes its impossible to, so i then return to back when i can. i...