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  1. deb_l222

    Where and how does your dog sleep at night?

    Button - always on the bed. She's a princess :rolleyes: Rufus - sometimes on the bed. Most of the time on the floor in the bedroom. Willow - again, sometimes on the bed but most of the time she will sleep downsatirs. Wherever they are, they will stay asleep as long as I'm asleep, unless...
  2. deb_l222

    Loaf of bread gone in 60 seconds

    Willow would have also eaten the plastic bag as well!! You should be OK, just don't add any more food to the mix for several hours. Give the bread chance to work its way through :rolleyes: Clyde, the long dead (thank goodness) springer used to have a fetish for all sorts of nonsense; socks...
  3. deb_l222

    Any ideas what he might have done?

    Fizzing eck, I hope he’s insured if your vet’s first thought is an MRI scan as a means of diagnosis :) Sounds more positive but I know what you mean about paying a vet just to tell you everything is OK. I often start a lot of consultations with “I’m probably overreacting but......”
  4. deb_l222

    How many dogs is "normal".... and how many are too many?

    Oh my god yes!! Suddenly I have my hands full with three but I was perfectly in control with two. If anyone says that, I usually say “yeah, it’s this one that’s a nightmare” and point at Willow lol 😂 We’ve just come back from the seaside and they’ve all had an upset tummy, hence the mass...
  5. deb_l222

    How many dogs is "normal".... and how many are too many?

    After I lost Kiera, I just had two for a long while. Walking them never really caused a second glance but since I’ve had Willow and been back up to three, I get all sorts of random people stopping for a chat. Granted, Willow is as mad as a box of frogs but I think the interest is down to...
  6. deb_l222

    Sleeping puppies

    Well, yes indeed, I was thinking exactly the same thing!! I opened this up expecting to see a bundle of sleeping lab poopies :p
  7. deb_l222

    Crufts 2019, sorely tempted

    Hmmmm the Scottie didn’t float my boat sadly. The JRT was a cracker, or the Irish
  8. deb_l222

    Crufts 2019, sorely tempted

    I want the Sealyham Terrier to rule the world 😍
  9. deb_l222

    Fat little dog!!

    I shall say it like it is, she’s not just a bit fat, she’s HUGE!! You’re doing her no favours by not getting the weight under control and quickly. If she has luxating patellas, extra weight will make this condition 10 times worse. Keep going with the food you’ve got but cut it in half. No...
  10. deb_l222

    Doggy sleeping arrangements - help!

    I’ve nothing really useful to add as my dogs are allowed on my bed if they choose but you may find, as yours gets more secure, the need to be THAT close may diminish on its own. On the other hand of course, he may just be exceptionally comfortable and want the bed for the rest of his life!! The...
  11. deb_l222

    All the gear and no idea.....

    I used to take Rufus running with me and he was fabulous company. Just trotted along perfectly. I would never entertain taking the girls however as I would be on my backside before you could say Mo Farah. Neither of them can walk in a straight line for love nor money so running would be a...
  12. deb_l222

    Should have gone to specsavers!

    A bad haircut only lasts 4 weeks. Can’t remember which daft person once told me that but there’s an element of truth in there. In a couple of weeks, at least, you will be so used to it you won’t care. I had kind of this dilemma when I hurt my hand but mine was the left hand. I considered...
  13. deb_l222

    Your recent dog-ventures - let's see your pictures :D

    Willow (wonkey donkey) doing her performing seal act. Costs a fortune but she adores going and it seems to be doing her knees some good :D She does however drink vast quantities of pool water and spends the rest of the afternoon weeing :oops:
  14. deb_l222

    Shire x Clyde or pure Clyde?

    Shires are much sharper than Clydesdales but that’s not to say they don’t make good riding horses. They do but they’re definitely less forgiving than Clydes. A very wise heavy horse breeder once said to me that any shire cross is worth considering but only if the dam is the shire. Not sure...
  15. deb_l222

    Sleep well, big dog

    Awww bless him. Lots of love, it’s a crappy time but take comfort in the good times. Fantastic age for a spuglet
  16. deb_l222

    JR x Norfolk terrier

    Now, I would NEVER thank you for a puppy, they're just not my thing - I like them a bit longer in the tooth but how could you possibly say nooooooo to that?????? On a more serious note, my one and only JRT (Pip) was a fabulous dog. Lived until she was 20 years old, hated kids with a passion...
  17. deb_l222

    Sofa - leather or fabric covered?

    Yes, this is me. Pay a fortune for a beautiful leather settee then cover it up with throws because, contrary to popular belief, dog nails DO scratch leather. I suppose I could just keep them off the furniture but life's too short ;) If I didn't have dogs, I would have fabric because I find...
  18. deb_l222

    Sleep well Aled

    Awww lots of love. It's a rubbish time but keep the happy times in your head and take comfort in knowing he had a fabulous retirement.
  19. deb_l222

    Juno stars at foundation agility *pictures

    Fabulous pictures, she’s beautiful :)
  20. deb_l222

    'The worst thing he ever did' (for fun)

    Clyde Dreadful creature, everything went down that dog’s gullet. Lino, wallpaper, socks, pants, etc etc. His favourite thing was pretending to be the andrex puppy and running off with the loo roll. Was still being naughty up to the day he died. Age didn’t mellow him. Loved him dearly xx...
  21. deb_l222

    Friend's dog home alone - wwyd

    By the sounds of it, the dog has an otherwise wonderful life, apart from the number of hours being left and, at the end of the day, he has no concept of whether he is being left for 4 hours or 8 hours or 12 hours. If he's not wrecking the house, or otherwise being a pain in the posterior, I...
  22. deb_l222

    Joint fusion or amputation?

    I have no experience at all of fusion but I just wanted to sympathise as it must be a tough decision. I think dogs cope well on 3 legs and I was all for amputating Willow's dodgy leg but her other back leg wasn't stable enough to carry the weight of two, so surgery was the option chosen...
  23. deb_l222

    Fun Time Friday...........

    Just because life is wayyyyyyyy too serious at the moment. E.T. Phone Home :D You rang m' Lord Not got a daft one of Button. I shall aim to rectify this. To be fair, her permanent head tilt makes her look constantly endearing these days ;)
  24. deb_l222

    Older Border Collie leg lump - what would you do?

    If the lump is starting to impede movement, I would operate. Yes, there's the complication of lack of muscle on the feet and joints but it will heal up if you're careful and don't rush things. My previous black and white bonkers dog had a toe removed at 13 years old and it healed up completely...
  25. deb_l222

    Do people still leave dogs tied up outside shops?

    I see plenty of dogs tied up waiting outside my village shop and I've done this in the past but I wouldn't now. It's not so much the thought of getting them stolen round here, I'm more worried about strange dogs and humans coming up to them and what their reaction might be if I'm not there...
  26. deb_l222

    Yard owners asking us to support planning

    This in a nutshell. Why should you support someone else’s planning application? It would be like me planning an extension to my house and asking my friend to support it. Why would they? Just stay neutral but have a plan in place if things go wrong with the stables.
  27. deb_l222


    Oh I say!! Too cute for words. My three are totally dis-interested in the snow, although we haven't got much. I thought Willow might get a bit of a jiggle on but nope, nada, not bothered.
  28. deb_l222

    Today I will mostly be wondering why I have greyhounds.....

    On Wednesday I despaired of having springers - well, one in particular!! Having a lovely chat with an estate agent Wednesday afternoon, dogs had been perfect but Willow and Rufus had started to get a bit boisterous while we were sat chatting. Popped Willow into the kitchen. She has learned a...
  29. deb_l222

    How’s your weather?

    Yep, this is me also. I have lots of pretty frozen spider webs everywhere.