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  1. Chinchilla

    Finally introducing the gorgeous chocolate Muffin!

    Oh he's beautiful :) And yes would qualify as seal bay/brown....pretty boy!
  2. Chinchilla

    Post your un usual colored horses.

    My fewspot....She has no white patterns at all lol but homozygous LP&PATN1 and heterozygous grey too. No idea on breeding. She isn't obviously 'unusual' until you get close up or see her wet. Wet she looks awesome (if I do say so myself....) with brilliantly white fur and madly freckled skin...
  3. Chinchilla

    Greying out.

    Diva's daughter. Few hours old, few days, long yearling, five year old. (She's eeGgLPlpPATN1patn1 for the colour genetics peeps!) Her colt is greying out too I think but I don't have any photos of him that show the change.
  4. Chinchilla

    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    Not sure what's wrong with sending a message if you're interested? That way you can organise a time to phone that suits both parties - better than just ringing and crossing your fingers surely!
  5. Chinchilla

    Are horses the ultimate sanity saviours?

    Depends on the horse. My smaller one could probably be credited with being the reason I'm still here but the bigger ones I think have made me more insane than not (sorry, horses!) 🤣
  6. Chinchilla

    New horse shopping criteria

    Expensive though - worth it if he's all the ad says he is though. And if the seller could be persuaded to drop the price slightly and OP could stretch above budget slightly perhaps the finance side of things wouldn't be completely implausible. It does depend what the seller means by...
  7. Chinchilla

    New horse shopping criteria

    out of budget but sounds up your street slh though doubt your sensible friend would approve it does say will reduce price 'significantly' for quick sale. I really, really like that horse :confused:
  8. Chinchilla

    Dumb question on TB/Arab Origins

    Cheers both.... Knew a simple explanation was eluding my caffeine-deprived brain! ;)
  9. Chinchilla

    Dumb question on TB/Arab Origins

    Looking on allbreedpedigree I found this guy - 'Darcys Yellow Turk' an arabian born ~1670 - But it says he was palomino, and I thought purebred arabs couldn't be palomino? I was also under the impression that modern TBs were originally from Arabian, Barb and Akhal Teke horses; none of the...
  10. Chinchilla

    New horse shopping criteria

    But slh also said they did not mind something that needed a bit of work; what differentiates 'not a novice ride' and 'needs work', surely there is a fair amount of crossover?
  11. Chinchilla

    Breeds you admire ...

    Anatolian shepherd dogs - have wanted one forever! Kangals English setters Red setters Dalmatians ...But my all time favourite breed has to be a staffie. They are the most superb cuddle monsters ever.
  12. Chinchilla

    New horse shopping criteria

    How about this? She is grey unfortunately though and at your maximum budget.... or this although 'needs regular exercise' maybe...
  13. Chinchilla

    Pictures Update on going to view a horse

    She's beautiful. Congratulations!
  14. Chinchilla

    Giving horse sedative for placebo effect on the rider!?

    It was a complete accident so far as I'm aware. He didn't kick so much as buck and catch me by mistake. I'm more than willing to take a non pharmacological calmer myself if anyone can recommend one? In other news I ACTUALLY RUGGED UP the horse that kicked me at the weekend. Cheated a bit and...
  15. Chinchilla

    Another British Horse Society c**k-up

    Source for this data please? ETA I know it says accounts but surely they would give even the barest indication of where that 42% goes? I might be wrong but I thought charities legally had to declare where all income was spent?
  16. Chinchilla

    Giving horse sedative for placebo effect on the rider!?

    Yep,that's what I am talking about - but I think I have decided AGAINST giving the horse anything. Not averse to taking something myself though.
  17. Chinchilla

    What do you feed your oldies?

    Lots and lots of purabeet with Alfa a oil for our oldie, who like yours needs medication but struggles with non soaked feeds because he's missing a few teeth now. But free samples are absolutely your friend with fussier oldies :)
  18. Chinchilla

    Giving horse sedative for placebo effect on the rider!?

    Okay. What would people recommend as a placebo (for me)? I've heard good things about Bach's rescue remedy...?
  19. Chinchilla

    Giving horse sedative for placebo effect on the rider!?

    Theoretically yes. It's called placebo by proxy and is basically where someone's behaviour is affected by the belief of others that their behaviour will now change. (I think, not sure if I've worded that brilliantly though...) Part of me acknowledges I just need to be a bit more patient, but...
  20. Chinchilla

    Giving horse sedative for placebo effect on the rider!?

    Probably not: that is the one problem about having rescue animals, they have issues😂 it really wasn't his fault anyway, he's not at all nasty in any way. As I said, my confidence is getting better, just slowly.
  21. Chinchilla

    Giving horse sedative for placebo effect on the rider!?

    Thanks all. Looks like I need to sing then🤭 I probably should have been more explicit about my own (in)capabilities and aims before posting this thread, but....I can now groom (though doing tails needs a deep breath before!), rug, lunge and turn out 3/4 of ours; long reining and catching are...
  22. Chinchilla

    Giving horse sedative for placebo effect on the rider!?

    Yes. It's just psychological and yes I need to get a grip lol. But it helps me personally to believe that the horse will not do anything: then, I do whatever the task is, realise I'm fine, and can keep doing it. But I sometimes need something to help me do it first time around,hence asking about...
  23. Chinchilla

    Giving horse sedative for placebo effect on the rider!?

    The horse isn't doing anything, that's the point, and logically I do know that, sort of, but I need to do something to make myself believe that more solidly. Hence placebo effect - herbs won't do much if given in tiny doses, it's more the act of giving the horse something that's calming.
  24. Chinchilla

    Giving horse sedative for placebo effect on the rider!?

    As per title; does anyone do this? Is it fair and safe to do to the horse? By the way, I'm talking herbal things - not heavy duty veterinary sedatives - like valerian horse treats and things like that. I probably sound mad but have realised if I can convince myself the horse is safe I'm...
  25. Chinchilla

    What do your 14.2hh cob types weigh?

    Diva is 450kg at 150cm. Not really a cob though; she has just under 8" of bone.
  26. Chinchilla

    Hello! Would You Like To Kiss My Snozz?!?!

    *kisses enthusiastically* This pic made my day . Too cute 😍😍 *Kisses again for luck*
  27. Chinchilla

    Help... enormous sachets of antibiotics

    I know. But when we were using it, it was for a very fussy wbxtb who wasn't at risk of laminitis and who always reacted to IM injections, so for that individual, it was the best solution. (She didn't like peppermint, or branch mashes!) Might not be the best for other horses/people/situations but...
  28. Chinchilla

    Help... enormous sachets of antibiotics

    When I was doing this (admittedly not recently) it was a fair few tablespoons irrc . It needs to be an okay consistency to get through the syringe but you can use old worming tubes if you have them.
  29. Chinchilla

    Help... enormous sachets of antibiotics

    It's much cheaper and easier IMHO to just buy some icing sugar and sugar and drugs altogether in a syringe and shove it down like that.