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    Vets in Kent help

    Looking for some opinions... What vets do people use? My local two vets are Bell Equine or Newham Court. I use an independent vet at the moment but would like to go on one of the plans that Bell and Newham offer but unsure what practice to go with as the plans don’t differ much so just would...
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    New yard, preparing a highly strung horse

    You say teddy bear..... my horse has a teddy bear - in fact its a unicorn - all i can say is this is the third teddy bear shes had now - she loves them and in all honesty i think they work - a bit anyway. Mine does suck hers which is a bit grim when you have to move it out of the way and its...
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    Pavo or Cavalor

    Morning! Has anyone used either of this brand of feed before? I have used Cavalor supplements but never the feed and keep seeing Pavo feeds advertised and Cavalor feeds. Does anyone have any experience good or bad?
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    Leather bits...

    Has any one ever used a leather bit? If so how did you get on and what was your horse like before? Someone Has suggested for me to try a leather bit on my horse and wondered what people’s views and opinions were? Leather covered or complete leather thank you
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    Research help please :)

    It’s open to all! If you don’t have a horse anymore, still have one, keep horses at home and what you would expect etc :) It’s for an assignment and it’s for the topic if chosen which is Gaps in the Livery Market and Is there room for improvement? Research Iv got so far through social media...
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    Research help please :)

    Thank you to all who have replied so far been very helpful!
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    Research help please :)

    I am doing some research for a course I am doing and was wondering if anyone would be willing to answer the following questions for my research? If so, please would you message me or comment below your answers? Much appreciated! What do you expect from a livery yard? Are you DIY, Part...
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    Equiline Saddles?

    Has anyone had/ridden in an Equiline Saddle before? I am looking for a new saddle and thought I would treat myself (being nearly Christmas) and was looking at these. Any suggestions on them or views? Or any other views on saddles?
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    Not another Joint Supplement post... :D

    Happy Tuesday! I was just wondering what joint supplements people feed there horses and why? I am looking to change the one i currently use due to cost and wondered what else was out there that people use. I currently use Cosequin. Thank you
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    Horse opening mouth

    My horse is grabs hold of the bit and leans occasionally takes off into a fence when once she grabbed hold of the bit, opens mouth all the time and loves crossing her jaw and "taking charge". I also went down the same route as you, teeth back bit expert etc. She had been way over bitted in the...
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    change of name?

    I had a horse called Brian whom I sold to a friend but.... His registered name is "Van de Helven Van de Schiechenhoff V"... yep, think they exhausted themselves with his wordy registered name so they gave up and called him Brian. He was however a 18hh massive grey warmblood with the biggest ears...
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    What does yours do?

    She threatens with faces and legs and walks round and round whilst threatening with this. If you had been treated like she was in the past you could appreciate your behavior. But then again I forgot how much people like to turn fun nice tell me about your experiences or your horse posts into...
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    What does yours do?

    I think I own one of the oddest mare's (in my opinion) out there. So the following she only does for me, anyone else and your ignored :D She prefers biscuits to carrots and apples but they have to be chocolate or the posh Borders Oat Crumbles. You have to call them bisqwuits in a high pitched...
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    Kieffer Jump Saddles... Thoughts?

    My horse is notorious for changing shape and being very sensitive to saddles. I bought a lovely CWD saddle to which when first put on she had me straight off on the floor! (before anyone asks her back is perfectly fine shes just sensitive to close contact) So saddler suggested I try a...
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    Juggling time...

    Hey, Just curious to know how other people juggle your time around your career if its not an equine one? I am a GP and have my horse on Part Livery and spend most of my weekend - if not all of it - at the yard also week nights apart from 1-2 week nights where my OH might get a look in :P...
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    Best Competition mix/feed/supplement?

    Personal opinion having ridden for a top showjumper in Germany for 4 years, what your feeding sounds ok, I will be inclined to agree with others on this that there is not enough stamina work in there. Hacking is the best way to get them fit, hill work and interval training. Just a little idea...
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    Running out of ideas... Suggestions please

    Its is not a claim. Its a fact, one which I have seen on numerous occasions with my own eyes. The same way in which an electric fence works. There is more too it than just allowing the horse to hit its front legs on the pole and the tape, special boots are used so a shock is felt and a number of...
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    Running out of ideas... Suggestions please

    The mare I have is fine with Rustic but not coloured. She is a lost cause. However. I agree, if hes getting slowly better then repetition, lots of reward when he does go over them and taking slow and easy, keep engaging his brain so he doesn't get bored of it also, and switches off. Once he...
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    Running out of ideas... Suggestions please

    They hit the leg not the hoof so they don't trip. Occasionally results in a fall but the people that do this are very experienced, they know when to move the pole and slack the fencing.
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    Running out of ideas... Suggestions please

    Taped is where electric fencing is placed above the top pole of the jump, high enough so when the top pole is lifted the electric fencing is still higher. The electric charge is running through the fencing. When the horse goes over the top pole along is lifted as close to the electric fencing as...
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    Running out of ideas... Suggestions please

    Along same lines as this. He could have been rapped or taped. I have (now my mothers horse) a lovely Irish sports horse who, when faced with going anywhere near, be it over, around within half a meter vicinity of a coloured pole either does a massive spook, shakes, snorts, trembles and has been...
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    Clippers, which ones?

    Good Morning everyone! So I am thinking of buying some clippers as up until now I have always used my friends or have paid her to clip my horses for me - not that I mind this as her being a showjumping groom means my horse is clipped to perfection compared to my mediocre clipping! But now I...
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    Fabbydo - how long does it last you?
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    Considering moving to part livery for my horse- anyone done it?

    I did this in November of this year and have never looked back! I am very "precious" over my horse as she cost a hell of a lot of money and she can be a bit "special" to handle. My main concern was how attached she was to me and I didn't want her over grown dog syndrome to change. It hasn't. She...
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    FULL LIVERY yard in Sevenoaks

    Woodlands Equestrian Centre, cotmans ash lane, sevenoaks
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    Sorry forgot to mention! I know its expensive :) Just wanted some views on it really.
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    Hey So I was wondering if anyone had used this supplement and what they thought of it? Looking to purchase it for my little poppet :o and wanted some views if anyone had any. Thanks!