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  1. EventingMum

    Start box at BE

    Technically you can trot but not canter (canter is considered dangerous riding), although I suspect you're safer to walk in and teach your horse to make a walk to canter transition when the starter says go. Ideally, work out when in the starter's count down you need to enter the start box to...
  2. EventingMum

    Camping with trailer

    With hook ups you'll need a cable and special plug as they are designed to plug into lorries, a caravan shop should be able to help.
  3. EventingMum

    Eventing Eventing Aspirations

    I echo what others have said, it takes time, determination and money but it is possible. Obviously, you have a long way to go to get to where you aspire to be but every journey starts with a first step. As mentioned the long school holidays will be to your advantage and it's perfectly possible...
  4. EventingMum

    Horse shopping or any shopping come to that

    Glad it worked out. I'm looking for a very specific type with little sucess so far. Last weekend I dragged Mr EM nearly 5 hours to stay in a Premier Inn to view a horse the following day for the horse to ditch the rider showing him to us within the first few minutes and then threaten to rear...
  5. EventingMum

    Horsebox insurers and breakdown recommendations please!

    I had the most horrendous experience with SEIB which resulted in the pony being in transit for 21 hours, the rescue services couldn't have cared less and I ended up having to get a friend to travel to rescue us. I know they did change their breakdown service provider afterwards but it really put...
  6. EventingMum

    Horsebox insurers and breakdown recommendations please!

    Highly recommend NFU for insurance and breakdown cover.
  7. EventingMum

    I have to sell my pony

    Big hugs from me too. PIP is a joke, I'm disabled and after many years caved in recently and applied. I couldn't walk from the car park to the assessment centre so was in a wheelchair but they turned me down for the mobility benefit but granted me the other part (I forget what it's called) on...
  8. EventingMum

    The 2019 Badminton XC Thread

    I had to go out and test drive a car and I think the salesman thought I was mad as I was more worried about getting back to watch Badminton than trying out the car!
  9. EventingMum

    The 2019 Badminton XC Thread

    Absolutely thrilled for Wills in his first 5*
  10. EventingMum

    The 2019 Badminton XC Thread

    Scottish hopes resting on Wills now.
  11. EventingMum

    The 2019 Badminton XC Thread

    Devastated for Louisa :(
  12. EventingMum

    The 2019 Badminton XC Thread

    Come on Duck, I'm willing him round!
  13. EventingMum

    The 2019 Badminton XC Thread

    Ben is riding so well, love this horse!
  14. EventingMum

    Buying a pony with a mark on his side

    That's very similar to marks a pony we had had on both her stifles, coincidently she was dun. My vet had known her with her previous owner and said she had been pretty ill as a youngster and been lying in dirty bedding for quite a while and it was a fungal type thing that had left the scars. We...
  15. EventingMum

    With some trepidation.....

    What lucky boy to have found a place in your gang!
  16. EventingMum

    Failed the vet so the search is back on

    I would just move on from Summer, what she did or didn't do for you is irrelevant now, perhaps she just prefers men, who knows? She wasn't the horse for you and that's it. You've bought the new one, some others wouldn't in your position, some would - it's your money and your choice. You seem to...
  17. EventingMum

    XC training riding school Scotland - without own horse

    Gleneagles or Blackdyke would be worth a call.
  18. EventingMum

    Toddler saddles and hats...

    There are quite a lot of lightweight hats available many of which are adjustable however very few are kitemarked, I've found the Uvex Onyx to be good plus it is kitemarked. We've used an Inky Dinky for tiny riders in our RDA group and all seemed comfortable in it but then the biggest pony was...
  19. EventingMum

    Finally introducing the gorgeous chocolate Muffin!

    I really like him! I hope you have lots of fun with him and if not send him my way!!!!
  20. EventingMum

    Looking for a remedial farrier

    Jim Ferrie or is he the one you have used? If not his brother Alan or David Shearer.
  21. EventingMum

    Rest in Peace Flick

    So very sorry, she was lucky to be so loved right to the end x
  22. EventingMum

    How to pronounce "lorry."

    Rhymes with sorry, pick ups are sometimes described as trucks but so are lorries. Lorries are also sometimes called wagons in horse circles. Trailers are usually called trailers or horseboxes - all confusing!
  23. EventingMum

    Another British Horse Society c**k-up

    I couldn't attend the meeting but someone I know was saying LP shouldn't be a trustee as it is against the constitution as she has a pension from the BHS. I would be interested to hear if this was raised last right?
  24. EventingMum

    BHS training

    It would be hard work but definitely not impossible. Realistically without a good competition record you will be attractive for teaching in a riding school, lower level PC/RC environment. As a RS proprietor if you were reliable and full of common sense you would be the type of person I would...
  25. EventingMum

    Yellow lead?

    It would be good if it could be publicised more but you can't legislate for stupid. A couple of years ago one of our JRTs went completely blind. I got him a harness and a coat which both clearly said Blind Dog on them to warn people. He was quite happy on a split lead with our other dog and...
  26. EventingMum

    Replacing hat after a fall?

    BHS approved riding schools will need a kitemark in addition to VG1
  27. EventingMum

    Another British Horse Society c**k-up

    I am unable to attend the Scottish meeting or conference as I have recently been in hospital so if anyone is going and could give a resume afterwards I'd be very grateful.
  28. EventingMum

    Little grey twit is gone :( His obituary

    So sorry to read this, he sounds like he was a huge character.
  29. EventingMum

    Flick has had a stroke ☹️☹️☹️☹️

    Fingers crossed she continues to improve x
  30. EventingMum

    BHS vs UKCC

    Totally agree with this, I find the same. The BHS qualifications cover much more, I know those with UKCC qualifications who don't have the necessary knowledge to pass BHS Stage 2.