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    Rules... livery yards

    Surely it is all about reading the mood music as to whether yard is concerned about water usage and occupying space? Some are and some aren't depending on whether metered or not, and how they view water useage and costs, and how busy yard is etc. I've washed my car at yards, and not done so at...
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    Arthritic changes- supplement recommendations

    My vet recommended this (super concentrated devils claw) as a bute alternative that works. I think it is 7 times stronger than standard devils claw. I found it good.
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    Any value in 2nd hand saddles?

    Sadly what you paid new or second hand, is not necessarily any connection to what the realistic second hand value of a saddle is. I think it is possibly over priced for the secondhand market. If you look what that make and model is selling for on ebay / preloved. I bought a faded scruffy...
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    Any value in 2nd hand saddles?

    If you put in the advert willing to post of drive an hour in any direction to facilitate meeting up it helps.
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    Full livery price

    Full livery in Surrey normally means all accommodation, basic care, grooming and tack cleaning and basic exercise e.g. a combination of lunge twice, horse walker twice, hack twice, school twice; number of days to be agreed. I've seen full livery contracts that include exercising 3-4 times a week...
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    Rugs, rugs and more rugs!!!!

    I'd probably ask friends / other liveries if you can try their rugs on (providing similar size) to work out what brands fit her best. Or if you existing rugs fit her well, get light weights in the same brands. Ebay second hand is good if you are still experimenting. Or local facebook horsey...
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    Help... enormous sachets of antibiotics

    spearmint may help or yes, you can buy liquid molasses and add it to feed (assuming not at risk laminitis or getting a sugar high) Yes can buy dosing syringes work well for bute. Not sure large amount antibiotic would dissolve though. A vet in france recommended adding full fat coke a cola for...
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    Causes of wonky feet in adult horse?

    What might cause an adult horse, in regular work, no change of conditions, or farrier to develop wonky feet? Front feet are growing faster to inside than outside. Causing feet to look wonky by end of shoeing cycle. Farrier said something going on, but unsure what? Horse is sound, but...
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    Are YOs and YMs people to be feared?

    I think there are good yards, but they are outnumbered by the not so good yards. It is a challenge to find good yards. If you look for a long established yard, that is recommended by vets / instructors. Ideally one you have a happy friend at. Where the set up is such that the yard is...
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    Stable size - HELP

    Thanks, actually measuring one is 11 x 11 and other no longer available, but there is a bigger option, maybe for the bigger horse, bit complex. So think 6ft-6ft3 rug 16hh horse be okay in 11 x 11, and 17hh should get 12 x 12 in due course. Then 16hh would hopefully eventually move to...
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    Stable size - HELP

    Stable size for two horses, one is 16hh and short coupled, other is 17hh and long coupled. If you had a choice between: Yard A two stables 11.25 x 12ft in size (I think are standard 12 x 12 outside standard but inside are bit smaller when measure inside after cladding etc). Winter turnout...
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    Stress laminitis from shoeing?

    Echo this, I have seen it a few times, when young farriers have over trimmed. It looks terrible, but a week or two of bute, and stabling and they do normally bounce back okay.7 Laminitis - means inflammation of the laminae. It doesn't have to be any long term impact, if you haven't got pedal...
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    Increase in laminitis?

    Grass has gone mad! Vet said seeing grass colic and grass laminitis. Weather has been warm and wet, grass really flushing. I have my smaller horse in a muzzle which I have never needed before. Big horse still okay without, but he had a horrid 6 week foot abscess that has taken it out of...
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    Anyone use straw pellets? Which are most cost effective?

    Wondering about swapping from wood pellets? Thanks
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    Wood pellets and sole thickness?

    Does sawdust cause thin soles? What's the basis for that? Thanks
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    Wood pellets and sole thickness?

    Thanks do you both deep litter?
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    Wood pellets and sole thickness?

    Wood pellets and sole thickness. Has anyone had or heard of foot issues - thin soles especially being linked to wood pellet bedding? Two people have suggested may be causing soles to get thinner but changing bedding quite tricky as I've bought in bulk. So interested in views. One of my...
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    Full Livery Yards - Reading & Surrounding areas/ villages

    Vicky Powley? Think has website / FB page.
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    Prolite girth loops

    Me it's.fine
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    help! how much contribution for a part loan?

    If the loaner was to pay half the livery costs for three days riding, the owner is HARDLY making money from the sharer! As with farrier / vet / vaccinations / bodywork / equipment etc. the owner is still likely to be paying 60-70% of horses monthly cost, and all of the risk if the horse is...
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    Wood Pellet Users Beware!

    It was on the phone that they said don't recommend storage outside as bags have air holes in them and can absorb damp. I think I specifically asked before my first order, and as a result stored them indoors. I do think there is dry storage and damp storage - my hay store has air flow but stays...
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    Wood Pellet Users Beware!

    White horse customer service generally IS very good. Anyone I know whose sent photos of split bags has had them compensated. I think maybe the issue is you didn't complain within 14 days of delivery?
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    Wood Pellet Users Beware!

    White horse platinum plus pellet bags have always had air holes in them (about the size of hole punch holes). They do not advise storing them outside OR in a damp environment. This is different to some other brands of wood pellets. I stored LWP outside and they didn't have holes. Dome of the...
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    Would you

    They probably won't actually turn up to view!
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    Reality check...

    SF = Selle Francais?
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    Am I too pushy?

    I'd think about showing your parents this thread as you put your case across very clearly. Where are you located? As maybe someone can suggest the right contacts. In terms of good places to ride or good share opportunities. I've seen some great share arrangements where kids help out and learn...
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    Owners with horse's out on loan

    That was my attitude too when I had one on loan. I loved having an interested party to share trivia with and use as sounding board. We had a relationship based on trust and loving the horse. I've bought him now but still in touch and old owner still visits and sometimes rides. Much harder...
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    Cracked Wintec Tree?

    trees guaranteed for 10 years