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    My heart has ruled my head!

    Just think of him as a BOGOF - if he turns out well, you've got a cracker and a bargain to boot! If he proves more challenging, then you'll mentally feel less pressured to make him perfect. Fingers crossed for the former!
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    Older riders, hope for us all!

    Well I now really want a yellow roll neck. I don't even particularly like yellow. What an amazing woman!
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    Help me make an excuse!

    So I am of a slightly different opinion to many on here in that I don't mind being asked, as long as the person is perfectly happy for me to say no. I think this is partly due to how we all had to share and help each other with transport when I was growing up so it just felt a bit more normal to...
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    Disappointing First Outing with New Pony

    Ah, well it happens to the best of us and well done for persevering! As terrifying as it might sound when they're in airborne dragon mode, sometimes being ridden and worked hard helps as it takes their mind of all the exciting things. Better luck next time, I'm sure she will improve!
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    Struggling with hacking

    Lovely horse! A couple of comments in addition to what has already been said. To reiterate, stop attempting to hack out by yourself for now, you are only going to reinforce his bad behaviour because it is clear that you cannot handle it (not a criticism, I think we've all been there!). I would...
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    Hacking with a phone 😡

    I have a little bum bag - also useful for carrying a little hoofpick for emergency stones!
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    What sort of dog is that

    We have an Irish Terrier - however she's so scruffy, she looks like a complete mutt. People just have no idea what she is so don't even dare guess\!
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    Extremely worried - very sudden total lameness

    A very long time - some will always need digging out. I'll cross my fingers that's what it is.
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    Extremely worried - very sudden total lameness

    Abcess? Most common cause of sudden, non-obvious lameness. Might be worth getting the farrier out for a dig around.
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    Confusing advice about my mare

    Doesn't look like we're getting an update - shame as I was intrigued!
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    Am I making excuses for myself?

    I had a the same lightbulb moment a few years ago. Unfortunately I had already sold a horse that I had been struggling with because in that lightbulb moment I realised how much more effectively I could have ridden him had I not felt so insecure in his saddly. I had assumed that it was my seat...
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    Am I being selfish??

    Hmmm her being rude at least takes the immediate conundrum away! Well if he genuinely costs you that little (although that obviously doesn't include dentist, farrier, vets, jabs etc) then I would keep working him but think about advertising relatively soon to see who comes up.
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    Am I being selfish??

    Well how much will his value increase through working him? Is it more than what it would cost to keep him for x number of months? I would bet that keeping him costs far more than waiting for a better price - you're unlikely to add £2-5k in the next year. That said, I wouldn't accept the £500...
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    First lesson for Ludo

    He's lovely and looks just as he should - a gangly baby learning about the world, albeit with a mature brain. He's going to be a cracker! ETA - reading back that sounds harsh, I hope it comes across as intended - in that he looks lovely, sensible, great potential but rightly looks his age.
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    In or out in the snow?

    I prefer them out as we've had them trapped in before due to it not being safe to take them to the field and that was not a fun few days - very fed up horses and owners! If they are out, they have ad lib hay.
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    Water overnight

    Sounds like a good decision. To give some context, I give my miniature Shetland a trug that holds 3-4 buckets worth overnight, and he is teeny tiny! Water is really not a thing to scrimp on. ETA - said Shetland doesn't drink 4 buckets in one night, of course. I just like to make sure that they...
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    Showjumping Bruised and battered.

    Sorry to hear the update - I hope it is something fixable and I'm sure you are in good hands. Thank goodness someone filmed it!
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    What would you pay?

    It might be worth setting up your own "fund" instead that you pay monthly into. Have a think about the kinds of procedures you would put her through (eg. colic surgery - I made the decision with my older boys not to put them through it if necessary) and whether insurance would likely cover those...
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    What would you pay?

    As you know the pony and your daughter enjoys riding her, I would say go for it, provided you will be able to look after the pony when your daughter outgrows him/her.
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    What are your big no nos when it comes to conformation?

    I wouldn't have another that was very close in front and behind - when it's a 16hh Welsh Cob the physics just doesn't add up to natural good balance. On a smaller horse/pony it would concern me less. Otherwise I look for good pastern angles and a kind eye.
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    How many beds?

    We have 4 in the kitchen as the cats like to use the dog beds too. It is slightly ridiculous how many we have now I think of it. Then 1 enormous one in the living room as a hangover from when we had 2 dogs. Current dog prefers her blanket on the sofa and doesn't use the living room bed at all -...
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    Reactions that make you just think 'er, what?!'

    Not the most empathetic reaction but it's definitely the YO's problem to sort - both the bolt problem and the leaving feed lying around to attract vermin problem!
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    Boxing Day... Our first hunt

    Goodness me you are very brave making your first hunt the busiest of the year! Glad you had a lovely time and very impressed that she was well-behaved.
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    So I bought a Cobbler....tell me about them

    She's gorgeous! My main advice is to be firm with ground manners - they can easily turn into bargy thugs if allowed to. Brush her feathers as often as you can bear in winter and definitely use pig oil or an equivalent. We didn't find the manes too onerous as long as we had a certain brush -...
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    Tell me I’m not being mean?

    It's so warm that I may have to give a mini clip to my Shetland - he's far too warm in his huge winter coat. I wouldn't worry at all about yours.
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    Oh Alfred! Really?

    Oh Alf (and poor tree!). Our old welshie used to do the most beautiful, rhythmical and engaged passage on days like these, shame I could never recreate it!
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    Keep, sell, loan - HELP!

    Didn't see this thread originally but having read it the whole way through, I have no doubt that you have made the right decision. Also glad to hear that you are feeling better.
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    Possessiveness in a youngster

    These early years are when a horse learns how to be a horse - this is not the time for individual turnout unless you want a bratty, unsocialised horse. I would seriously rethink your situation.
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    Daft passport names

    Littlegems Solar Sunshine. No I'm not joking.
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    Pictures Remember Genie?

    Lovely update and what BEAUTIFUL ears she has. Very jealous of your view.