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  1. smiggy

    Getting a Canter lead correct, top tips please

    Ok, have semi educated pony who has been cantering in the school for a few months. We started with scruffy transitions but the right Canter leads and have progressed to blinding transitions on the left rein but completely lost right Canter.once we get it the Canter is fine but struggle to get...
  2. smiggy

    Interesting bit change observations

    My little cob is super fussy bit wise. I have tried a horse bit fit person but she didn’t like their suggestion after a few rides. I alternate between a myler snaffle and a bomber happy tongue. I have just bought the new bomber dressage swivel to see if she likes that. Couple of rides she seemed...
  3. smiggy

    Marvins music dressage

    Has anyone bought a floor plan etc from here. I bought one as for various reasons I have a competition on Sunday, issues with my normal stuff and only time for one practice tomorrow, so I thought it would be a quick way of getting something at least rideaable. They have emailed me the floor plan...
  4. smiggy

    Horse preferring low hands with contact

    My little cob is very fussy with the contact, a regular dressage comment is needs more steady contact . It’s not my hands as she is the same for my RI who rides gp and is very non handy. She has regular dental checks and I have had a bit consultant. Generally I find she goes best in a bomber...
  5. smiggy

    Prelim to music

    Does anyone know if you have to do 3 20m circles with one of them 20m in stretchy trot or if you can do just two and stretchy trot on one rein ? Thanks, can’t find answer anywhere !
  6. smiggy

    Making grass arena

    Would love to make. 20 x 60 grass arena to practice long arena tests. We have a proper school and would only use this when ground dry enough. I have a flat area but we are on clay and at the moment it?s dry and and a bit rutty. Any ideas on the best way to sort out a flat surface. I don?t think...
  7. smiggy

    Solar arena lights, any experience ?

    Anyone been using these ? Am being offered some as a birthday gift from my long suffering husband but they are a lot of money and I would love to hear some personal experiences. It?s just me riding on the flat for max 1 hr 30 per night in the winter Thanks in advance
  8. smiggy

    Trekker luxus saddle

    Does anyone know if there is a definitive way to tell if it?s a pony version or adult version. I bought one from eBay, supposedly adult, but it?s seems really small. The only measurement I can find is the panel length. Assuming I?m measuring right, it looks like they are 35 cm long and hence a...
  9. smiggy

    Revitalising arena, cost effective ideas ?

    We have a school which we put in about 15 yrs ago. It's a sand pvc ( I think, those chopped up cable outer bits ) mix. It drains well but obviously over time some surface has been lost and it's starting to get very compacted, especially on the track, which quickly compacts again after raking. It...
  10. smiggy

    Whylde equestrian..any issues

    Has anyone had problems with this company. They advertise a lot on Facebook. I ordered some clothing on 28th September and am still waiting for it. When I chased them last week, I had quite a snitty email ( after also chasing via Facebook when email was ignored for several days) . They said...
  11. smiggy

    Isabelle werth saddle similar style wider pony?

    If I like riding in a wintec Isabelle saddle, any ideas what I could look out for that would give a similar feel for me but fit a wider steed? I like the deep seat, leg position and suede seat ( pretty much everything about the saddle !)
  12. smiggy

    Wood pellets that are delivered sensibly ??

    Any ideas? Just cancelled a lwp order as the delivery company gave me a day last week then failed to arrive after I had waited in all day, as they forgot to put them on the Lorry. Today was second attempt, wait in all day, phone at four thirty, she's on her way, driver phones at 5 to say how...
  13. smiggy

    Club foot/ballerina syndrome legacy in adult

    Ok, I know really what the answer to this is but.... Last night went to see a very sweet unbacked 4yr old. They had said on the phone that she was "a bit over at the knee" which wasn't really a concern to me. When we got there though, she had a club foot on that leg, at which point we were told...
  14. smiggy

    breast girth/5 point for lateral saddle slippage

    Have a little pony we use for mounted games and are having problems with the saddle slipping sideways. The saddle does fit well, I am using a barnsby non slip pad and a neoprene sports medicine girth.Its fine for hacking but once you add in speed and rider leaning, it slips to one side. I think...
  15. smiggy

    Traffic issues with new horse

    I have a horse on loan with view to buy, had her almost a month, hacked out lots alone and in company, had a lesson,schooled a bit, taken to a low key competition. All great, bombproof bold and forward going to hack. She is 6 but backed late and not worked regularly in previous home due to...
  16. smiggy

    What do you expect from your haylage supplier

  17. smiggy

    The definitive thread on hard surface turnout areas

    In light of this foul weather, lets discuss hard turn out areas/pens etc Who has one? How did you make it? Size? Costings? Pictures? All info welcome, lets pool our knowledge and beat the mud :)
  18. smiggy

    Do you turn out in your school?

    Want to know if Im being a moaning minny :) Friend keeps her horse here and he has been in 24/7 for about two weeks with mud fever, the odd walk 5 mins up the drive about twice a week, Not suprisingly he now has filled back legs (he is an older boy). She literally ties him across the barn...
  19. smiggy

    Feed mark wow!

    I ordered some supplements at Olympia yesterday, about 2pm, was astounded to have them arrive today, less than 24 hrs later. Fab customer service guys,thanks!
  20. smiggy

    Neoprene knee boots

    Has anyone tried the sports medicine ones? I bought some much cheaper roma similar style ones and they are hopeless, just slip straight down. Am hoping these might e better but could be very expensive mistake! anyone used them for high speed stuff?
  21. smiggy

    Equicirque thursday tickets

    Have a family ticket for equicirque (excel, london) this thursday, starts 6.30pm ringside seats, vip premiere night Cant make it sadly and would like to sell tickets for a very reasonable price Would need to send special delivery tomorrow am so need quick response! All ringside seats sold...
  22. smiggy

    YHL traders-any tips for newbie

    Have just booked a stand for this year in the blackdown building. (clear space) Have never done a tradeshow before and would love any tips/advice on set up etc from any YHL veterans out there our product is new and unique so not competing with anyone :) feel free to pm :)
  23. smiggy

    ulcers, cribbing and feeding

    Have just picked up a pony on short trial rior to buying. Its 14.1 ish and it crib bites. Guy has just told me it has three scops a day of endurance mix, every day, all year round. I know cribbing is associated with ulcers and I know ulcers are associated with high grain acidic diets...
  24. smiggy

    Rambly rant about my horses feet and ** farriers

    My connie has hoof seperation syndrome, genetic thing wherby lipid layer of hoof is wrong and basically hoof wall layers just start to fall apart. Past year he has been great, kept shoes on (after a fashion) been on full loan (from my yard) and out winning all sorts. Few months ago back feet...
  25. smiggy

    easyboot trail vs cavello

    My 4yr old unshod highland was a bit footsore after a longish ride on hard surfaces a few weeks ago. Now fine except feels her feet on gravelly stuff (at which point I get off and walk for now). I asked my farrier to put some front shoes on but he seemed reluctant and suggested boots instead...
  26. smiggy

    travelling single pony passenger side 6t box

    Normally if travelling only one, obv use drivers side (6t side ramp rear facing box) but going away with pony for 4 nights so will have tons of stuff and have to leave with tight turn around after work. what id like to do is use drivers side to load up all stuff so that it could be chuck pony...
  27. smiggy

    Schooling yard not returning passport,WWYD?

    Last autumn I had my mare broken at a yard a considerable distance away. On collection I realised I had forgotten the passport. I contacted them and was told yes they would post it for me. Since then I have been contacting them via facebook messages, emails and texts (phone not answered)...
  28. smiggy

    Best ride on fly repellant

    Our main hacking route is through woods which are heaving with flies at the moment :( This afternoon we actually got off and walked for a bit so we could swipe them off as we went as poor horses were so bothered by them. not big horseflies, those little ones bigger than midges that go...
  29. smiggy

    head tossing /shaking stroppy not illness

    have posted about my young highland mare with an aversion to work. Previous issue was that she was oblivious to any aid to go forwards, either ridden or in hand. Gave her the winter off to mature, and she has really filled out. Last few months she went to friends as a companion for turned away...
  30. smiggy

    Hoof wall seperation syndrome Connemaras

    I have posted many times on here about the woes of my pure bred connies feet. this being one of many! Have had several vets, two specialist farriers and my own farrier, tried every diet,supplement,wash, foot xrays etc in the...