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  1. Ellietotz

    Acavallo gel type pads - are they worth it?

    Hi all! I like the sound of these pads for shock absorbing/even pressure etc but I was wondering if it is worth it? If the saddle is flocked with real wool which is meant to be shock absorbing anyway and it fits, is a gel pad needed? I'm only interested as my mare is sensitive anyway and I just...
  2. Ellietotz

    Ideas on managing a fat companion shetland?

    My mare is attached to her new toy and needs the weight/isn't having any issues with grass consumption. However, her playmate miniature Shetland is getting a tad too round. I don't want to split them as that would be counterproductive as I got him purely to keep her company. I worry about...
  3. Ellietotz

    Hay advice needed please - late cut/sugars etc

    Hello! I want to find a hay that has moderate/low sugar levels, doesn't need to be cardboard, as long as it's not stupidly high in sugar. Which is best? Timothy isn't an option where I am from what I can find but I can get meadow hay. Is there a certain time of year when the hay is cut that'll...
  4. Ellietotz

    How to get over separation anxiety?

    My mare, amongst many of her other issues, is extremely obsessed with another mare she used to live with. I've now moved her in a field next door where she's pretty far away and can't see this mare. She's okay up until the point where a few of the other horses from the herd the other mare lives...
  5. Ellietotz

    PSSM people, I need your advice please!

    Morning! I thought I'd start *another* thread based on this so it's easier to draw attention on this subject. After the whirlwind of problems I've had with my mare, I really really hope I might have my answer to it all. A long time a go, I tested her for PSSM type 1 which came back negative...
  6. Ellietotz

    Even more at a loss with my mare now...

    Me again... So just briefly, this is the timeline of what's been going on: - Mare had ulcers a year a go, treated and scoped clear. - This winter, routine changed and started coming in at night. She box walked and was very upset being in. Carried on for a couple of weeks in hope she would...
  7. Ellietotz

    Vets manipulating notes on my mare's records, help please!

    Recently started investigating lameness in my mare. The vet diagnosed with SI pain and injected which was going to go through insurance. Followed up a week later and said he thinks it's all in her head. I sent him an email questioning how his opinion has changed within a week and why other tests...
  8. Ellietotz

    Advice needed for vet visit due tomorrow please?

    My mare went to the vet Monday just gone for lameness investigation as she showed very very slightly off on the right hind on flexion plus my concerns with what could have caused her ulcers in the past and behaviour towards other horses and general grumpiness at times which I wanted to check. As...
  9. Ellietotz

    Regumate and getting it on skin, am I being paranoid?

    I've only been using Regumate for my mare for 4 days and I have seen some horror stories about people touching it and what it can do. I literally don't want to use it now!! Someone reassure me??
  10. Ellietotz

    Tips/Questions on SI Joint Rehab Preparation

    Sadly but not surprisingly, after the recent visit to my vets, he believes it is likely that my mare has sacroiliac pain which will be confirmed next week after the ridden assessment to see if the steroid injections have worked or not. I have a tonne of questions and I would be so grateful if...
  11. Ellietotz

    I'm finally doing it... I'm taking her to the vet

    And I am so nervous. I know I am a worrier and overthinker but I've always thought deep down something wasn't right. I looked back through all of my old threads of how my mare has been, even before the ulcers were found and before she ever went to the loan home before I owned her that I put the...
  12. Ellietotz

    Feel like I'm at a loss and I don't know what to do :(

    This might be long so bear with me. I posted a couple of weeks a go as I feel like my mare's ulcers may have returned. I thought this might have been due to the change in routine when they all started to come in at night. I tend to hang around for a little longer just to see how she behaves...
  13. Ellietotz

    Worried - ulcers may have returned - suggestions please :(

    Hello everyone. As a lot of you know, my mare was diagnosed with ulcers in September last year and treated successfully within a month of full treatment then weaned off. We believe this was due to stress from a loan home she went to before I had her. She hates travelling which was stressful for...
  14. Ellietotz

    Smelly poo, advice please

    My mare's poo is completely normal looking but it smells quite bad. I thought maybe it was just me but other horses poos don't have the same kind of smell. Hers smells somewhat rotten! She gets a small scoop of soaked grass nuts, a cup of linseed, salt and equimins vit and min supplement once a...
  15. Ellietotz

    No Derby House unicorn rugs left in required size :(

    I have just seen Derby House are doing a light medium combo turnout rug with unicorn print and I love it. They don't have the size I need left and they aren't getting more in stock! Devastated! If you know of anyone who has a 5ft9 one that they don't want or didn't fit, I'll buy it...
  16. Ellietotz

    Anyone else's horses got gunky eyes at the moment?

    Brought them all in last night and noticed my mare had one really gunky eye. I looked at the others and one of them also had it on both eyes. Any ideas what this is and if I should do anything? I don't want to disturb it, it didn't look sore so thought it might be best to let it clear out on...
  17. Ellietotz

    Another feed question, sorry!

    Sorry for yet another question, I should really stop looking into what I feed so much but I want to keep it as balanced, natural etc as possible. So I am stopping the Fast Fibre and I am going to feed just grass nuts, linseed, Equimins balancer powder and salt. My question is, what quantity of...
  18. Ellietotz

    Recommendations for best vit/min supplement please!

    As above! Thank you :)
  19. Ellietotz

    Really need a calmer that works! Help please?

    My mare is all over the place and it's starting to get ridiculous now. We only ever hack and she spooks at absolutely everything. I don't mind looking at things and walking round them but it's the sudden stopping and fly to the side at things spook constantly for no reason at any speed which...
  20. Ellietotz

    Equestrian apparel brands like Aztec/Paragon?

    Love smaller independent brands like these and wondered if anyone knew of anymore? Thanks!
  21. Ellietotz

    Going to yard straight from work, what do you wear?

    Do you get changed at the yard? Or throw on some overtrousers? Interested to know how others do it! I usually get changed at the yard but not really ideal in the winter! Thinking of getting some waterproof overalls so that I can just step into them!
  22. Ellietotz

    Physio recommendations - Hampshire/New Forest

    I know this has been done to death but just want to know current recommendations of physios in this area please as I want to get a second opinion on something. Thank you!
  23. Ellietotz

    Itchy with a rug/saddle pad on

    I posted about this a couple of months a go about my mare being too itchy with a fly rug etc on and she had been de-liced etc so wasn't that. Some advised she was probably too hot and decided I didn't want to keep replacing rugs. Now it's getting colder, she is still so itchy with a rug on and...
  24. Ellietotz

    What does everyone feed and why?

    As above, including supplements etc. Purely just interested! I feed: Fast Fibre - main reasons for the linseed, fibre and water intake, also low in sugar Honeychop Lite and Healthy - low in sugar and starch, to aid chewing and bulk out feed if needed Grass nuts - tiny handful for...
  25. Ellietotz

    What do you pay for freelance services? I.e. mucking out

    As above really! What do you pay and what is the breakdown of what you pay? Does it include travel costs of the person coming to do the work? Is it just based on time there or is it dependent on the jobs being done? Thanks!
  26. Ellietotz

    Calmers for spooky snorting pony

    My mare is ulcer free as of last year, back is sorted, teeth are fine and eyes have been checked so she really is just spooky hacking on her own. She has been much worse now that the grass is coming through. I've tried magnesium for the last three weeks and it hasn't made any difference. Taking...
  27. Ellietotz

    If your horse was human, how would you describe them?

    My mare would probably be in her early 20s, quite stuck up but can be loving when she wants to be. Would probably have a man wrapped around her little finger, quite selfish but intelligent, thinks she's too good for others though so doesn't really have friends. What would your horse be like?
  28. Ellietotz

    In need of a spare time project... suggestions? (Not a pony!)

    I am feeling a bit bored at the moment and need something to do when I'm not playing ponies or working. I normally get my mind tangled up in what I want to buy for my horse next or start thinking about changing things I don't need to so I would like a little project to do in my spare time. Not a...
  29. Ellietotz

    Gut balancer recommendations please!

    I may be looking for something that doesn't exist here but I'm hoping to find a gut balancer that has no alfalfa in, maintains healthy PH levels, helps growth of good bacteria, binds mycotoxins and gets rid of harmful bacteria etc to support fore and hind gut on a day to day basis and protects...
  30. Ellietotz

    Feed advice please! Alfalfa intolerance!

    Hello! I was hoping to get some advice. I recently started my mare on Agnus Castus which she absolutely hated and I tried so many things to get her to eat it. One of which was changing her chaff to one that contained alfalfa. Within 5 days of being on it, she went from being really chilled out...